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Nonprofit Technology Grant Essentials


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If your nonprofit organization does not use TechSoup for software purchases, or participate in the Google for Nonprofits or Office 365 for Nonprofits programs, you are missing out. This is the slide deck from a July 24, 2014 MAP TechWorks workshop, covering the basics of those three programs and how to get signed up for them.

**NOTE: the link in slide 14 to sign up for TechSoup's newsletter is no longer correct. Please visit the TechSoup homepage to sign up instead.

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Nonprofit Technology Grant Essentials

  1. 1. MAP and MAP TechWorks • Consulting and training for nonprofit, social enterprise and philanthropic organizations • MAP TechWorks is our nonprofit technology learning and networking community • Free and low cost workshops, email support group, and video interviews at
  2. 2. Nonprofit Technology Grants 101 Presented by Jason Samuels Director of Innovation and Technology National Council on Family Relations July 24, 2014
  3. 3. The big three • TechSoup • Google for Nonprofits • Office 365 for Nonprofits
  4. 4. TechSoup
  5. 5. What is TechSoup? TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to provide technology resources to other nonprofits. Since 1987, TechSoup donation programs have served more than 210,000 charitable organizations, saving them nearly US$4 billion in IT expenses.
  6. 6. How to sign up with TechSoup • Go to • Register as an individual • Then register your organization
  7. 7. How to sign up with TechSoup TechSoup has to verify every application, a process that can take up to several weeks. Quickest and easiest way for TechSoup to verify that you are a valid agent for your org is to correspond with them using an email address from your org’s domain.
  8. 8. How to sign up with TechSoup If questions or issues arise during your registration process, or to inquire about the status of an application, TechSoup encourages calling their Client Services Department at: 800-659-3579 -or- 415-633-9300
  9. 9. How TechSoup works Nonprofit “shops” for a donation via TechSoup confirms donation eligibility Vendor donates technology to the nonprofit TechSoup admin fees are typically 90 – 96% discount compared to retail price Vendor claims fair market value of donation for tax purposes
  10. 10. Donation programs available through TechSoup • Microsoft • Symantec • Adobe • Intuit (QuickBooks) • Citrix (GoTo Meeting / GoTo Webinar) • ReadyTalk • Many more!
  11. 11. Donation program eligibility and restrictions Each donation program has unique rules regarding who they will donate to and how much they will donate. Your eligibility for any specific program depends upon: • Category / subcategory selected when you registered • Size of your budget • If you’re an advocacy organization
  12. 12. Eligibility and restriction examples • Microsoft – Up to 10 titles in any two year period – No more than 50 licenses per title • Adobe – Up to 4 individual products or 1 suite per fiscal year – Operating budget must be < $10 million • Symantec – Up to 2 titles per fiscal year – Up to 100 licenses per title – Operating budget must be < $10 million
  13. 13. Fiscal year vs. calendar year • Many donation programs reset at the end of the fiscal year (June 30) • June is a good month to review which programs are about to reset and ensure you maximize your donation eligibility • June is not a good month to contact TechSoup with customer service or validation inquiries – they’re swamped!
  14. 14. TechSoup New Product Alert Newsletter • Products available for donation frequently come-and-go – New products are introduced – Old products are cleared out – Some products with limited supplies go in-and- out of stock • The best way to keep up is TechSoup’s New Product Alert Newsletter
  15. 15. TechSoup – more than just donations Worth noting that TechSoup has a broader mission than just product donations. They also provide: • Articles and how-tos • Online forums • NetSquared • Caravan Studios
  16. 16. Google for Nonprofits
  17. 17. What is Google for Nonprofits? Google for Nonprofits offers free access to premium Google products for charitable organizations. Different from, which is their charitable foundation.
  18. 18. Google for Nonprofits Eligibility • Open to any U.S. 501(c)3 nonprofit – (also available in England, Wales, Canada, Japan) • Must acknowledge and agree to required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use • Not available to governmental entities, hospitals or healthcare orgs, schools or other educational institutions Help on eligibility guidelines
  19. 19. What is Google for Nonprofits? Big three products: • Google Apps for Nonprofits • Google Ad Grants • YouTube Nonprofit Program
  20. 20. Google Apps for Nonprofits FREE EMAIL HOSTING
  21. 21. Google Apps for Nonprofits • Retail cost is $50 / user / year • Free email hosting: Gmail platform but with your organization’s domain address • 30 GB of storage per user across Gmail and Google Drive • Online documents, spreadsheets, slides • Google Calendar
  22. 22. Google Ad Grants Program Details • A daily budget set to $329 USD, which is equivalent to about $10,000 per month • A maximum cost-per-click (CPC) limit of $2.00 USD • Only run keyword-targeted campaigns • Only appear on Google search result pages • Only run text ads • Top position will always go to a paid ad if competing
  23. 23. Google Ad Grants
  24. 24. Google Ad Grants Program Eligibility • Open to any U.S. 501(c)3 nonprofit – (program also available in 40 other countries) • Must link to only one nonprofit website • You must log in at least once a month and make at least one change to your account every 90 days • No commercial advertising allowed • Ads must reflect org’s mission
  25. 25. Google Ad Grants • Quality traffic takes effort and patience • Integration with Google Analytics provides rich data about traffic driven through ads • An ad’s Quality Score is a variable you can focus on to make your ad appear more often • More tips and advanced tricks in this blog entry summarizing a DemandQuest seminar • Power users can apply to upgrade to Grantspro, up to $40K/month
  26. 26. YouTube for Nonprofits benefits • Embed a donate button directly on your YouTube channel • Allows for call-to-action overlays which link to external websites or donation forms • Access to Live Streaming platform to broadcast your events YouTube Nonprofit partner features
  27. 27. YouTube for Nonprofits Program Eligibility • Open to any U.S. 501(c)3 nonprofit – (program also available in 13 other countries) • Must remain in good standing in regards to copyright violation strikes – Live Streaming access terminated after two Content ID matches – Three copyright strikes and your account may be deleted YouTube Copyright strike basics
  28. 28. Google for Nonprofits Notes from Google for Nonprofits training from the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference
  29. 29. Office 365 for Nonprofits
  30. 30. What is Office 365? “Office 365” refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other cloud-based productivity services that are hosted by Microsoft. Some Office 365 plans also include a license for the latest desktop version of Microsoft Office.
  31. 31. What is Office 365? • Exchange Online • SharePoint Online • Lync Online • OneDrive for Business
  32. 32. Office 365 for Nonprofits plans Sm. Business S.B. Premium E1 E3 Users Up to 25 Up to 25 Unlimited Unlimited Exchange • • • • Lync • • • • SharePoint • • • • OneDrive • • • • Desktop Apps • • Mobile Apps • • Yammer • • Advanced email • eDiscovery • B.I. platform • Cost Free! $2/user/mo. Free! $4.50/user/mo.
  33. 33. Office 365 for Nonprofits FREE EMAIL HOSTING
  34. 34. Office 365 for Nonprofits – how to sign up • Start by signing up for the free E3 trial or Small Business Premium trial • Apply for a nonprofit donation status • Once approved, provision donated licenses • Important: if planning to use only donated licenses, all users must be switched over before the free trial period ends.
  35. 35. Office 365 vs. Google Apps • Competing platforms offering many of the same basic functions • Microsoft Office is more established in the enterprise, is a more mature platform, and has more features • Google Apps real-time collaboration and Gmail are best-in-breed web-based platforms • Office 365 offers deeper access to advanced features, is also more complex to set up
  36. 36. Office 365 resources • Blog post: Real world lessons from migrating email to Office 365 • Tech Impact $300 DIY Office 365 Migration Program
  37. 37. Questions?
  38. 38. Thank you for attending! Contact the presenter: Jason Samuels, NCFR IT Director @jasonsamuels