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Corporate Brochure for Information Management Services

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Gcs Introduction New

  1. 1. Collaboration Services Bringing together people, process and technology http://www.gleeds.com jasper.singh@gleeds.co.uk +44 7718 804333
  2. 2. “The internet has a great potential as it relates to construction. This is an industry that continually moves information back and forth between offices and remote job sites. Pulling together even a simple straightforward project now requires the interaction of hundreds of people and thousands of documents. Today’s communication challenges are incredible” B Gates (1996) “The Road Ahead” New York - Viking Publishing
  3. 3. ABOUT US Gleeds Collaboration Services (GCS) are a specialist team operating within the wider Gleeds business. We provide web based electronic document and process management systems for project teams with the aim of providing our clients with the communication tools they require to complete projects within time, within cost and to the required specification. Since 1997 we have partnered with BIW Technologies to develop the Information Channel. The Information Channel is now considered to be an Industry Standard system, providing web-based document management to over 100,000 users working on over 10,000 projects around the world. BIW’s geographical spread spans the world with data centres in London and the UAE and a support base in India to support Asia Pacific clients. Combined with the Gleeds network of worldwide offices, we bring unparalleled technology and support to projects, wherever they may be. Gleeds have acted as a bridge to make web based technology relevant for the construction industry since the inception of the World Wide Web in the 1990s. We now pioneer implementation methodologies to bring systems to the everyday lives of the construction industry worker from Site Managers to CEOs. We have a team of experts who will deliver innovation to the enterprise, who will join the project team to provide ongoing expertise and bring Project Execution Plans to life through Technology. OUR SERVICES • Technology Provision (BIW Information Channel) • Technology Implementation & Training • Helpdesk Services • Document Control & Compliance • Reporting, Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking to measure how well the technology is being used • CAD Management Consultancy • Document Management & System Administration
  4. 4. The diagram below shows how project teams normally work with different stakeholders sending a myriad of information via different methods to multiple recipients. This can lead to delays resulting in time and cost over-runs. Using the Information Channel, Gleeds promote a collaborative way of working where all parties are looking at the same information, this promotes teamwork, reduces mistakes and provides transparency
  5. 5. HOW WE DO IT DELIVERING THE SOLUTION Gleeds provide a tried and tested methodology to deliver results, this is based on experience of delivering solutions over the past decade. GCS take away traditional risks associated with technology implementation. The foundation stone of this is our approach, based on overcoming the main obstacles to technology adoption: namely people, process and technology. PEOPLE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY For a solution to be successful, people GCS ensure that the systems are It is important that the technology is must use it. GCS monitor system usage configured to meet the requirements of robust enough to meet the requirements and ensure that project teams use the the project whether this is an NEC, a of the project, The BIW system allows for system. Design & Build or a Traditional scheme. unlimited usage in terms of users and data plus an industry standard environment within which to operate.
  6. 6. DELIVERING A SOLUTION THAT BRINGS TOGETHER PEOPLE, PROCESS AND TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY - BIW INFORMATION CHANNEL BIW Technologies provide us with the backbone for technology provision in the form of the Information Channel. This award winning, industry standard technology provides project teams with a number of benefits including: • Unlimited Users • Unlimited Data Storage • In-built CAD viewing technology • Online mark-ups and commenting • Reporting Mechanisms • Document & Process Management tools • Audit Trail PEOPLE & PROCESS Gleeds Collaboration Services bring over 10 years of expertise to the implementation of extranets, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring together project teams using the information management system implementations we provide. Our expertise means that the solution will be customised to work for you and your project. A COMPLETE SOLUTION We believe that technology implementations are only successful if the Technology, People and Process issues are addressed. In plain English this means that Technology will only work if: 1. The Technology is robust and flexible. 2. The Technology is configured to mirror the aims of the project (D&B, PFI, CM etc). The Technology should incorporate and enhance Processes. 3. People use the Technology Achieving all of the above requires an experienced and concerted approach, this is what GCS bring to projects.
  7. 7. OUR CLIENTS MARKS & SPENCER Marks & Spencer manage their entire property portfolio using the BIW Information Channel, the technology is combined with Gleeds services to manage the People and Process issues. Logins 227,734 Documents 1,167,931 THE O2 BBC WEST ONE EUROVEA BRATISLAVA The O2 was developed by Anschutz The redevelopment of Broadcasting Ballymore’s landmark scheme in the heart Entertainment Group using BIW House in the West End of London of the Slovakian capital uses the BIW Information Channel combined with continues with the support of BIW Information Channel combined with GCS GCS services. Information Channel and GCS. to manage flows of information. Logins Logins Logins 78,055 40,325 55,901 Documents 19,752 Documents 17,389 Documents 37,103
  8. 8. CLIENTS CONTINUED KENT COUNTY COUNCIL O2 BODYSHOP SHOP-ME PROGRAMME Building Schools for the Future design Store refurbishment projects managed Bodyshop are currently using the development and collaboration managed via the Information Channel and GCS Information Channel in conjunction with using the Information Channel and GCS support. Gleeds to manage information for the services. “Shop-Me” programme of works BALLYMORE HAMMERSON CORPORATE NHS Developing property across Ireland, UK Currently deploying the Information The South Glasgow Hospital PFI is being and Eastern Europe, Ballymore use the Channel and GCS services to deliver the delivered using the Information Channel in Information Channel and GCS services to Sheffield and Leeds regeneration conjunction with GCS, deliver schemes and manage their programmes in the UK. portfolio. HARWORTH ESTATES CHESHIRE WASTE PFI MINSTER SCHOOL Formerly known as UK Coal, Harworth Cheshire County Council are using the The Minster School project in Estates are carrying out infrastructure Information Channel and GCS services Nottinghamshire was delivered using the works on 5 sites using the Information for the procurement of a Waste Information Channel system implemented Channel in conjunction with GCS Management facility. by GCS. services.
  9. 9. TESTIMONIALS. “A contractor published a drawing of a mechanical item for comment at 8.30am one day recently. Sixteen people commented on it during the morning. The contractor uploaded a revised drawing at 4pm that afternoon — again for comment. The entire matter was resolved in less than two days. If this had been done by printing and posting, it would have taken a week or more. Plus, this way you can see exactly what’s going on. There’s a full audit trail and you can’t lose anything.” Construction manager, Capital One project, Nottingham “We looked at a typical 90-day project where we issued a total of four revisions of 25 drawings to an issue list of 13 people. We saved more than £250 on printing, copying and postage, and more than £3500 in employee costs, by replacing traditional methods and using the System instead.” Specialist sub-contractor, retail project, London
  10. 10. CONTACT US JASPER SINGH GLEEDS COLLABORATION SERVICES WILFORD HOUSE 1 CLIFTON LANE WILFORD NOTTINGHAM NG11 7AT jasper.singh@gleeds.co.uk Telephone 0115 977 8247 Mobile 07718 804333