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7 amazing things your leasing agents can do with the new iPad


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Who says your leasing agents can use the iPad without integrating with your student housing-operating system? I will show you 7 amazing things you can do with the new iPad, today!

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7 amazing things your leasing agents can do with the new iPad

  1. 1. 7 amazing things your leasing agentscan do with the new iPad.* *That doesnt require operating software integration.
  2. 2. iSightThe "I need to show my parents first" objectiondoesnt stand a chance against the iPads 1080phigh definition video recorder. Shoot personalizedcommunity tours with your prospects and post it toYouTube. Guarantors will clearly see why yourcommunity is the best choice for their son/daughter.
  3. 3. CraigslistPosting to Craigslist just became a little more fun.Quickly upload photos, add descriptions, andpost your floor plan listings using the CraigslistMobile app.
  4. 4. BumpBusiness card? Whats that? The Bump app allowsyou to wirelessly transfer your contact info by"bumping" two iOS or Android devices together.With only 7% of smartphone purchases not beingone of the two, theres a solid chance for acompatible fist-bump. Solid.
  5. 5. PagesCreate marketing-quality flyers without having towait for the marketing department. Pages offers adead-simple interface with dozens of pre-madetemplates inspired by Apples design philosophy.Create your next movie night flyer and email thePDF to print, all on the iPad.
  6. 6. someecardsWho says guest card follow-ups have to beboring? The Someecards app offers the ability tocreate hilarious online greeting cards to share viaemail, text, or Facebook. Your prospects willappreciate (and remember) the unexpectedlaugh.
  7. 7. InstagramShoot, edit and post photos of your next poolparty using this photo-centric social media app.Instagram has quickly become a smash hitamong our 20-something iOS users. It only getsbetter with the new iPads 5mp camera.
  8. 8. CardsNostalgia is the new cutting-edge with Apples ownCards app. For 2.99 Apple will print, stuff, and mailyour customized follow-up post card. Using an oldletterpress technique on linen paper, Cards allowsyou to personalize your message with text andphotos right from your iOS device.