Journalism program offers industry overview with detailed training


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Journalism program offers industry overview with detailed training

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Journalism program offers industry overview with detailed training

  1. 1. Journalism Program Offers Industry Overview with Detailed Training Journalism is an evolving field and it is an exciting time to enter this profession. It’s no wonder then that many professionals are making the switch from their previous careers into magazine, newspaper, online or TV journalism. At Centennial College’s Fast-Track Journalism program, those who have already completed a college diploma or university degree in any discipline or those with partial post-secondary education (minimum two full successful years) and relevant work experience are prepared for the field in just two years. This offering’s focus is on giving students an experience that seamlessly integrates the classroom and newsroom. This is achieved through not only teaching students to write and tell stories, and developing new multiplatform and online skills but also by building a portfolio of published stories and photos. Here is a look at some of the “overview” courses that expose students to the various aspects of the industry. News Reporting: This course begins with having students write simple news stories and then progress to feature and profile writing, which takes more creativity, and coverage of municipal affairs. To round out the practical aspects, some class discussions focus on critical analysis of professional publications. Professional journalists visit classes to discuss the jobs and current issues in journalism. Magazine/Freelance Journalism: Freelance journalists must know how to sell their stories and themselves to editors. This course focuses on sound techniques for both successful freelancing and magazine staff work. Emphasis is placed on finding market niches, winning assignments and carrying them out professionally. For practice, students must produce market research, a query letter and a feature-length article. Radio News: Those interested in radio often begin their careers as field reporters. As such, this course sends students into the city streets where they’ll learn to use audio recorders and mics to interview newsmakers, gather sound, and return to the studio to edit the files, write clear, concise and conversational broadcast copy, and record their scripts into a finished, polished audio report. Students also gain experience in working the control room mixing board, creating commercials, voice techniques, and on-air performance in live radio newscasts that are broadcast on Centennial’s Observer Radio News internet radio channel and more. Television News: Working in Observer TV News, Centennial College’s advanced television newsroom, students gain video journalism skills needed to work in a multi-platform news environment. Each student gets to experience roles such as being an anchor and working behind the scenes as they staff a live- to- air weekly news program. Students complete the course knowing how to write to pictures, cut highlight reels and short voice-overs, edit using Final Cut software, conduct TV interviews and perform on camera and use a Teleprompter. Unlike other Journalism schools, this program also gives students opportunities to test out their knowledge in the real world through a field placement in the final semester. This opportunity sees students gain 15 weeks of experience alongside seasoned professionals in a commercial media outlet or communications agency.