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UX Redux: Design Teardown of Consumer Healthcare Sites/Apps


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Presented at Chicago Health 2.0 Meetup, Nov 9, 2011:

Two brave Chicago-based companies, Leslie's List and Human Practice, submitted their web-based Health 2.0 apps for a no holds-barred rigorous user experience (UX) teardown. Jasmin Phua, a user researcher and user experience designer will walkthrough design issues and offer suggestions for improvements with illustrated examples.

Leslie's List ( was founded by Dr. Leslie Ramirez and Jeff Bailey, to help patients and prescribers find affordable medications and healthcare services. They've been featured in the WSJ, Forbes, and NBC Nightly News.

Human Practice ( was founded by Moses Hohman and Dr. Sehjin Han, to help patients select their care provider by "meeting" them online first, via smart physician profiles. They won our start-up pitch contest back in July. **You'll also get a preview of their social recommendation engine which will be soft-launching for the Chicago area**

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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UX Redux: Design Teardown of Consumer Healthcare Sites/Apps

  1. 1. 9  November  2011  design  review  ::  Dr.  Leslie  Ramirez  &  Jeff  Bailey  ::  Moses  Hohman  &  Dr.  Sehjin  Han     @CHIHealthTech   #CH20      
  2. 2. What  is  Health  2.0?  
  3. 3. Chicago  Health  2.0  covers   Physicians/Practices Discovery, CME, EMR, Mobile Government Tools, Practice Mgmt Open data, Payment Reform (CMS) Providers/Hospitals EMR, clinical mgmt, workflow, codingInsurance/PlansPrice comparison, HIE Consumer/Patient Pharma PHR, Doctor Search, PHR, Education, Price crowdfunding, personal comparsion monitoring
  4. 4. Whats  going  on  in  Chicago?  PaPent  EducaPon  /   Medical  Coding  CommunicaPon   Physician  Discovery/Search  EMR/EHR  &   Physician  Mobile  Tools  PracPce  Management   Physician  EducaPon  /  CME  SoluPons   Health  Insurance  Consumer   Investment  /  Incubator  PHR  Related   Policy,  Government,  Physician  to  PaPent   RegulaPon  CommunicaPon   ConsulPng  /  Research  /  EMR/EHR  consultaPon   MarkePng  Professional  OrganizaPons        
  5. 5. How  Chicago  Health  2.0  can  help?   Presentation Blog writing   Connections   Sounding board   Lean Launch Lab   Startup Pitch competition    
  6. 6. Upcoming  Meetups  December 2011Medhost — from restaurant reservations toemergency department information systemJanuary 2012Walgreens Pharmacy Experience Transformation    Other  Health  UX  things  coming  up:        March  26-­‐27,  2012  
  7. 7. Sponsor  Thanks!   Nov 15 Lean + UX + Agile: Putting It All Together Nov 17 Customer Interviews
  8. 8. Pathfinder:  Health  UX   iPhone EMR iPad Patient Portal Clinical Decision Support for EMR (CDS) system Mobile Medical Mobile Medical Workflow Health Counseling Continuing Medical for blood donation Interview App Education (CME) monitoring Hiring  UX   Designers!  
  9. 9. Jasmin  Phua   XUser  experience  strategist   divine  user  intent  &   anPcipate  user  needs  Co-­‐organizer  @  Chicago  Health  2.0  HIMSS  EHR  Usability  Taskforce  @jasphua   last  200  tweets     dont follow me
  10. 10. What  are  we  talking  about  today?   •  Designing  for  consumer  healthcare   •  Leslies  List   •  Human  PracPce  
  11. 11. designing for consumer healthcare >  early  days  –  consumer  percepPon  and  tolerances  are   changing  rapidly   >  learn  to  ♥  and  use  free,  valuable  research   @pewresearch    @susannahfox    @theIOM    @metrochicagoic   >  reach  out  to  your  user  community   •  real  users  not  "user  representaPves"   •  early  and  frequently   •  informed  decisions,  not  doing  what  your  users  tell  you    Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    11  
  12. 12. designing for consumer healthcare :: focus on usability efficiency what is usability? effectiveness quality attribute ISO 9241, Part 11 satisfaction >  who  are  the  users?   >  what  are  their  tasks  and  goals?   >  what  situaPons  bring  them  here?   >  what  are  their  expectaPons?  Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    12  
  13. 13. designing for consumer healthcare :: users >  who  do  you  want  to  reach?   >  how  are  you  going  to  reach  them?   >  what  are  their  likely  behaviors?   who are your users? motivated!Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    13  
  14. 14. designing for consumer healthcare :: tasks & goals >  what  are  they  trying  to  achieve?   >  what  would  they  consider  a  successful  experience?   >  where  does  the  task  end?        business  model  and  pivot  implicaPons   what are their tasks & goals? INFORMATION SEEKING vs TRANSACTIONALChicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    14  
  15. 15. designing for consumer healthcare :: situation >  think  of  these  as  triggers  or  moPvaPon   situation that brings them to you 48% SOMEONE ELSE 36% MYSELFChicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    15  
  16. 16. designing for consumer healthcare :: expectations >  biases,  percepPon,  trust,  credibility   what are their expectations?Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    16  
  17. 17. designing for consumer healthcare :: opportunities? >  consider  how  to  use  other  environmental  factors  as   touchpoints   other resources? ONLINE ONLINE info seeking transaction ONLINE OFFLINE info seeking transaction OFFLINE ONLINE info seeking transactionChicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    17  
  18. 18. designing for consumer healthcare :: persuasive design change my users behaviors make them !@#$%^ do...>  Framework  for  persuasive  design,   behavior  design  >  BJ  Fogg  @bjfogg  Persuasive  Tech   Lab  @  Stanford  >  hjp://  >  Cant  force  unnatural  behavior,   but  what  can  you  encourage?   Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    18  
  19. 19. Leslies List FOUNDERS   Dr.  Leslie  Ramirez  and  Jeff  Bailey     GOALS   Help  paPents  and  prescribers  find  affordable   medicaPons  and  healthcare  services  Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    19  
  20. 20. LesliesList :: home / landing pageChicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    20  
  21. 21. LesliesList :: prescription medication price comparisonChicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    21  
  22. 22. design review :: LesliesList :: home / landing page >  what  can  you  do  here?     >  what  is  the  focus?   what  are  the  core   interacPons  you  want  to   encourage?  how  do  I  decide  whether  this  is  worth  my  Pme?   what  does  a  successful   encounter  look  like?  what  value  will  this  provide  to  me?   Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    22  
  23. 23. design review :: LesliesList :: user context >  users:  self,  caregiver,  librarian,  social  worker   >  tasks  and  goals   •  fill  a  prescripPon  at  best  value  for  me   •  look-­‐up  cheapest  and  most  convenient  locaPon  for  medical  test   •  find  clinics  with  free  diagnosPc  services   •  find  cheapest  medicaPon  for  a  specific  medical  condiPon   >  situaPons   •  refill  an  exisPng  prescripPon   •  fill  a  new  prescripPon  –  temporary/treatment  cycle,  long-­‐term   >  expectaPons   •  tell  me  what  the  cheapest  approach  might  be,  e.g.  combinaPon  of  split   pill  &  unit  price   •  alert  me  when  a  generic  equivalent  becomes  available  Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    23  
  24. 24. design review :: LesliesList :: page zones Naviga0on   elements duplicated in channels is it necessary to have this layer? issue is not Channels   about # of clicks, but purpose News  /   large part of screen X X real estate (above Context  /   Loca0on   Helpful  Resources   fold) devoted to non- Relevant  facts   Selec0on   key interactions Feedback   missed opportunitiesChicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    24  
  25. 25. design review :: LesliesList :: model – expose channels location selectors dont need to be display secondary / less important resource and prominent: Groupon model is a good one reference links out of the way of main task (steal, steal steal) Create "channels" for Feedback Chicago" the key focus areas Secondary nav links place feedback in more Prescription Medical Tests" Clinics" prominent locationExpose the interaction Medications"elements, no need foradditional drilldowns Browse Search" $ $ $ $ $ $ Use the same region butProvide examples that News & Resources" News & Resources" News & Resources" provide flexibility forshow value of site. Could different views whenbe: necessary•  example of medication savings•  summary of price range•  user testimonials Showcase relevant blog articles, news, and helpful links; still organized by channel/focus Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    25  
  26. 26. design review :: LesliesList :: model – main focus Chicago" Feedback Secondary nav links ways for user to declare intent:pick a main focus – most - generic medications onlyfrequently performed search? - best value "Im lucky" Help me find" closest best value new prescription - closest location prescriptions  | " $ $ News & Resources" $ $ $ $ would users want to search $ $ across conditions without indicating which medication? Provide contextual lists, e.g. - most frequently searched prescriptions - newly available generic equivalents Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    26  
  27. 27. design review :: LesliesList :: accelerators >  provide  cues  to  aid  recogniPon   >  support  user  in  areas  where  theres  low  recall,  but  high   recogniPon   Autosuggest / autocomplete prescriptions  | met" how accurate or precise are your users? what do they need help with? metaproterenol would they be familiar with the spelling of metaproteronol sulfate various prescription medications? Supporting information what type of context should be provided? metaproterenol high blood pressure, angina, diabetes OTHER NAMES Lopressor, ToprolChicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    27  
  28. 28. design review :: LesliesList :: information focus what does the user really want to know here — if a pill can be split is the cost cheaper? provide assistive tool/calculator? call to action: what is the main determinant when pharmacy locator evaluating cost information?quantity I need... dosage ? 90 pills at 500 mg 2 daily " 500 mg " interval no. of pills" interval" dosage" 2 pills at 500 mg daily Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    28  
  29. 29. design review :: LesliesList :: highlight pricing dont make me decide, just tell me which is best $ BEST Walgreens" $0.04 $12 for 270 tablets" Find store each pill 10/10/2011" Kmart" $0.06 $10 for 180 tablets" Transfer here each pill 2/1/2011" Walmart" $0.07 $4 for 60 tablets" Fill new each pill 9/27/2011" prescription what does it mean if something is verified a long time what kinds of actions ago vs. recent? prices are relatively static are suitable?Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    29  
  30. 30. Human Practice FOUNDERS   Moses  Hohman  and  Dr.  Sehjin  Han     GOALS   -­‐  Friendly,  insighmul  healthcare  pracPPoner  profiles   -­‐  Provide  a  way  to  facilitate  social  recommendaPons  for   healthcare  pracPPoners  Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    30  
  31. 31. design review :: Human Practice :: physician profileChicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    31  
  32. 32. design review :: Human Practice :: physician profileChicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    32  
  33. 33. design review :: Human Practice :: user context >  Imagine  your  content  as  a  conversaPon  with  the  user   Lenng  Go  of  the  Words:  WriPng  Web  Content  that  Works,    Ginny  Redish  @ginnyredish     >  How  would  you  phrase  the  request  and  response  in  a   conversaPon?  "human  concierge  service"   >  Organize  your  content  for  readability   •  chunking  content   •  phrasing  content   •  delineaPng  relaPonships  between  content   •  heatmaps    Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    33  
  34. 34. design review :: Human Practice :: profile components >  what  are  the  criPcal  elements?   >  what  are  the  best  content  relaPonships?   Practitioner identifying information & "warm fuzzies" (photo) Call to action – make appointment, or capture/save info How important are credentials in healthcare and what should be emphasized?Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    34  
  35. 35. design review :: Human Practice :: profile components equivalent of the "elevator pitch" why choose this practitioner? but...narrative is not skimmable narrative chunked out in an interview format looks good right? more skimmable but...what type of content is suited to this?As  a  Health  Care  Home  clinic,  we  have  a  care  coordinator,  Holly  Coy,  who  works  with  families  with  special  health  needs.  She  helps  families  get  to  specialists.  She  makes  sure  that  I  get  reports  from  specialists.  She  helps  families  understand  the  care  they  get.  She  also  helps  them  think  about  what  kind  of  care  they  want,  and  how  to  get  it.  She  and  Anna  Parker,  our  social  worker,  help  families  access  other  services  in  the  community.  We  also  have  a  staff  of  interpreters  for  the  languages  spoken  commonly  in  Minneapolis,  such  as  Somali  and  Spanish.  Our  team  includes  our  recepPon  and  nursing  staff,  all  devoted  to  keeping  children  healthy.  This  team  approach  makes  me  very  happy  to  go  to  work  in  the  morning!  Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    35  
  36. 36. design review :: Human Practice :: reading behavior >  F-­‐shaped  pajern   •  first  2  paragraphs  most  important  informaPon   •  start  subheads,  paragraphs,  bullet  points  with  meaningful  words   Nielsen  Norman  Group  eye-­‐tracking  report:  hjp://  Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    36  
  37. 37. design review :: Human Practice :: reading behavior >  Focus  on  portrait  photos   >  Very  lijle  reading  of  bio  info   >  When  you  have  an   informaPon  seeking  task  that   necessitates  reading  profile   info  likely  to  be  slightly   different  Nielsen  Norman  Group  eye-­‐tracking  report:  hjp://  
  38. 38. design review :: Human Practice :: reorganizing content summary  of  pracPce   services?  
  39. 39. design review :: Human Practice :: social recommendations >  Healthcare  pracPPoners   •  Clinician  profiles  »    physicians,  denPsts,  physical  therapists   •  Health-­‐related  advisors  »    lactaPon  consultant,  doula,  acupuncturist,  personal   trainer     >  BJ  Fogg  @bjfogg,  Persuasive  Technology  Lab  @Stanford   >  What  types  of  referrals  do  we  request  offline?  Chicago  Health  2.0  Meetup   11/10/11    |    39  
  40. 40. design review :: Human Practice :: user preferences I know so much about you, do I know your favorite practitioners, or most frequently recommended practitioners? I can constrain the search by location if its a local referral, dont presume based on users location, i.e. not a hard constraint at some point youll run into the "long list" problem ♥  My  healthcare  pracPPoners   Jacqueline  Du  Pre        Gastroenterologist   Lenny  Bernstein      Orthopedic  surgeon   Joan  Sutherland      Wellness  coach    
  41. 41. design review :: Human Practice :: social context what kinds of requests lend themselves best to social networks? what kinds of requests are you comfortable with using online social networks? Plastic surgery? would you be comfortable stating type of service? ONLINE ONLINE info seeking transaction ONLINE OFFLINE info seeking transaction OFFLINE ONLINE info seeking transaction
  42. 42. design review :: Human Practice :: social context users werent providing this information •  Trust  issues?  entering  data   •  Wrong  stage  in  flow?   •  Perceived  benefit   Likely accepts your insurance. Call to confirm.