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Methods of Diffusing Essential Oils


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When it comes to aromatherapy and "Scent"-ual healing, which essential oil to use isn't the only choice to make. You can also choose from the different methods in which to diffuse your oil- anything from an ultrasonic diffuser to something as simple as a piece of tissue paper. Check out the most popular methods of diffusing essential oils here and find which one best suits you and your needs.

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Methods of Diffusing Essential Oils

  1. 1. Methods of Diffusing   Essential  Oils  
  2. 2. When it comes to aromatheray, there is more  than  just  choosing  your  essential   oils. You  can  also  choose  the  method  in  which  you  wish  to  diffuse  them, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a quick list, everything from ultrasonic diffusers to somthing as simple as tissue, of some of the most common methods. Read on and find out which is best for you in order to reap the therapeutic benefits, both physical and mental, of SCENT-ual healing, aromatherapy.
  3. 3. Ultrasonic  Diffuser:   An  ultrasonic  diffuser  creates  mist,  which  then  freshens  up  a  whole  room.   Depending  on  the  actual  model,  add  about  3-­‐5  drops  of  EO  with  mineral  water,  put   in,  and  you  are  all  set.   Advantages:  Easy  to  use.  Easy  to  clean.  Easy  to  control  because  latest  models  have   timers  that  you  could  set.  Just  a  little  essential  oil  goes  a  long  way.  It  can  freshen  up   a  whole  place.  Doesn’t  use  heat  to  create  mist,  which  is  awesome.  Heat  my  change   the  composition  of  oil,  which  then  reduces  it's  benefits.  But  because  this  uses  cool   mist,  the  oil  stays  intact.   Disadvantages: Some  ultrasonic  diffusers  will  make  noise.  Out  of  all  the  methods   listed  here,  this  costs  the  most,  but  is  still  affordable  and  has  the  best  quality.  
  4. 4. Plug  In  Diffuser:   These  plug  in  diffusers  need  pads  that  you  simply  slip  in.  Add  about  2-­‐3  drops  for   the  essential  oil  you  want  then  simply  put  this  in.  Plug  it  into  your  car  charge  port  or   into  your  wall.   Advantages:  It’s  tiny  along  with  portable.  Easy  to  utilize.  Inexpensive.   Disadvantages:  Different  essential  oils  need  different  pads.  
  5. 5. Area  Spray:   All  you  need  to  do  is  fill  up  some  sort  of  clean  spray  bottle  using  distilled  drinking   water  and  add  the  EO.  To  get  1%  dilution,  put  5  drops  of  EO  with  every  1  ounce  of   distilled  water.  If  you  desire  a  stronger  scent,  2%  dilution  can  be  10  drops  for  every   ounce.  It  is  based  on  the  essential  oil  you  select  and  how  strong  you  want  the  aroma   to  possibly  be.  Once  you've  your  current  concoction  right,  all  you  want  to  do  is  spritz   away.   Advantages:  It’s  easy  to  use.  No  need  for  power.  It  masks  odors  very   quickly.  It’s  inexpensive.   Disadvantages:  It  may  not  be  stored  for  an  extended  period  of  time.  So  it’s  best   to  make  a  little  at  a  time.  
  6. 6. Tea  Light  Diffusers:   Tea  light  candle  diffusers  can  be  made  of  ceramic,  a  lot  of  stone.  There  is  any  hallow   area  inside  center  and  placed  a  their  tea  light  candle  and  right  above  it  really  is  like  a   low  “bowl/cup”  of  sorts  which  could  hold  a  little  water  as  well  as  your   EO.  To  use,  add  some  water  at  the  top,  mix  in  5-­‐10  drops  for  the  oil  of  alternative,   and  light  any  candle  appropriate  under-­‐  preferably  an  unscented  one.  The  steam   this  may  create  will  carry  the  aroma  of  the  oil.   Advantages:  It’s  cheap,  hasslev free,  doesn’t  require  almost  any  power,  quite,  and  it   appears  really  great  too.   Disadvantages:  They  heat  up  a  good  deal,  so  you  really  should  retain  children  along   with  pets  away  from  these  types  of  diffusersv  that  stated,  they  are  also  breakable   as  well.  These  diffusers  need  supervision.  
  7. 7. Tissue   All  you  need  to  have  is  some  tissue  as  well  as  a  few  drops  associated  with  oil.  Add  2-­‐ 3  drops  of  oil  for  the  tissue,  fold  in  half,  and  purely  keep  this  close  to.  You  can  look   for  a  nice  place  to  utilize  it,  like  right  in  your  breast  pocket,  in  the  vent  of  your  car,   by  your  air  con  if  you  want,  or  even  just  hold  it  near  your  nose.  When  the  scent  is   wearing  off,  just  repeat.   Advantages:  It’s  cheap,  it’s  transportable,  and  this  works  really  fast.   Disadvantages:  The  aroma  won’t  past  long  (remember,  essential  oils  evaporate   really  fast)  and  in  addition  it  won’t  reach  incredibly  considerably  either.