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Computer systems technician nature of work and employment prerequisites


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Computer systems technician nature of work and employment prerequisites

  1. 1. Computer Systems Technician – Nature of Work and Employment Prerequisites From residential settings to retail businesses, corporate houses, manufacturing units and government offices, computer systems technicians are needed everywhere. The use of computers in daily life as well as in business and industry has led to a strong demand for computer technicians, not only in Canada but throughout the world. Computer systems administrators are responsible for maintaining computer hardware and software systems, in order to ensure smooth operations of a business. They play a critical role in the organizations as the latter depend hugely on their computer systems for day-to- day operations and communication with clients, suppliers and colleagues. Nature of Work Computer technicians are expected to be well-versed in installing LANs (Local Area Networks) and WANs (Wide Area Networks), while ensuring that the computers communicate correctly over a network. They are also responsible for planning of computer network and determining the best solution for the company, depending upon its specific needs. Their responsibilities also include resolving network problems as and when they arise, repairing hardware, maintaining the entire communication system, monitoring the network’s performance and ensuring an update in technology whenever required. Computer technicians may work in diverse settings. They may or may not need to travel, depending upon their employment. If they are employed with computer networking companies or vendors, they may have to travel frequently to the client’s locations. If they work as help desk support or technical support staff, they will have to directly deal with the customers. Therefore, the technicians are not only expected to be technically sound; rather, they must also possess good communication and interpersonal skills. Required Competencies Computer systems technicians in Ontario need to be well-versed in PC hardware, operating systems, network technologies, electricity for computer systems, network security, data communications, network devices, telephony, routing and switching, and computer forensics. They must also possess technical report writing skills, strong critical analysis skills and good communication skills. Hands-on experience and technical problem solving skills help them enhance their employability. Studying Computer Systems Technician – Networking in Toronto In order to build careers in this field, the minimum requirement is to complete a post- secondary course in computer systems networking. This program incorporates the latest in computer systems and network technology, and prepares students for rewarding careers in the ever-evolving industry.
  2. 2. Although a number of Canadian colleges offer post-secondary programs in computer systems networking but Centennial College’s program in accredited by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board; and thus, it reflects high standards of learning. Moreover, the program lays a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, which is essential to seek employment after completing the course. The program graduates may find employment as technical support staff, help desk support, network technical support specialists, field service representatives or computer technicians in the industry of their choice. Or else, they can apply their credits towards a three-year technology advanced diploma. This will help them upgrade their technical skills and find more advanced job in the industry. Who Can Apply to This Program? Candidates who have completed their secondary education can apply to this program. They will need to send their applications to the college, supported with a copy of secondary school diploma certificate, and scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent and Math Grade 11 M or 12 C or University or equivalent. Students currently in high school can also apply for this program. For More Information Visit