Computer Networking Training Secures Your Career“Going through the applied degree at Centennial, I always had a bit of dou...
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Computer networking training secures your career


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Computer networking training secures your career

  1. 1. Computer Networking Training Secures Your Career“Going through the applied degree at Centennial, I always had a bit of doubt as to how well it stacked upagainst programs at universities … I can now tell you with 100 percent confidence that not only is theapplied degree at Centennial up to par with programs at universities, but I feel [I am] more well-roundedand better trained than the majority of students in [my] masters program,” says Brendan John Coffey, agraduate of Centennial College’s Computer networking training who is now an international Masters ofBusiness Administration student in Australia. This type of testimonial shows how Centennial College stacksup against university programs, which are more expensive in cost.Computer and communication networking is the communication between computer systems and devices. Anetwork is any set of computers or devices that are connected to each other with the ability to exchangedata. Ensuring that the networks are functioning as they should are computer networking professionals,who are in very high demand in Ontario.Centennial College was selected by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to deliver thisprogram to address the demand in Ontario for trained networking professionals. Those interested inapplying must present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with a minimum of six12U, 12M, OAC credits or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. There are also minimum academicprerequisites, such as: English 12U and one from the following: Math 12U Advanced Functions, Math 12UCalculus and Vectors, Math 12U Mathematics of Data Management or equivalent. Possession of minimumadmission requirements does not guarantee admission to program.The computer networking training program offers a unique blend of technology and business subjects,creating an innovative balance between the practical and the theoretical backgrounds for which employersare looking. You are able to specialize in network security or wireless systems. Training is conducted out ofProgress Campus, which is centrally located and features state-of-the-art laboratories that are speciallyengineered and feature VoIP, Cellular Networks, Wireless Broadband (WiMax), Advanced Routing andSwitching or Network Management. In addition, small classes ensure individual attention and facultymembers have much industry experience. Courses within computer networking training include:Fundamentals of Business and Information Systems, LAN Switching and Routing, Principles of Computer &Networking Security, Advanced Switching & Routing, Enterprise Network Design, and others.Students of computer networking training also receive hands-on training through a 15-week mandatoryco-op placement, during which they are placed in financial institutions, Fortune 500 organizations, IMB aswell as private sector companies. A minimum C grade in ENG-110, minimum 2.0 GPA and minimum 80 percent of year 1 and 2 courses required for COOP-221.Upon graduation from Centennial College, there are a variety of jobs within the computer and businesscommunication course field. They include: IT program managers, network administrators, projectmanagement analysts, business account managers, technical account managers, network analysts andnetwork support.For More Info. About business communication course visit