Nursing program allows students to pursue further education


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Nursing program allows students to pursue further education

  1. 1. Nursing Program Allows Students To Pursue Further EducationAre you looking to attend a nursing program college-level that not only prepares you for thefield but also ensures seamless entry into programs that will further your education? If so, youmay want to consider attending Centennial College’s two-year Practical Nursing offering. Notonly does graduating from this program prepare you to work in hospitals, long-term carefacilities and community settings, it also allows you to pursue further study in CentennialContinuing Education programs: RPN - Perioperative Nursing or RPN - Advanced Mental Health.In addition, you may pursue a university education in Bachelor of Science in Nursing throughCentennial’s innovative Bridging program.Because the complexity of today’s healthcare environment requires the Practical Nurse to havemore in-depth knowledge as well as increased level of skill and judgment, this nursing programcollege offering has curriculum based on: College of Nurses of Ontario practice standards andguidelines, College of Nurses of Ontario entry to practice competencies (2009) for RegisteredPractical Nurses and vocational learning outcomes for Ontario Practical Nursing programs(Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities).In addition, all faculty members have clinical expertise. These professionals offer classroominstruction supplemented by independent study, multimedia support and on-going clinicalexperience. In addition, small group instruction in clinical and laboratory settings utilize thelatest technology, such as computerized simulation. Specific topics covered in this Nursingprogram college offering include: developmental psychology, practical nursing theory, practicalnursing health assessment, practical nursing professionals growth and many others. Thiscombination of teaching methods and courses prepares Centennial College’s nursing grads toprovide safe, competent and ethical care, using resources and technologies for an increasinglycomplex client population.In order to apply for this Nursing program college offering, students must have completed atleast an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older.Also required are: Compulsory English 12C or U or equivalent, Math 11M or U, or 12C or U, orequivalent, Biology 11C, or U, or 12C, or U, or equivalent and one of the following scienceschemistry or physics 11U, or 12C, or U, or equivalent. Additionally, non-academic requirementsinclude English proficiency, official transcripts of upgraded courses (if required), Prior LearningAssessment & Recognition (PLAR), where applicable; Canadian citizenship, permanent residenceof Canada or authorization under the Immigration Act (Canada); no criminal convictionsincluding those under the Narcotic Control or Food and Drugs Acts; no subject of proceedings,with respect to professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity in another health professionin Ontario, or in nursing in another jurisdiction; no suffering from a mental or physical disorderthat makes it desirable in the public interest that you not practice; annual clear vulnerable policecheck prior to clinical placement, a completed immunization review form; successful completionof a current recognized course in CPR Level HCP (Health Care Provider) and standard first aidand a mask fit testing.