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My Porfolio from 2000 -2008

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Jason Yip Portfolio

  1. 1. This document represents a selection of work in my project history from 1999 to 2008. Each of these projects have been highlighted to showcase my experience in branding, design, print, digital media and account managment.
  2. 2. Client: Sunderland Health Authority Responsibility: Website Development, Marketing Strategy A flash animated website using the theme of computer virus’s to convey the message of STD transmission to a teenage audience. The marketing strategy used a video file of an intriguing dancing character showing the URL of the website. The disk was introduced to a small number students with the intention that the disk would be copied and spread around using the concept of viral marketing. The design of the website was intentionally ‘edgy’ and hard hitting to push the serious message to potentially naive teenagers. The eventual aim of the website was to act as a web portal to sites containing STD awareness information.
  3. 3. Client: The Bridge Club Responsibility: Website Development, Event Handling, & Project management A website to market the benefits of a newly formed networking event management company named The Bridge Club. The website needed to appeal to a broad range of individuals and to help convey the Bridge Clubs approach to economic generation and entrepreneurialism. The Bridge Club was based below the Tyne bridge this helped inspire the overall design and feel of the website. Apart from developing the website, my confident attitude and approach and business awareness led me to take part in the handling of events. Helping to create communication amongst delegates by acting as a conductor for discussions on business ventures and to promote networking. This would later lead to the start of my own business venture Studentstep.com ltd.
  4. 4. Client: Pre Press Digital Responsibility: Website Development, Project Management An animated website aimed to portray a brochure online with easy to navigate menus and animated ‘punchy’ messages. The simple line drawings were brought to life with animations to help add character and augment the section titles. Using 3D animation software helped to add dimension to otherwise flat animations. The project management involved liaising with the designers of the images to show how they would be brought to ‘life’ and communicating with the client to ensure satisfactory implementation.
  5. 5. Client: Three Rivers Housing Authority Responsibility: Project Management, Website Development, Flash Game Development, & Client Training A database managed website produced to inform existing and prospective tenants of housing concern’s and available properties. My responsibilities where to ensure the core brand values of colour, the logo, and the language where implement correctly by the web programmer. My direction to implement a backend managed system to update the website, also Ied to training documents and training sessions for the client. A separate part of the site aimed at children to teach them how to be a ‘good neighbour was created to provide further PR opportunities for the client and add more character to the core site. Every element of the marketing marketing materials were designed with good brand implmentation in mind.
  6. 6. Client: NECC Telecom Responsibility: Website Development & Account Handling Using the photography and imagery of an existing brochure I created a website aimed at providing information on their products in a distinctive way. The brief was to create a website that portrayed a ‘brochure’ feel that would draw in the user and ‘hit’ them with their telephony marketing messages . Working with the design constraints of the client and managing their expectations is a skill and experience developed through regular meetings and presentations involved with the majority of projects I have fulfiled.
  7. 7. Client: Caroline Theobald Responsibility: Brand Implementation, Website Development & Project Management An open brief that allowed me to exercise creative and developmental control. Using the fundamentals of information graphics as used in in-flight safety documents, I animated the illustrations and used the connotations of safety guidance as way of portraying entrepreneurial guidance in a ‘thin air’ economy. Key presentation skills were needed to explain this different approach to the client as an effective style to represent the business. Good interpersonal skills and undertanding the design concerns of the clients is integral for the successful development of projects I have undertaken.
  8. 8. Client: 20000 Voices Responsibility: Brand Implementation, Website Development, Project Management & Trainer A combination of HTML and Flash development tools were used to create a website that would respect the company identity through the use of colour, animation, and imagery. A character was developed to draw in users through the introduction, this was developed using the logo, and a concept based on the companies choir singing activities. The introduction was developed with music to guide the direction and animates in synchronicity with songs The initial brand identity was developed further by myself to create unique icons, and to create a charcter to help communicate their ‘fun’ message.
  9. 9. Client: Audus Noble Responsibility: Development/Creative Direction, Project Management & Client Training This project was unique as the first e-commerce website in Europe for the packaging industry. Although creativity wasn’t a core requirement for the development of the site, the navigational design was integral for ease of use and the clear layout for successful product marketing. Navigation in multimedia applications is as essential as the creative output in a well developed project. My skills to direct multimedia applications that are easy to use was essential for this project as the core users needed to understand the potentially complex system of procuring packaging online. My creative direction to apply their brand across the whole design of the site helped create a far stonger sense of prestige, and confidence to users on the website particuarly as large transactions were being made via the e-commerce element of the site.
  10. 10. Client: Soil Machine Dynamics Responsibility: Development/Creative Direction, Project Management & Client Training A large project that required a robust, administrable and visually appealing website to display the intricate and vast product database online. Projects of this scale require key management in both areas of visual communication and user functionality. The management of this project required acute awareness of branding consistency yet allow for dynamic content generated by the product database. Working within these constraints is challenging, but has given me the experience of exercising creative restraint for the successful marriage of form and function in a commercial environment.
  11. 11. Client: Volume Responsibility: Website Development, Brand Implementation & Project Management A project that offered total creative freedom based on the businesses core activities which was art, creativity, and business clustering. As a seasoned developer of multimedia for the Internet, developing sites that adhere to the users technical constraints such as screen resolutions can limit creative freedom. For this project I braved the use of developing the site in a higher screen resolution to convey the values of Volume as a brand and a pioneer in arts. The site was developed with a lot of ‘space’ to convey the connotations of the word volume and provide a canvas for the art and creative images to portray the business ideologies.
  12. 12. Client: Bluestone Responsibility: Website Development, Brand Implementation & Project Management A project for a software company that had received a rebranding exercise conducted by Fat Frog Design. With the new brand values, we injected distinct colours and a suitably unique logo to help distinguish it from their visually saturated market of similar graphical styles and colours. Using the core elements of the logo such as the colour, shape, fixed angles and icongraphy, I developed a site that complement each of these elements. This helped reinforce the newly developed brand values providing a launch pad for introducing their products and services.
  13. 13. Client: Send Me Responsibility: 3D Animation, Marketing Strategy & Flash Development Send Me was newly created company to provide delivery fulfilment for e-commerce websites. They needed an identity and marketing tools to push their business in a developing industry. Using a dolphin as a character to portray the delivery aspect of the business, I created a 3D animation to be used for the opening of presentations to potential investors. This animation lifelike animation used the concept of a ‘message in a bottle’ to highlight the logo and concept of the business. To supplement the animation, I created a simple ‘Flash’ game to be used in as an ‘emailer’ as part of viral marketing campaign.
  14. 14. Client: IFS New Media Responsibility: 3D Animation IFS New Media was a newly formed company that needed to present itself to potential investors and create new business. For presentation use I created a short animation to depict the wide range of services and products the company offered. The animation was developed using 3D animation software for the pre-production and finished with post- production techniques to incorporate the music and final graphical elements.
  15. 15. University Dissertation Responsibility: 3D Animation, Flash Animation, Research, Photography As a requirement of the BA HONS Degree in Creative Visualisation we were asked to produce a dissertation on our chosen subject. For this I wanted to create an art piece that would work on the emotions that we feel when our environment changes due to the changing of seasons. I created a photo-realistic animation based on the research of the 4 seasons using 3D animation and post-production software. To supplement the 3D animation I also adapted it for the internet using Flash animation to show my versatility with using multimedia tools. This animation was used at an event hosted by the Newcastle City Council to promote New Media business in the North East. An event which I also provided my personal insight in a presentation about the New Media industry in North East England.
  16. 16. Client: Fat Frog Design Responsibility: Project Management, Creative/Development Direction A Multimedia CD-Rom developed to market the services of Fat Frog Design. The initial concept was to create a serene ambiance with visual cue’s to an environment of a frog. The serenity and calmness was created for the audience to allow them to think about the services provided by Fat Frog Design’s in a quiet and calm environment. My responsibilities were to turn this concept into reality by directing the art and navigation of the application and providing creative assistance. The concept became a pond environment with suitable music being chosen to enhance the ambience created by the animation and imagery.
  17. 17. Client: Invista Dupont Responsibility: Print Management, & Account Handling A portion of my responsibilties whilst working at Fat Frog Design, was managing accounts for many key clients including Invista Dupont, Johnson Matthey, and Synetix all companies trading in international and varied markets. These duties would require client liason, brief taking, estimating, and translating client expetations into workable briefs for design, artworking, and development staff. Many of the projects intially managed by myself before the inception of Fat Frog Media, were print related across a variety of printed media, such as exhibition stands, folders, postcards, and print advertising. This experience of managing print and design work, as well as digital media projects has given me extremely varied skills to understand and interpret brand implementation, and working extremely closely with collegues of different disiplines. Thjis position would later enable me to develop a project managment system to improve client handling for everyone in the agency.
  18. 18. Client: Bebe Clothing Ltd Responsibility: Web Design, Brand Implementation & Project Management Established in 1987 Bebe have become one of the most successful fashion houses in the UK and have significant presence in mainland Europe. The directors have built up, and continue to build, an extensive network of business partners around the world to ensure their customers are constantly offered quality, well designed products, on time and at competitive prices. With the same pursuits in mind e-marketing materials, new brand indentities, and a creative and online catalogue website was created to ensure Bebe communicated their brand message through as many channels as possible to their buyers.
  19. 19. Client: One NorthEast Responsibility: Digital Media Strategy, CMS procurement, Design, Development and Account Managment Within a period of 15 months delivered in excess of 20 digital media channels, including websites, and mobile applications for North East England Tourism. The channels were created using a content managment system from a bespoke specification and then procured on behalf of tourism digtal media delivery for the region. The delivery of the channels involved writing proposals for tender submissions from design agencies in the North East, and through design and development by myself, and an internal development collegue also managed me. The channels have been augmented by various multmedia content , such as web tv, podcasts, blogging, and supported by million pound TV advertising which required key project managment and scheduling.
  20. 20. Client: Fat Frog Design Responsibility: Brand Awareness Tools, Brand Implemtation, and Workshops The creative director at Fat Frog Design developed a series of workshops aimed communicating the importance of brand identity, how it can influence customers perceptions, and ultimately to sell branding services, and marketing materials. My role was to help develop presentation materials for the workshops, and to do tihs effectively I had to understand the same messages and understand the strategy behind the communication given. Parcipating in these brand workshops also gave me signifcant experience that only extended my already high level of brand awareness. Experiencing a clients perceptions change on the importance of a good brand identity has been an extremely worthwhile and has aided my account managment of design and marketing in future projects since.
  21. 21. Client: Fat Frog Design Responsibilities: Management & Operations Tools Development My varied software development skills have enabled me to produce tools that have aided Fat Frog Design’s operations and efficiency. Developing a database system that automates administrative tasks such as estimating, contact management, timesheets, and project administration, has improved efficiency. This has allowed the company to concentrate on it’s design and creativity rather than the barriers of administration. This system was developed using my knowledge of design fulfilment, and project management. Filemaker Pro and Adobe Acrobat was to develop these tools showcasing my ability also to use management software to aid designers and creative workers.
  22. 22. Client: Studentstep.com Ltd Responsibility: Company Management, Student Placement/Recruitment, Website Development & Marketing Strategy (2001) Photo taken for PR purposes - with added cheese! A company pioneered and created by myself to augment universities providing more industrial experience opportunities, through placements, projects, and employment aimed towards students and graduates. The identity and marketing tools were created to approach students, and industry, also inviting potential investors and supporters. Employing recruitment practices such as CV assimilation, interviews and providing outsourced projects to students, I gained the experiences of working with students, and using their skills and abilities to benefit themselves and industry. Whilst the busienss was in operation I successfully placed graduates into other agencies, and students also gained valuable experience through live projects provided by industry contacts.
  23. 23. Client: Various & Personal Responsibility: Website Development, Flash/Shockwave Development, Printed Work & Marketing Strategy During the course of the projects I have been engaged in, I have developed a multitude of work used across a spectrum of different industries, audiences, and mediums. This has given me well practiced skills to use different multimedia applications to achieve client and personal design targets. Beyond purely the developmental aspects of the projects, I have undertaken many different responsibilities covering project, people, and resource management. My interpersonal skills have given me communication skills to interpret briefs and fulfil them in variety of creative and functional ways. My abilities and knowledge have also given me the ability to direct others to exceed and reach project goals.