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Optimizing Video Workflow Using the Cloud


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This presentation (part of a Streaming Media panel titled "Working with Video in the Cloud" delivered in May, 2013 to discuss the use of cloud resources in creating a better online video workflow) talks about the outsourcing the video publishing workflow (as a business process) to the clouds and the business (as well as peace-of-mind) benefits that result.

Check out a slide-by-slide walkthrough here:

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Optimizing Video Workflow Using the Cloud

  1. 1. Optimizing Your Video WorkflowHint: It’s Not Just More Software
  2. 2. First Things First
  3. 3. Video Requires A Workflow
  4. 4. But It Can Be Overwhelming
  5. 5. Technology Challenges = Business Problems Device proliferation Mobile, gaming, specialty Different formats, codecs, etc. Different players Storage Delivery Global audiences Bandwidth/traffic spikes Origin protection Operations Software Hardware Domain expertise required Slower time to get content tomarket Which potentially reducesmonetization And lowers user satisfactionThe Challenges The Business Impact
  6. 6. In Fact…DemandComplexityTime to Market
  7. 7. What We All Want It To Be
  8. 8. Only It’s Not Going To Happen This Way
  9. 9. And Then You Have An Idea…
  10. 10. Focusing On Individual ComponentsThe cloud ExistingGain efficiencies or just create new complexities?
  11. 11. Think About All the PartsCreateManageDeliverEngageMonetizeOptimizeinto
  12. 12. Cloud-Based Video Workflow Creation Video is transcoded to the right format upon upload Management Videos are in an easy-to-use system for publishing Videos are all tagged with metadata and other information Videos are all stored on redundant hardware Publishing/Delivery One-click publishing to website, third-party providers, etc. Integrated with delivery network for optimized performance Monetization Integration with third-party networks for ad placement Optimization Comprehensive analytics (who, what, when, where, and mostimportant, why)
  13. 13. What Does That Look Like?Limelight. Brightcove. Ooyala. Kaltura.
  14. 14. Benefits Of Moving Workflow To The Cloud Scale when you need it For sudden spikes in upload (i.e., need to process a big library ora lot of new videos) and delivery Accessibility regardless of location Staff can interact with workflow from anywhere (even mobile) Efficiency of Publishing Get content to market faster Focus more on what’s important—making great content—less ontechnical hurdles Reduce barriers to publishing video AND…
  15. 15. Stop Having To Go To THAT Guy
  16. 16. Ah, Nirvana.DemandComplexityTime to Market
  17. 17. Thanks!Jason ThibeaultSr. Director, Marketing StrategyLimelight Networksjt@llnw.com602-850-4871@_jasonthibeault