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Ch 13


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American History Unit 2

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Ch 13

  1. 1. Chapter 13 Settling the West 1865-1900
  2. 2. Miners  Placer mining-used simple equipment like picks, shovels and pans  Quartz mining-dug deep beneath earths surface..usually done by corporate mining companies  Mining led to the expansion of the West  Nevada, Colorado, Montana and the Dakota territory
  3. 3. “English” land ownership  Native Americans had no formal “land ownership”  When Europeans arrived this posed a problem between the two cultures  The “English” land ownership model was as follows: • • • • Crown (King-Queen) Feudal Lords Lesser Lords Commoners and peasants
  4. 4. American Land ownership  In the United States we use a type of English format with the Western Territories • Government • Land companies/Railroads • Homesteaders-ranchers
  5. 5. Ranching  Great Plains became areas for grazing cattle  Longhorn cattle handled the environment  Hispanic cowhands taught many cowboys techniques and showed them tools for ranching  Open range-land owned by the govt. that could be used for grazing  Long drive-process of taking cattle from TX to Kansas for shipment east
  6. 6. Ranch wars  Different groups of cowboys fought over trail routes  Mavericks—stray calves with no brand  Barbed wire-material that allowed hundreds of square miles to be fenced off cheaply and easily
  7. 7. Settling the Great American Desert  Homesteads—land given by the govt for settlement after 5 years title would be given to the Homesteader  Dry farming—planting deep enough for moisture  Homesteaders fought against many odds:  Nature  Lack of resources  Hard economic times
  8. 8. Native Americans  Most were nomads following buffalo  Later many were restricted to reservations  Annuities were supposed to be paid by the govt for land take from the Native Americans  Lack of these led to uprisings  Little Bighorn  Dawes Act  Tried to Assimilate Native Americans
  9. 9. Reasons for Failure of Native Americans and reservation life  Most Native  They were dependent Americans had very little training in farming or ranching  The allotments they were given were too small to be profitable on buffalo for their life  Many struggled with their new ways of life and wished to remain in their traditional life