Prepare for your nursing exams at college and university levels


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Prepare for your nursing exams at college and university levels

  1. 1. Prepare For Your Nursing Exams At College and University Levels There are certain professions in which obtaining a degree or diploma is simply not enough. For example, those who wish to become nurses must write the College of Nurses of Ontario registration examination to receive registered nurse designation, before accepting entry- level positions in a variety of settings where nursing is practiced. Centennial College offers a unique nursing program — Nursing (BScN), which makes students eligible for this exam while also allowing them to experience both college and university levels of study. How does this work? The offering is a collaboration between Centennial College, Ryerson University and George Brown College. As such, for two out of their four years, students study at Centennial College. Meanwhile, the final two years are completed at Ryerson University. Students are guided through this nursing program Toronto offering by both college and university faculty members, who prepare them to work with persons and communities of diverse backgrounds, ages and degrees of health and illness, in a variety of contexts. These faculty members are experienced nurses who can offer professional advice as well as help students to perfect nursing techniques and approaches. In addition, faculty members serve as mentors to students, who also have a peer tutoring option available to them. Speaking of approaches, Centennial College’s way of looking at nursing not only covers professionally-related courses in areas such as anatomy and physiology, nutrition, ethics, psychology and sociology but also a series of required and elective courses. These teachings draw from other disciplines to enhance students’ learning and support the broad knowledge base required of professional nurses. However, of course, this nursing school in Toronto ensures it clearly highlights the profession students will enter once they graduate. As such, the program is split into five relevant themes. These themes are threaded into the offering at all levels and include: primary healthcare/health promotion; reflective practice/critical thinking; meaningful relationships/caring/communication; political/social justice; and personal/professional development. Because the Centennial College aspect of this collaborative offering is hands-on, students have the opportunity to practice their skills in state-of-the-art nursing labs. Set up as mock hospital rooms, these labs are used for small group instruction as well as independent and scheduled practice. Students have access to the latest tools on which to practice. Then, they get to apply the skills they have learned in the mock environment when they head into the field on a clinical placement. This is a real world opportunity for students to practice their skills prior to graduation and gain the advantage of being able to network and make employment contacts. For More Information Visit