Corporate Laptop Backup and Recovery


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Slides for webinar hosted by Druva and Curtis Preston on enterprise laptop bakcup and recovery.

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  • Remote data protection for enterprises
  • Take one of theses visuals and combine with text from Slide 6 (talking points to the
  • 80% of their budgets are spent protecting 20% of the corporate dataComplexity of infrastructureRTO (recovery time objective: how much time would it take to recover your data) and RPO (recovery point objective: 5 minutes/seconds/hours)
  • The core storage technology in inSync.It stores data as a timeline. You can restore from any time-based snapshots. No incremental or differential restores.Small 1MB embedded Oracle db stores all meta-data. High performance engine uses a meomory based Hyper Cache approach to boost deduplication speed.Highly Scalable. Scales to 16TB of deduped storage and 200 parallel user backups.Its simple, the entire software is 40MB in size. Simple 20 min installation and zero maintenance. All maintenance tasks are automated within the software.
  • Corporate Laptop Backup and Recovery

    1. 1. LaptopBackup & Recovery<br />
    2. 2. Laptops<br />Where all the data resides<br />80% of corporate data resides on laptops or desktops* - it is not on servers<br />Not always connected<br />IP addresses change<br />Several in a building can create quite a bottleneck in the morning<br />Against people’s nature to leave on at night to backup *Gartner<br />
    3. 3. What about self backups?<br />Time Machine is as good as it gets<br />Plug in USB drive, TM asks to backup<br />Reminds you if you don’t plug in for a while<br />But…<br />If backups are to be recent, drive is stored with the laptop<br />Lose the laptop, lose the backups!<br />Non-backup-savvy user may ignore altogether<br />Not a corporate solution!<br />
    4. 4. Laptop Solution Requirements<br />Eliminate need for removable devices<br />Removes need for human intervention<br />Sub-file incremental with no full backups<br />Reduces backup load to new data blocks<br />Cross-site deduplication software/hardware<br />Reduces backup load even further by backup up multi-site data only once<br />Laptop backup software that recognizes their special nature<br />
    5. 5. Laptop Solutions<br />Software Only<br />Dedupe software only<br />Continuous data protection software<br />Local Appliance<br />Dedupe software w/local appliance<br />Std. backup software to local dedupe disk target<br />
    6. 6. Druva inSync:Enterprise Endpoint Data Protection<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />April 11<br />6<br />Chandar Venkataraman<br />Chief Product Officer<br />
    7. 7. Introducing Druva<br />Mission<br />Enterprise data protection that’s simple, lightweight & effective<br />Founded in 2007 <br />HQ: Silicon Valley, CA and Pune, India; <br />Sales offices in UK, US & India<br />65 employees<br />Investors<br />Sequoia Capital<br />Indian Angel Network (India)<br />April 11<br />7<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />Products<br />inSync (laptop backup)<br />Phoenix (server backup)<br />Strong Customer Traction<br />250000+ enterprise machines protected across 26 countries<br />
    8. 8. 8<br />April 11<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />Agenda<br />Introducing inSync<br />Our Fresh Approach<br />Benefits<br />Quick Demo<br />
    9. 9. Introducing Druva inSync<br />April 11<br />9<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br /><ul><li>Simple, fully automated laptop backup solution
    10. 10. On-premiseand Cloud options
    11. 11. On-premise deployment:
    12. 12. ~40MB server download from Website
    13. 13. Simple setup & configuration
    14. 14. Automated client deployment
    15. 15. Up & running in a few minutes
    16. 16. Scales to 2000 laptops/ server
    17. 17. Supported Platforms:
    18. 18. Servers: Windows/ Linux
    19. 19. Clients: Windows/ Mac / Linux</li></li></ul><li>Laptop Backup: Painful problem<br />Key Unmet Needs for IT Admin<br />Keeping pace with storage explosion & bandwidth limitations<br />Productivity: Optimized, automated, centralized administration <br />Key Unmet Needs for end-users<br />Non-intrusive backups<br />Productivity over WAN<br />Simplicity<br />1-click restore<br />April 11<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />10<br />Source: Tom’s hardware, Druva Survey<br />
    20. 20. 11<br />Limitations of Existing Solutions<br />DIY Cloud Backup Solutions<br />Legacy Server Backup Solutions<br />Antiquated mindsets<br />Based on mainframes and tapes<br />Laptop an afterthought<br />Antiquated technology<br />Server triggered backup<br />Inflexible scheduling<br />Dependence on low-latency, low noise, high bandwidth networks<br />Lack of centralized control for IT<br />Security & compliance concerns<br />Higher costs<br />April 11<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />Standalone Laptop Backup Solutions<br />Lack of simplicity for both IT and end-users<br />Suboptimal storage & bandwidth utilization<br />Higher TCO<br />
    21. 21. 12<br />April 11<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />Druva’s Fresh Approach<br /><ul><li>Totally fresh mindset
    22. 22. Simple, fast data restores
    23. 23. Low TCO/ zero maintenance
    24. 24. Scalable</li></ul>Simple to use and manage<br />Low storage utilization<br />Low bandwidth utilization<br />WAN-optimized<br />
    25. 25. Druva Advantage #1The Blackbird Storage Engine<br />Global, source-based de-duplication<br />Industry First: App-Aware Dedupe<br />100% accuracy for supported applications<br />Saves 90% bandwidth and storage<br />Near-CDP <br />All incremental backups<br />Instant search-based restores<br />High Performance<br />Distributed Caching<br />HyperCache<br />SSD Support<br />Scalable<br />Based on embedded Oracle DB<br />16TB, 200 parallel backups<br />April 11<br />13<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />Search based<br />CDP Restores<br />Blackbird Storage Engine<br />(in memory) Hyper Cache<br />nCDP + Dedupe File-system<br />Oracle DB for meta-data<br />SSD<br />Disk<br />
    26. 26. Druva Advantage #2The Octopus WAN Optimization Engine<br />April 11<br />14<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br /><ul><li>New Octopus WAN Optimization Engine
    27. 27. 5X faster backups over WAN
    28. 28. Opens up to 8 parallel connections
    29. 29. Smart Bandwidth Throttling
    30. 30. Percentage-based limit for different networks
    31. 31. Auto-detects network latency and bandwidth
    32. 32. Applies relevant optimization settings
    33. 33. Chooses optimal packet size
    34. 34. Auto Backup resume on reconnect</li></li></ul><li>Instant Restore OptionsInfinite Point-in-time & Search-based Access<br />1. Client App<br />2. Web-access<br />3. iPhone/iPad/Android devices<br />April 11<br />15<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />4. Admin-assisted remote restore<br />5. Admin-assisted DVD restore<br />6. Admin-assisted Bare Metal Restore<br />
    35. 35. The Results: InSync Sets New Benchmark for Laptop Backup<br />IT Administrator<br />End User<br />90% Cost Savings (storage & bandwidth)<br />Significant Time Savings<br />20 min first-use install<br />Zero maintenance - Simple, automated client deployment<br />Higher Control<br />Centralized user policy management and reporting<br />Lower Risk<br />Near CDP, Higher SLA’s<br />Compliance & e-discovery<br />Just works!<br />Non-Intrusive & invisible backups<br />10x faster backups<br />Works anytime, anywhere<br />Zero effort<br />Simple and transparent<br />1-click Restore<br />Anytime, anywhere access<br />Search & point-in-time based<br />Web & mobile access<br />April 11<br />16<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />
    36. 36. inSync CloudBreakthrough Cloud Backup Solution for Enterprises<br />First Cloud-based Enterprise Backup Solution to:<br />Offer Enterprise-scale SLA’s (Recovery Point and Time Objectives in Minutes)<br />Introduce Source-based, Global, App-aware Deduplicationon the cloud (to ensure 100-percent dedupe accuracy for supported applications)<br />Solve the Bandwidth Bottleneck<br />Require No User Involvement<br />Cause No Performance Penalties<br />April 11<br />17<br />(c) Druva Inc 2011<br />
    37. 37. 18<br />April 11<br />(c) Druva Software 2011<br />Product Demo<br />