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People love stories not decks


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People love stories not decks

  1. 1. P E O P L E L O V E S T O R I E S , N O T D E C K S J A S O N S H E L L E N
  2. 2. H E R E T O D O ? W H A T A R E W E
  3. 3. 2000 2003 2008 2010 2013 2014 2015
  4. 4. T E L L M E W H AT Y O U R E A L LY T H I N K
  5. 5. D AV I D H O R N I K , A U G U S T C A P I TA L Tell a story. I need to know what problem you are solving and why you care about that problem. “
  6. 6. C H A R L E S H U D S O N , S O F T T E C H V C You have about 5 minutes to grab the attention of a VC during the opening of your pitch. If you don’t hook them by minute 10, it’s probably over. “
  7. 7. D AV I D L E E , S V A N G E L Show, don’t tell. show a demo, show customer testimonials; don’t tell me what you will do. Show me what you’ve done. start with a “bottoms up” story — why you built the product and started the company… “
  8. 8. W H AT A M I M I S S I N G ?
  9. 9. S E Q U O I A C A P I TA L We like business plans that present a lot of information in as few words as possible. The following business plan format, within 15–20 slides, is all that’s needed. “
  10. 10. W R I T I N G A B U S I N E S S P L A N 1. Company purpose 2. Problem 3. Solution 4. Why now 5. Market size 6. Competition 7. Product 8. Business model 9. Team 10.Financials
  11. 11. D E C K D O ’ S & D O N ’ T S • DO keep it between 10 - 15 slides • DON’T forward your deck • DO practice your pitch • DON’T get spun • DO remember you are telling a story • DO take the note
  12. 12. B A C K T O 2 0 1 3
  13. 13. S A M P L E P I T C H
  14. 14. company confidential
  15. 15. Andrew Eye, CEO Proven entrepreneur I sold my last start-up in 2010 and made the Inc. 500 list for.. Today Ian Ragsdale, VP Eng Other Inbox, Skylist... I’m a serial CTO and widely sought after in Austin for my deep know.. Jason Shellen, VP of Product Brizzly, Google, Blogger... Most recently I was VP of Product for AIM when AOL acquired my... Today Adam Cianfichi, CTO Longtime collaborator I enjoyed working with Andrew so much the last time, I started... 2 Today Today Kris Wong, Engineer K9 Mail, Xavier MBA Ten years engineering experience and great all around player. Today NextTeam
  16. 16. Milestones May 2012 - Taskbox founded Oct 2012 - iPhone app Launched Jan 2013 - Convertible note raised Mar 2013 - Taskbox 2.0 shipped Apr 2013 - VP’s of Product/Eng join May 2013 - 100k downloads June 2013 - Rebrand & launched as Boxer
  17. 17. Problem Email is unfair. Especially on your mobile device.
  18. 18. * via “Revisiting and Reinventing Email” Whittaker/Bellotti Email is the source of more than half of all tasks*
  19. 19. CNET: Worldwide Smartphone User Base Hits 1 Billion Mobile Email Exceeds Desktop 10 100 June ‘11 July ‘11 Aug ‘11 Sept ‘11 Oct ‘11 Nov ‘11 Dec ‘11 Jan ‘12 Feb ‘12 Mar ‘12 Apr ‘12 29% 28% 30% 29% 28% 31% 34% 34% 33% 31% 31% 18% 17% 19% 21% 20% 22% 27% 29% 33% 31% 36% 53% 55% 51% 50% 52% 47% 39% 37% 34% 38% 33% Desktop Mobile Webmail
  20. 20. Solution Transform the mail experience by greatly improving your ability to triage, respond & manage your tasks.
  21. 21. Accept Decline Maybe Jake McCaven Need that contract! Hey, I really want to get a new contract out to the client now... 2 Today Jennifer Memyl Let’s get together I thought we could meet at that place on 5th and Mission... Today
  22. 22. Atomic element of work
  23. 23. Opportunity • Boxer TRM* • Social task management • Disrupt business process automation
  24. 24. High Switching Cost •Fighting vs. Following The Email Habit •Multiple “inboxes”
 Market Strategy •Top Down vs. Grass Roots Technology Platform •Web vs. Mobile Competition
  25. 25. Strategy * 7X Adoption Rate Vs. Freemium Consumer adoption + Enterprise sale* Personal Productivity One Time Sale Team Collaboration Monthly SaaS Subscription Business Process Automation Enterprise License Win the User Win the Team Win the Enterprise
  26. 26. Financing Seed round Completed $800k Convertible notes $4.5mm cap / 20% discount / 8% interest Series A • Raising $3M Sales & Marketing Design Engineering Use of funds
  27. 27. Current roadmap • Boxer feature additions on iPhone • Exchange improvements • Chrome & Safari extensions • Boxer web service • Boxer for Android • Boxer for iOS Universal (iPad)
  28. 28. Andrew Eye @andreweye Jason Shellen @shellen Thank you!
  29. 29. J A S O N S H E L L E N S H E L L E N . C O M @ S H E L L E N T H A N K Y O U