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Launch your career in hospitality industry with hospitality management courses

The Hospitality Services program at Centennial College is ideal for students who are looking for the knowledge they need to work in the “front of the house” or “back of the house” of a hotel.

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Launch your career in hospitality industry with hospitality management courses

  1. 1. Launch your Career in Hospitality Industry with Hospitality ManagementcoursesIf you are looking for a wide range of skills that will allow you to enter various positionswithin the hospitality services, you should consider attending Centennial College.The post-secondary institution’s two-semester hospitality courses offers not only an OntarioCollege Certificate but also offers the opportunity to take certification exams in Sanitationand Beverage Services, thus graduating with confidence and required skills to work in thisindustry.As such, students develop immense know-how to become employable directly upongraduation in different hospitality service-related positions, both locally and across Canada,including room attendant, front desk clerk, food service, and cook or maintenance worker.Among the companies that hospitality management graduates are: Swiss Chalet, Chartwells, Kelsey’s, Shoeless Joe’s, Boston Pizza, Moxie’s and more.Additionally, graduates, who are interested in furthering their education, also have theoption of transferring to one of Centennial College’s more specialized hospitality programsthat result in Ontario College Diplomas or Advanced Ontario College Diplomas.In order to apply interested candidates need to have completed at least Ontario SecondarySchool Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or need to posses mature student status (19 yearsor older). The program is especially recommended for those who have completed Grade 12Workplace level English.Once they are accepted, students discover that special attention is paid to food andbeverage services, kitchen operations, housekeeping and front office skills. As such, thehospitality service curriculum incorporates hands-on experience with theory, and studentshave access to the multiple on-campus hospitality college facilities at Progress Campus.Among these facilities are, a conference centre, where students can put up events, as wellas a live restaurant called Horizons where students learn about customer interaction andmore.Specific hospitality programs include: Introduction to Math, Communication Skills forHospitality Service Workers, Front of the House Agent, Room Attendant, Kitchen and DiningRoom Operations, Beverage Services, Safety & Sanitation, and more. Students also getequipped with job-seeking techniques and job interview and resume skills throughhospitality management-specific courses that are designed to make them comfortable withthe job application process. Knowledgeable faculty members who possess currentexperience lead all the courses.To ensure that students have an opportunity to apply everything they have learned duringthe course, they are sent out on a two-day-a week work experience placement at arestaurant or hotel. This also allows them to network and gain new knowledge fromseasoned professionals.For More Information Visit hospitality college