Understanding Context


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Context is the next evolution of content delivery because it enables content publishers (like me and my employer Limelight Networks) to make the content experience relevant and personalized. What is context? Location. Behavior. Time. Context enables content publishers to truly tailor the experience. The result? A far better opportunity to create deep, intimate relationships with users.

This presentation was original delivered as a joint webinar with Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute.

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Understanding Context

  1. 1. #cmi @juntajoeToday’s Webinar:Understanding Context:Delivering the Right Content to the RightChannels
  2. 2. #cmi @juntajoe• Interact with the presenters anytime – ask questions!• Type into the “ask a question” text area – click submit.• The slides will advance automatically throughout the event.• Having trouble? Click “Help” link below the media player.Before We Get Started
  3. 3. #cmi @juntajoeHi I’m Joe Pulizzi(@juntajoe)
  4. 4. #cmi @juntajoeAdvancing the Practice of Content MarketingEVENTS MEDIA CONSULTINGCCO Magazine
  5. 5. #cmi @juntajoe4-5-6 March, 2013Sydney, AustraliaSept. 9-12, 2013Cleveland, OH
  6. 6. #cmi @juntajoeToday’s Agenda:Provide specific content marketingtactics to:• Thinking about what goes intocontent creation before channelselection• Understand how to choose theright channels for your content• Better idea of measuring specificto channels
  7. 7. #cmi @juntajoeToday’s Presenter:Jason ThibaultLimelight Networks@llnw
  8. 8. #cmi @juntajoe
  9. 9. #cmi @juntajoe
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  14. 14. #cmi @juntajoeImage Courtesy Bill Hills
  15. 15. #cmi @juntajoeTo be relevant,we need toshape ourcontent for eachchannel
  16. 16. #cmi @juntajoeUp Until 20081 Web SitePublishing ModelOptimize andManage slowly…
  17. 17. #cmi @juntajoe
  18. 18. #cmi @juntajoeThis means, weneed a channelstrategy for each(and every)channel
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  20. 20. #cmi @juntajoe
  21. 21. #cmi @juntajoe
  22. 22. #cmi @juntajoeBusiness Case | Define the Who | TheBuying Process | Your Sales ProcessDon’t Start withChannel First
  23. 23. #cmi @juntajoeCreating Our Channel Plan1. Situational AnalysisWhat do we have? What must we change? What must westop? – to tell an effective story.2. Channel ObjectivesThe objectives of the channel.. its purpose, personality,velocity, other initiatives3. Content/Conversation PlanMapping to the larger story? When does it enter thestory? What will be the content?
  24. 24. #cmi @juntajoe4. MetricsExpectations for the channel – not measurement goals.5. Personas AddressedWhich personas are addressed by this channel6. Editorial CalendarIt’s fed by multiple initiatives – it should be balancedVelocity, Tone, Desired Action, StructureCreating Our Channel Plan
  25. 25. #cmi @juntajoe
  26. 26. #cmi @juntajoe
  27. 27. #cmi @juntajoe1. Situational Analysis – Be THE educational resource formarketers. TO DO: Recruit influencers, editorial team, SEOspecialist.2. Channel Objectives – Subscriber growth, Sharing thatleads to search traction, Event signups.3. Content Plan – Answering content marketing questionsthat aren’t being answered anywhere else. Challenging thecommunity.4. Metrics – Subscribers, Sharing metrics, Search indicators,referrals to event site.5. Personas – “Doing” marketers at enterprise-levelcompanies.6. Editorial Calendar – Morning post, one per day.Instructional tone. Varied influencers.
  28. 28. #cmi @juntajoeToday’s Presenter:Jason ThibaultLimelight Networks@llnw
  29. 29. @_jasonthibeault #CMIThe Promise of ContextThe Right Message to the Right Channel
  30. 30. @_jasonthibeault #CMIWhat is Context?
  31. 31. @_jasonthibeault #CMIThe Trap of Consistency
  32. 32. @_jasonthibeault #CMIContext is About Targeting
  33. 33. @_jasonthibeault #CMIContext In the Digital World
  34. 34. These Two Things Are Not the Same
  35. 35. @_jasonthibeault #CMIAnd They Are Definitely Different From This
  36. 36. Context Drives Content SelectionDevice BehaviorWhat do they do onthe device?What are the user’sexpectations?How long is anaverage session?LocationWhere are they whenthey are using thedevice?ServiceWhat service orapplication are theyusing?What kind of behavioris associated with thatservice?
  37. 37. @_jasonthibeault #CMIWeighing on Context
  38. 38. @_jasonthibeault #CMIHow Do You Know?
  39. 39. @_jasonthibeault #CMIYour Context is Not a Mystery
  40. 40. @_jasonthibeault #CMIIt Just Requires Some Planning
  41. 41. @_jasonthibeault #CMITechnologies And Planning Web logs and Analytics Behavior across website by devices Social Media Analytics Who is posting what/when?• Most social networks provide this• Dashboards like Buffer, SocialBro, and Sproutsocial expose it Marketing Automation (i.e., Marketo, Eloqua) Targeting and tracking Time of Day mapped to behavior
  42. 42. @_jasonthibeault #CMICommon Contexts
  43. 43. Website Common behaviors “Window-Shopping” Purchasing something Decision support Interaction/Sharing Tips After discovering websitebehavior throughout the day,develop content that supportscommon behaviors accordingto time-of-day:• Window shoppers at 4pm?Probably on PC at work(correlate with requestingdevice into in logs). Delivermore video!• Decision support at 8pm?Maybe on tablet orsmartphone at home. Deliversomething more visual!
  44. 44. Social Media Types of Social Media Posters Flamers (pissed off customer) Drive-by Likers Distracted Conversationalists Social Media Butterflies Tips Use social media analytics todetermine what kind of postsare being made at what timeof day from what kind ofdevice Develop post content thatappeals to the different kinds• Visual for Drive-by Likers• Questions for DistractConversationalists• Video for Social MediaButterflies
  45. 45. The Impact of Mobile Mobile adds complexity tounderstanding context becauseMobile behavior is uniquebecause users are constrained Time—they may only have alimited amount of time to beonline (i.e., waiting in line,waiting at a light, etc.) Form Factor—the device issmall (even a tablet) Connection Speed—both WiFiand Cellular connections arespotty at best because they areshared by so many otherdevices Location—where is the user?Are they at their workplace? Arethey on the go? Tips You can’t just deliver what youhave to mobile Mobile should be “light”• Less content• Shorter videos• Smaller images Connect device recognition withcontent tagging so that the rightcontent is delivered to the rightdevice at the right time (withoutintervention)
  46. 46. The Complications of Video Video requires its ownanalytics Understanding when usersstart, how long they watch,what bitrates were delivered Mobile devices don’t all treatvideo the same Tips Utilize h.264-based videoformat to ensure easyconversion to different devices Look for managementservices that enable “publishonce, deliver anywhere”(automatic conversion of videoto different devices) Make content more contextualby putting key information up-front (more meat at thebeginning)
  47. 47. @_jasonthibeault #CMIWhy Is This All So Important?
  48. 48. @_jasonthibeault #CMIDuh
  49. 49. @_jasonthibeault #CMIReally Though, It’s Your Digital Presence
  50. 50. @_jasonthibeault #CMIWhich Is All About Engagement
  51. 51. @_jasonthibeault #CMICONTEXT = ENGAGEMENT
  52. 52. @_jasonthibeault #CMIHow Do You Get This Done?
  53. 53. @_jasonthibeault #CMIYou Need the Right Tools
  54. 54. @_jasonthibeault #CMIFour Primary Management Platforms Web Content A system that enables you to track and identify behavior Additional technologies that provide device recognition (and canbe tagged to tracking) Video Content A system that provides player-level analytics Additional technologies that automatically convert video tomobile formats based on device recognition Social Engagement Comprehensive analysis of social media activity indicating besttime to post, most active conversations, etc. Analytics
  55. 55. @_jasonthibeault #CMIThank You
  56. 56. #cmi @juntajoeQuestions & AnswersKeep your questions coming. Type into the“ask a question” text area and click submit.
  57. 57. #cmi @juntajoeThank you for attendingtoday’s webinar!A link to the archive will be sent to you in a day or twoafter the event.For more on the Content Marketing Institutevisit: http://ContentMarketingInstitute.com