Become an Expert by Attending Centennial College’s Business Operations Program


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The main function of business operations is to create and manage products and services to satisfy the customers. Having said that, those interested in this aspect of business must attend a post-secondary program and obtain a diploma before pursuing their career.

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Become an Expert by Attending Centennial College’s Business Operations Program

  1. 1. Become an Expert by Attending Centennial College’s Business Operations ProgramWe all know that business’ main function is to make a profit by selling products and services to aclientele. Well, the main function of business operations is to create and manage these productsand services to satisfy the customers. If you have an interest in helping to run a business in orderto produce value for the stakeholder, then business operations may just be for you. But, first,you’ll have to attend a business operations program at a post-secondary institution and obtain therequired credentials to be able to take on tasks such as: generating recurring income, increasingthe value of business and securing the income and value of the business.Within Business Operations are a number of positions such as Quality Control Technicians,Inventory Analysts, Buyers, Planning and Scheduling Coordinators and Logistics Coordinators.Naturally, all of these positions have their own unique duties. For example, one of the mosthands-on positions is that of a Logistics Coordinator who oversees the unloading of supplies in awarehouse or loading dock. He or she also supervises the packing of purchased products intotractor-trailers and ensuring prompt delivery of merchandise to customer locations. Anotherhands-on position is a Quality Control Tech, who manages quality-assurance, tests products andrecords, and analyzes results data during product development and manufacturing. If, however,you are more of an office person, the Inventory Analyst position may be better suited for you.This person develops and implements all policies, procedures, systems and best practices inregard to inventory, for the purpose of maintaining accurate financial information. Following athorough analysis of a company’s current inventory policies, he or she identifies any deficienciesand inefficiencies, making recommendations along the way.Attending Centennial College’s Business Operations program is an excellent way to get yourfoot in the door. The program takes two years to complete and results in a respected OntarioCollege Diploma. The first three semesters of the business operations undertaking consist ofcommon courses among other programs in the School of Business to provide an industryoverview before specialization. However, once the program becomes specialized, students attendcourses such as: Materials Management, Productivity: Standards and Measures, Purchasing andSupply Management with SAP and more. Through these supply chain management courses, youwill learn everything from operations planning and scheduling, purchasing, logistics, supplychain management and quality to productivity improvement, direct labour supervision and otherkey operations responsibilities.To apply for the Business Operations program, you will must hold at minimum an OntarioSecondary School Diploma or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. You’ll also be requiredto have Compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent and Math 11C, M or U,or 12C or U, or skills assessment, or equivalent.