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AceCo Precision Mfg General Info


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AceCo Precision Mfg General Info

  1. 1. Commitment to Quality. AceCo Precision Manufacturing was founded in 1960 in Boise, Idaho, U.S.A. Our three manufacturing facilities and corporate headquarters are located in Boise. For over 20 years AceCo has been providing spare parts and repair solutions for the Semiconductor Equipment and Fabrication Industries. We have also become a leader in manufacturing solutions for the TFT-LCD, Solar Equipment, and Fabrication Industries. Most recently AceCo has entered the Medical Industry by providing implantable devices and surgical instrumentation. AceCo creates value for our clients by providing a full suite of services including engineering, design, turnkey manufacturing, and repair. Our team of Engineers, Technical Staff, and Machinists collaborate with our clients and create solutions which improve functionality, reduce cost, and extend component lifetime. In addition to providing a wide range of solutions and services, AceCo has become well known for commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction. We have an ISO 9001 and 13485 Certified Quality Management System, and have been the winner of several customer Quality Awards including 4 consecutive Intel Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) Awards.
  2. 2. | WHEN YOU INSIST ON PRECISION SCOPE OF BUSINESS Semiconductor Equipment Components • Etch, CVD/PVD, Diffusion, Implant, CMP, Litho, and Wafer Handling • Support leading-edge 300mm Equipment all the way down to 100mm • Core Materials: Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, Composites, Engineered Plastics such as Vespel, PEEK, and PTFE Semiconductor Equipment Repairs • Etch, CVD, Diffusion, Implant, CMP, Litho, and Wafer Handling • Repair Scope includes but is not limited to: Valves, Heaters, Chillers, Ferro Fluid Seals, Chucks, and other Electro-Mechanical devices • Cleaning Solutions TFT-LCD and Solar Equipment Components • Etch and CVD/PVD processes • Support leading-edge equipment (currently Gen 10) • Core Materials: Aluminum Alloys and Stainless Steels, Carbon Fiber Composites Medical Implants and Instruments • Orthopedic Implants and Instruments • ISO 13485:2003 Certified • FDA Registered • Core Materials: Titanium and Stainless Steels, Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum, PEEK Customer Scope • Semiconductor, TFT-LCD, Solar Cell Manufacturers • Semiconductor, TFT-LCD, Solar Cell Equipment Manufacturers • Medical Device Manufacturers/Distributors • Medical Device Designers/Surgeons
  3. 3. Shower Head Shower Head Gas Dispersion Plate Laser Inspection Ceramic Heater CNC Machining CMM Inspection Gate Valve |
  4. 4. | WHEN YOU INSIST ON PRECISION SEMICONDUCTOR COMPONENTS Since the mid 1980’s AceCo has been manufacturing spare components and providing engineered solutions for the end user market in Semiconductor Fabrication. Our team includes Semiconductor Process and Equipment Engineering veterans, highly-skilled Technicians, and Machinists with training and experience in the latest CNC machining technologies. AceCo provides solutions which reduce cost of ownership for capital equipment through design improvements. Primary Products by Process • Etch: Upper Electrodes, Gas Dispersion Plates, Baffle Plates, Chambers, Liners, Focus Rings • CVD: Showerheads, Lower Electrodes, Heaters, Backing Plates • CMP: Clamp Rings, Housings, Covers, Gimbals, Flanges, Carriers • Wafer Handling: End Effectors, Robot Blades, Vacuum Chucks Face Plate 300mm Welded Shower Head
  5. 5. SEMICONDUCTOR COMPONENTS 300mm Welded Shower Head 300mm Shower Head Anodized Upper Electrode Depo Shield, Y203 Coated Heater Block Anodized Liner with Y203 Baffle Plate, Y203 |
  6. 6. | WHEN YOU INSIST ON PRECISION SEMICONDUCTOR EQUIPMENT REPAIRS Founded in 2005; AceCo’s Repair Services Division includes a team of Engineers and Technicians with a variety of backgrounds within the Semiconductor Industry. Our team understands the form, fit, and function of each sub-assembly and has designed testing chambers and stations to ensure parts are functional prior to shipment. AceCo’s Repairs Capabilities include but are not limited to: • High Vacuum Isolation/Throttling Valves: AceCo repairs, refurbishes, and cleans chamber isolation, load lock isolation, pendulum and pressure proportioning control valves. OEM’s supported include CKD, HVA, MKS, Norcal, SMC, Kitz, and VAT • Heater Pedestals: AceCo refurbishes heater pedestals for semiconductor thin films toolsets. OEM equipment supported includes Applied Materials, ASM and Novellus • Photolithography Track Hot and Chill Plates: AceCo repairs, cleans and refurbishes hot and chill plates from DNS and TEL • Ferrofluidic Seals: AceCo repairs and refurbishes ferro fluid based rotational seals OEM equipment supported includes Kokusai, TEL and Novellus • Electro-Mechanical Assembly Repair Services: AceCo repairs, refurbishes and cleans a variety of electro-mechanical assemblies to include: wafer handling robots, transfer systems and servo/stepper motor drives and systems Isolation Valve Heated Throttle Valve
  7. 7. SEMICONDUCTOR EQUIPMENT REPAIRS Ceramic Heater Throttle Valve Ferro-Fluid Rotational Seal Exhaust Control Valve Gate Valve Ceramic Chuck |
  8. 8. | WHEN YOU INSIST ON PRECISION TFT-LCD & SOLAR EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS For over a decade AceCo has been providing machining solutions for critical chamber components for Thin Film TFT-LCD Original Equipment Manufacturers and End Users alike. AceCo has continually expanded our capacity and capability for large-scale machining and dedicated a new facility in 2008 housing the latest technologies for high-volume and large- envelope machining. AceCo provides several components for Thin Film, PVD, and Etch Equipment to include: • Diffusers, and Upper Electrodes • Chambers and Frames • Silicon Wafer and Glass Substrate Carriers • Heaters and Susceptors MEDICAL IMPLANTS AND INSTRUMENTS AceCo’s Medical Implant and Instrument Division is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio. Our engineering and design capabilities coupled with our machining and quality disciplines provide a perfect fit for the stringent requirements of the medical industry. • Implantable Devices • Custom Orthopedic Instrumentation • Retraction & Exposure Instrumentation • Extraction & Revision Instrumentation The AceCo logo is a proprietary trademark of Ace Company Inc. and shall not be used in any way without the prior, and express written consent of Ace Company Inc. All references herein to OEM names and products are legal trademarks of those respective companies.
  9. 9. AceCo Capabilities. • 5-Axis CNC Milling • Mulit-Axis CNC Milling/Turning • CNC Lathe Turning • 8-Axis Grinding • Gun Drilling • Centerless Grinding • Laser/Tig Welding • Heat Treating • Hand Polishing • Vibrodyne Finishing • Blast/Deburring • Passivation • Ultrasonic Cleaning • Laser Marking • Water Jet Cutting • Assembly • CMM/Laser Inspection • Class 100 Clean Room • Packaging/Labeling • Rapid Prototyping