Cloud Computing Clarity


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Perspective on the challenges we face in helping realizing the potential of cloud computing. Comments & feedback encouraged.

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Cloud Computing Clarity

  1. 1. Cloud Clarity j alpha
  2. 2. CxOs are now Clamoring for the Cloud j alpha
  3. 3. Virtual stuff Your Boss Reed, Jason Virtual stuff Jason: Do we have any of those virtual desktops or servers on the Internet that I keep reading about? If not, lets get some. Let me know when it’s done. Thanks, CEO j alpha
  4. 4. When are we going to see energy, rent, HW, & staff savings in the cloud? Call me CFO j alpha
  5. 5. j alpha
  6. 6. Txt from Timmy the Temp. boss, yt? wanna buy my A-Rod souvenirs? go to my cloud store - built it using saas y cant u do it @ ACME Corp.? j alpha
  7. 7. j alpha
  8. 8. Where do we start? j alpha
  9. 9. XaaS Process Business Database Storage j alpha
  10. 10. Who do we believe? j alpha
  11. 11. The Evangelist j alpha
  12. 12. quot;These are crazy times, these are wacky times, but there has never been a better time for Cloud Computing” Marc Benioff Chairman & CEO j alpha
  13. 13. j alpha
  14. 14. Low CAPEX & TCO, Predictable cloud Pay as you go usage models Time to value in weeks Rapid prototyping Flexibility gains Central security & compliance Automatic upgrades & updates Easy to customize & use No infrastructure Virtualized & abstracted Federated, interoperable Low risk, simple implementation No physical or geographic limits service oriented Low maintenance short learning curve, Increased, scalability increased, self- service j alpha
  15. 15. or j alpha
  16. 16. The Pessimist j alpha
  17. 17. Cloud computing is quot;worse than stupidity.quot; Richard stallman Founder j alpha
  18. 18. j alpha
  19. 19. Traditional IT resistance Encourages business to operate as lone ranger Data portability & interoperability Provider trust & security Network latency & availability IT, cloudy day transparency Disaster recovery tbd questions Data security & privacy concerns Questionable regulatory control Lack of audit, governance & security accountability Questionable reliability & performance Lack of management tools Lack of integration with internal infrastructure cloud, hypervisor failure j alpha
  20. 20. Seem familiar? j alpha
  21. 21. 1970s j alpha
  22. 22. 1980s j alpha
  23. 23. 1990s j alpha
  24. 24. Crisis j alpha
  25. 25. Part of the Solution Offshore j alpha
  26. 26. But it took a decade to master and created . . . j alpha
  27. 27. Culture Challenges Dilbert by Scott Adams j alpha
  28. 28. and j alpha
  29. 29. Communication Challenges 011100101101010111100001010101101 j alpha
  30. 30. Today, we are here j alpha
  31. 31. Heterogeneous Clouds j alpha
  32. 32. and here j alpha
  33. 33. Cloud Conjecture Gartner Hype Cycle j alpha
  34. 34. But, we want to be here j alpha
  35. 35. xCloud InterOperability Gartner Hype Cycle j alpha
  36. 36. Like Y2K, we confront j alpha
  37. 37. j alpha
  38. 38. which is a considerable opportunity to make the Cloud Case. j alpha
  39. 39. 8 weeks?! LEGAL PURCHASING VENDOR $1,000/mo. j alpha
  40. 40. 8 weeks?! LEGAL PURCHASING VENDOR $1,000/mo. j alpha
  41. 41. $100/mo. 8 minutes! 8 weeks?! LEGAL PURCHASING VENDOR $1,000/mo. j alpha
  42. 42. 8 weeks @ $1000/mo. or 8 minutes @ $100/mo. j alpha
  43. 43. Cloud is j alpha
  44. 44. Like Y2K, we confront j alpha
  45. 45. Culture Challenges Cloud upstart j alpha
  46. 46. and j alpha
  47. 47. Communication Challenges j alpha
  48. 48. Can we apply Y2K solutions to the Cloud? j alpha
  49. 49. j alpha
  50. 50. Is the Cloud? j alpha
  51. 51. Offshore j alpha
  52. 52. Offshore Near shore j alpha
  53. 53. Any shore Offshore Near shore But, it took a decade to master. j alpha
  54. 54. Public j alpha
  55. 55. Public Private j alpha
  56. 56. Public Hybrid Private xCloud Interoperability cannot take a decade to master. j alpha
  57. 57. What can we do? j alpha
  58. 58. Challenge Vendors • Are they stable? How would we know? • Who’s backing them financially? • SAS70 certified? • How is overall QoS measured? • How will we communicate and escalate? • Do SLAs really matter after our reputation is shot and our customers have moved to the competition? j alpha
  59. 59. Don’t be, or buy from a j alpha
  60. 60. j alpha
  61. 61. and if it looks like . . . j alpha
  62. 62. or then keep looking. j alpha
  63. 63. Demand xCloud InterOperability j alpha
  64. 64. Demand xCloud InterOperability j alpha
  65. 65. Demand xCloud InterOperability standards j alpha
  66. 66. Demand xCloud InterOperability j alpha
  67. 67. Demand xCloud InterOperability j alpha
  68. 68. Demand xCloud InterOperability Maybe. j alpha
  69. 69. Petition for Portability j alpha
  70. 70. Measure Performance quot;100ms in latency resulted in (1%) sales“ quot;500ms delay resulted in (20%) traffic.” j alpha
  71. 71. Insist on Availability j alpha
  72. 72. Scrutinize Security OpenID OAuth j alpha
  73. 73. Yes, On Demand is Demanding j alpha
  74. 74. But, the Cloud Case is Compelling in response to Crisis and despite Communication & Culture Challenges, so . . . j alpha
  75. 75. Commence Cloud Construction j alpha
  76. 76. But keep in mind . . . j alpha
  77. 77. 1. There’s a lot of hype; the cloud is not a panacea 2. XaaS is valuable, but not the only solution 3. There’s no need for radical change 4. Leverage Lessons Learned a. Crisis presents opportunity b. Culture is critical c. Don’t underestimate Communication 5. Using Internet services in your architecture is wise 6. Heterogeneous environments are OK, common, & mitigate risk 7. You’ll likely end up with a hybrid cloud anyway 8. Insist on transparency 9. Governance & security strategies really do matter 10. Assess your business processes, culture, value of the cloud j alpha
  78. 78. The Cloud Reed, Jason CEO, CFO, Head of Development, Timmy the Temp. The Cloud CEO, CFO, CTO, and Timmy: In the words of Elton John, “The walls get higher every day The barriers get in the way But I see hope in every cloud” More to come, when I pull my head out of the clouds . . . Jason j alpha
  79. 79. Cloud Complete j alpha
  80. 80. Comments: j alpha
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