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How to break into beauty industry


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How to break into beauty industry

  1. 1. How to Break into Beauty Industry? The health and beauty industry has grown tremendously in the past few decades. And it’s expected to grow at a much faster rate in the coming years than it has been in the past. This means that the skincare specialists will enjoy exceptional job growth and availability of more advanced and flexible professional opportunities. While more and more people are recognizing the value of healthy looking skin, the role of an esthetician is also changing. Gone are the days when they were expected to give just facials and massage clients all day. Instead they are now expected to provide an entire range of specialized skin and body treatments, meeting the specific needs of their clients. In addition to this, they are also responsible for keeping a track of health status of their clients and recommending the use of appropriate products. Estheticians nowadays wear many hats. They act as beauticians, skin specialists, healers, company representatives and beauty advisors. They typically work in wellness and medical spas, clinics and other beauty-related businesses in conjunction with dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other healthcare providers. How to Break into Beauty Industry Beauty industry offers a wide variety of career paths. Therefore, it’s important to decide what you want to do and where you will fit before getting your foot in the door. Once you decide whether you want to be a makeup artist or an esthetician, enrolling in an esthetics education program is the next step. There are a number of colleges in Canada that offer post-secondary esthetician certification, diploma and degree courses. However, not all offer you the kind of knowledge and practical experience that you will need to secure a decent paying job. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to carefully choose your esthetics college in Canada. Centennial College Toronto offers a two-year post-secondary esthetician program that provides you with the knowledge and skills for skincare, spa applications and business operations. It’s an all-inclusive program that incorporates classroom learning on anatomy, physiology, product knowledge, practical applications, sales technique, customer service and business practice, hands-on practical experience in the school’s student clinic and industry field placements at the best spas in the city. You learn to use cutting-edge beauty equipment that is commonly used in today’s spas and beauty clinics. While you gain expertise in performing facials, extracts, hair-removal, manicures, pedicures and make-up applications, a strong emphasis is also placed on teaching you how to suggest and provide specialized body and skincare treatments to clients, taking into account their health status. Additional Requirements In addition to providing specialized beauty treatments to clients, estheticians are also expected to strictly adhere to safety, sanitation and hygiene standards and establish
  2. 2. professional relationships with clients in compliance with ethics associated with the profession. Centennial College’s esthetician program offers a comprehensive curriculum, focusing on all aspects of beauty and skincare business. The program graduates can choose to associate with an established business and pursue their careers or can start their own skincare business. Enrolment Guide If you are interested in building a career as an esthetician, you can send your application to the college along with the required supporting, which includes • Secondary school diploma certificate • Scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent For More Information Visit