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Information on post graduate media management program


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Information on post graduate media management program

  1. 1. Information on Post-Graduate Media Management Program The post-graduate program in advertising – media management is the right choice for those who wish to build careers in the advertising and communications industry, in the role of strategic media planning and buying. It’s an intensive and hands-on industry program that equips students with solid fundamentals in media management as well as advanced skills for working on the latest media channels. Program Structure A graduate certificate media management program runs for three semesters and helps students build strong integrated marketing foundations. With this, they also study business communications, digital communications, media research data and analyses, media planning, connection planning, broadcast buying and measurement, advertising planning and campaign management, media account administration, media buying and reporting, media advertising negotiation and sales and media industry issues. The program places a strong emphasis on consumer-driven communication channel choices, such as mobile platform for advertising messages. It provides students with career-ready skills in media research, analysis, planning, estimation, buying and management. The program concluded with a field placement, which helps students apply their learning into practice. Program Learning The benefit of a postgraduate media management course is that it helps students:  Develop expertise in drafting creative messages for their audience  Understand the importance of conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time  Identify the right media platform or channel for a particular set of their audience  Understand the importance of digital communication in the current scenario  Understand the issues in media industry  Learn how to administer a media account In addition, the students develop:  Excellent writing skills  Good leadership skills  Interpersonal skills  Computer skills on the latest software applications Career Opportunities
  2. 2. The program prepares graduates for a variety of roles in advertising and marketing field. They can find employment with advertising industries, multimedia owners and sellers, marketing companies, advertisers, independent media management companies and research companies. The career prospects are bright in this field. As companies heavily rely on media planning and advertising, they need professionals who can help them identify the right media channels and create attractive advertising messages that catch the attention of their audience and remain in their memory. Eligibility Criteria For being able to apply to this program, students will need:  College diploma or university degree in any discipline. Students with partial post- secondary education (minimum two years) are also eligible to apply; however, they must possess relevant experience in this field.  To attend a mandatory program admission session and complete a basic mathematics test and written questionnaire.  To submit their updated resume. Fulfilling the requirements doesn’t guarantee admission. The program coordinators evaluate all the applications on the set parameters and grant admission to the most deserving applicants. Where to Study Advertising Media Management in Toronto? Centennial College’s program in media management may be the right choice. It is recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau for offering the most breadth of interactive/mobile curriculum. Plus, the college has a student-run communications agency that provides them with ample of opportunities to gather real experiences while they are still in school. Apart from that, the program offers them the eligibility to apply for a media management degree upon graduation.