An Introduction To Hill Knowlton Iag 25 August 08


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An Introduction To Hill Knowlton Iag 25 August 08

  1. 1. An Introduction to Hill & Knowlton For Insurance Australia Group August 25nd, 2008
  2. 2. A snapshot of Hill & Knowlton Global Presence Local Expertise Established in 1927 First international PR company established in PRC 2,000 people in 71 offices in 40 countries Reach throughout China Worldwide revenues $300m+ ■ Beijing (est. 1984) Part of WPP Group – one of the world’s largest communications group ■ Shanghai (est. 1993) We are a full-service consultancy ■ Guangzhou (est. 2005) We set up dedicated, customized teams Affiliates in major business centers in China We proactively tap into our global network Handle events throughout China We tap into our advertising and media Over 120 bilingual consultants in China partnerships – JWT Advertising, MindShare, Received several awards since 2005: Millward Brown, Grey Worldwide ■ PR week award for Best PR Consultancy of the Year (2006) ■ Stevie award for “Best Communications Organization” (2005) ■ “Best Agency” by Communication Monthly (2005) ■ Top 5 “Most Influential PR agencies in China” hosted by the Media Today Publishing Group (2005)
  3. 3. Extensive reach across Greater China First international PR company established in PRC Full service PR agency offerings Over 220 bilingual consultants across the region China (180 staff) Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Chengdu Wuhan Nanjing Shenyang Jinan Hong Kong (35 staff) Taiwan (Affiliate)
  4. 4. Pioneering PR for over 20 years in China 1996 2005 “Dreams Come True” Baidu IPO on P&G recognizes Nasdaq. +300% the talent winners of first day Rejoice Star Search in Beijing. 2003 1989 Group photo of 2005 McDonald’s brings Big 1984 players at opening TsingTao Beer Macs to China: Ribbon Hill & Knowlton ceremony of cutting ceremony at Sponsors Beijing opens Beijing office China’s first McDonald’s Shanghai Tennis Olympic Games 2008 (Shenzhen). Masters Cup 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 1994 Bill Gates of 2005 Hill & Knowlton Microsoft speaks in opens Guangzhou Shanghai during one office of his many visits to China. 1985 1992 1999 Traffic stops at 2006 Hill & Knowlton PetroChina launches Tian’anmen Square BOCOG appoints for 20 donated opens Shanghai successful IPO in HK H&K as PR agency Cadillacs by General office and NY Motors to CITIC
  5. 5. Our service offering to diversified stakeholders Industry H&K China Services Groups Lobby Consumers Groups Investors Government & Public Affairs Rating Agencies Brand Management Corporate Communications H&K China Influencers Services Regulators Marketing Communications Media Relations Employees Crisis, Issues Management Government Investor Relations Media Analysts Financial Communications Community
  6. 6. Some of our past and present clients
  7. 7. Our proprietary tools benefit you Hk.Net ComPASS RADAR Internal knowledge management made easy A global account planning An online tool for tracking Also includes the Virtual system issues and trends Academy, an online training program for all staff members Strategic Impact Matrix Tribespeak Precision An objective approach to youth speak make Independent demonstration of the value of PR prioritizing activities understandable Cool Hunt BRANDZ™, SPORTZ ™ & H&K’s global Cool Hunt AIM (Audience Issues Matrix) research REPUTATIONZ ™ A non subjective approach Global young people’s Our approach to brand & understanding of “Cool” and to stakeholder mapping corporate reputation which brands they think are the “coolest”
  8. 8. H&K’s expertise in China
  9. 9. Media relations H&K has extensive knowledge and contact of the local media landscape in China We are in regular contacts with journalist and editors of all Chinese media – Print – Broadcast – Online We provide media monitoring and analysis reports for Chinese local media – Media monitoring and analysis – Issues alert H&K also has extensive relations with international media in China
  10. 10. Crisis and Issues Management H&K prepares IAG for potential crisis Crisis Management Assessment = Crisis Prevention Crisis manual development + Crisis handling Testing How to prevent a crisis from happening? Spokesperson training Strengthen your crisis communication system Prepared for Crisis - 4 steps to build up - Manage your issues - Ongoing work -
  11. 11. Government and Public Affairs Effective engagement with relevant government entities, individuals and influencers, and at central and local levels, can deliver benefit to IAG in a number of ways: Raising IAG’s overall profile; Influencing development of relevant policies, standards and regulations; Easing applications for permits, licenses and license renewals; Expanding or establishing new business operations; Providing benefit to daily operations; Ensuring that all corporate messages are well received by all levels of government; Identifying and resolving potential conflicts and issues early and effectively.
  12. 12. Case studies
  13. 13. SIEMENS Global CEO China Visit Highlights Siemens long-term partnerships with the local market through its 100th anniversary celebration in China In celebration of Siemens’ 100th anniversary in China, global CEO Dr. von Pierer and the Siemens Corporate Executive Committee (CEC) visited China in May 2004. H&K managed and executed a series of programs in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, ensuring a successful visit. We developed a holistic communications theme – “Partnership Powered by Innovation” to represent Siemens’ extensive history and commitment to China, its vision and passion for future-oriented business strategies and to link up all activities during the visit. We leveraged the theme and developed a creative media program, including all designs and highlights, to reposition Siemens from the perceived “traditional” company to one that is young, innovative, and fast-moving. Meanwhile we designed and managed a 4-day media and hospitality program for a media delegation from Europe for this occasion.
  14. 14. PetroChina On-going PR Program Communicating with more than 150 domestic and international journalists in a dedicated database, PetroChina is considered by the media as more approachable and efficient in answering media queries. PetroChina traditionally keeps a low profile despite the public’s demand for increased transparency as Asia’s most profitable listed company. Hill & Knowlton has been advising PetroChina’s PR program for over four years. During this period, Hill and Knowlton helped the client maintain and achieve a fair equity valuation through active investor communications; established a database of more than 150 domestic & international media contacts, and developed a positive corporate image via favorable coverage on local and international media through active media strategies. We prepared and conducted internal crisis communications and created a team to ensure issues are dealt with immediately and with minimum impact. As a result, PetroChina gained various awards and recognition, and is considered by the media as more approachable and efficient in answering media queries.
  15. 15. EADS’ Sponsorship of the 8th Beijing Music Festival EADS China successfully enhanced its position of corporate citizenship in China The 8th Annual Beijing International Music Festival was held in October 2005. As a principal sponsor of the music festival, EADS China took the opportunity to conduct corporate brand building, media and partner relationship enhancement and government relations extension. The overall program contained two main parts, media group interview with EADS China CEO along with the quot;EADS Nightquot; customer reception cocktail. The initial PR objectives were all met during the campaign. The messages that EADS is a world-leading company that prides itself as a leader in corporate citizenship in China, and EADS is committed to improving cultural and art exchanges between China and Europe were brought across.
  16. 16. O’Melveny & Myers raises the bar for legal professionals in Asia Showcase firm’s talent through “first-of-a-kind” deals and cutting-edge transactions for over 5 years While well-known in the US, O’Melveny & Myers (OMM) had relatively low awareness in Asia compared to other established law firms even though its Shanghai practice was one of the largest international law firms in China. Our communications strategy focused on very specific areas of expertise that showcased the firm’s talent. We drew on our strong contacts with international and regional media to build a network of relationships between the media and OMM spokespersons. We also leveraged “first-of-a-kind” deals the firm was involved with such as Huarong Asset Management’s first sale of non-performing loans to a western investment bank and China’s first anti-dumping case win. Over the subsequent years as the firm’s breadth of expertise has expanded, we positioned individual partners as sources of expert comment on a variety of issues, such as semiconductor taxation and US-China trade issues. A large amount of media coverage has been generated and several of the firm’s partners are now frequently quoted by the media on relevant issues. The firm is seen as a strong player in Asia (particularly in China) and continues to win recognition for its leadership in the legal profession.
  17. 17. Senior Chinese Officials Undergo Media & Crisis Training Hill & Knowlton chosen as the first and only international consultancy to provide crisis training to senior government spokespersons After worldwide reaction to the government’s handling of the 2003 SARS epidemic, Hill & Knowlton proposed senior spokespersons for China’s State Council Information Office (SCIO) undergo media and crisis management training. H&K’s objective was to draw on its international and global experience to increase transparency and communication efficacy between the government and stakeholders, particularly during crises such as SARS. The training program developed by H&K, “Communications Skills in Times of Crisis,” marked the first time a foreign consulting firm has been invited by the central government to provide nationwide training for over 400 senior Chinese officials. Commenting on why H&K was chosen, Mr. Wang Xingming, General Director of SCIO had this to say: “We are in need of eloquent spokespeople with excellent communication skills and a global perspective while in the international spotlight. This is why we chose H&K as the first and only international consultancy to train our spokespersons.” International and domestic media, from BBC to People’s Daily, reported extensively on H&K’s positive role in China’s new efforts to manage its public image.
  18. 18. Bausch&Lomb: ReNu contact lens solution Issue Singapore health authorities reported an abnormal spike in Keratitis infection cases on February 20. The report indicated a higher percentage of infection from people using B&L solutions. B&L Singapore immediately responded by suspending sales of all solutions. Two days later, Hong Kong health authorities issued a cautionary note about using B&L solution. The Chinese media immediately issued speculative reports about B&L solutions, focusing on the ReNu line of products, which threatened B&L’s market share and reputation in China. Insight H&K counseled B&L to position itself as a responsible company by taking immediate and appropriate action H&K targeted key influential media to provide balanced reports, including providing information on the infections and scientific overview of test results H&K ensured messages were communicated to key stakeholder groups including customers, retailers and distributors, academics and government officials
  19. 19. Bausch&Lomb: ReNu contact lens solution Expertise H&K tapped into its APAC network to provide strategic counseling and support in Singapore, China and Hong Kong H&K provided spokesperson training for B&L China H&K organized a B&L press bureau to handle daily media inquiries Developed and distributed regular statements to more than 200 key media, State Food and Drug Administration, trade and medical opinion leaders H&K organized a press conference on May 16 to officially announce the voluntary global recall of ReNu MoistureLoc and re-emphasize the safety of ReNu MultiPlus solution Impact Through H&K’s counseling, B&L maintained positive communication with the media thereby giving media, KOLs and government the impression that B&L is approachable and responsible B&L renewed its reputation as a responsible company and a champion of eye health and hygiene
  20. 20. Team Bios
  21. 21. Frances Sun SVP China, Crisis management trainer for SCIO and Mayor Association of China CURRENT POSITION Frances Sun is currently a Senior Vice President at Hill & Knowlton Beijing. She joined H&K in 2003 and is responsible for crisis and issues management, with particular expertise in media and government relations. An expert in crisis management, Frances is also co- author of the book “Crisis Management: World Famous Examples of Crisis Situations.” Frances is the global KCRM for Beijing Olympics, leads a global team provide PR service for BOCOG( Beijing Organizing Committee of 2008 Olympics). Frances was responsible for the State Council Information Office (SCIO) appointing H&K to Hill & Knowlton China conduct training for Chinese Government spokespersons at central and local levels. She has also been invited by the Chinese Mayors Association to conduct a series of trainings Suite 1901, SciTech Tower for mayors across China. No. 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue Beijing 100004 PR China Tel. +86 10 6512 8811 PRIOR HISTORY Fax +86 10 6512 4381 Before joining H&K, Frances was a fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Prior to that, she was a Deputy General Manager of a media group’s advertising company; Before she became a business manager, she was a successful host of a TV executive talk show, Fortune Salon and Senior Editor of a major PRC media group for ten years. OTHER INFORMATION Frances has a BA of Journalism from Fudan University in Shanghai (China)) and an MA in MPA from Harvard University. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.
  22. 22. Ye Yu Director - Government & Public Affairs, North Asia CURRENT POSITION Ye Yu is Director of Government & Public Affairs for Hill & Knowlton, North Asia and Director of Government & Public Affairs for the Beijing office. Since joining Hill & Knowlton in 2004, she has helped clients from a wide-range of industries engage key government bodies, NGOs, academics and other key influencers in order to shape regulatory, policy and issue-specific outcomes. Her deep understanding of the individuals and entities which shape PRC government and industry policies, and the fundamentals which drive their decision-making, helps clients develop effective Hill & Knowlton China Suite 1901, SciTech Tower government relations strategies and build the levels of dialogue necessary for collaborative No. 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue success in the government and business environment. Beijing 100004 PR China Tel. +86 10 6512 8811 Ye Yu brings to Hill & Knowlton 19 years of consulting experience focused on government affairs Fax +86 10 6512 4381 and market access for foreign multinationals in China. She is an active participant in policy discussions through her membership in and collaboration with industry associations and regularly works with leaders across industries to raise awareness of emerging issues and opportunities. PRIOR HISTORY Prior to her employment at Hill & Knowlton, Ye Yu was a Director, Senior Consultant with the Claydon Gescher Associates (a British Consulting Firm). OTHER INFORMATION Ye Yu graduated from the Beijing Tourism Business School, Beijing Foreign Language Institute. She is fluent both in Chinese and in English, and has a working knowledge of Hungarian.
  23. 23. Jean Wylie Director, Marketing Communications CURRENT POSITION Jean Wylie is a Director at Hill & Knowlton Beijing, responsible for developing and implementing strategic marketing communications programs to support clients’ business growth and brand equity. Jean first joined the H&K Shanghai office in 2001 on transfer from H&K London, where she was based for over 5 years. She has exceptional wealth of brand experience and has worked on clients such as Coca-Cola, adidas, Tennis Masters Cup, B&Q and Procter & Gamble in both the UK and China. Jean's particular area of expertise lies in developing marketing communications Hill & Knowlton China campaigns for multiple stakeholders. She has been passionate about trends and Suite 1901, SciTech Tower lifestyles. She put together the seemingly impossible by creating, staging an interactive No. 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue media experience with a simultaneous live Webcast in Beijing and Shanghai within two Beijing 100004 PR China months of arriving in China. In 2004, she initiated and created the H&K China Cool Hunt which examined what's hot and what's not among Chinese University Students. Tel. +86 10 6512 8811 Fax +86 10 6512 4381 PRIOR HISTORY Before working in China, Jean worked at H&K London in the brands marketing department leading all P&G brands both nationally and on Pan-European projects. She joined H&K in 1996. She started her PR career working at Boutique lifestyle agencies. Her first ever client was Levi’s. OTHER INFORMATION Jean graduated from St. Andrew's University Scotland with an MA in Geography and Social Anthropology. Before starting her professional career in PR, she worked in West Africa as a Volunteer Teacher.
  24. 24. Tzyy Wang Account Director, Beijing CURRENT POSITION Ms. Tzyy Wang drives communications programs for the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) and O’Melveny and Myers LLP, a leading international law firm. She has strong expertise in building and preserving a company’s corporate reputation in China through strategic counseling and issues management for clients including Temasek Holdings, Deloitte, Nissan Motor, and P&G. Tzyy has also established experience in assisting Chinese firms such as Tsingtao Beer, PetroChina, and Beijing’s first International Finance Forum become more international. In addition to client services, Tzyy heads H&K’s international media relations efforts and supports H&K’s global research surveys including the Corporate Reputation Watch Survey, the Global Cool Hunt, and SportZ. Hill & Knowlton China PRIOR HISTORY Suite 1901, SciTech Tower Tzyy joined H&K in 2003, bringing with her significant work experience with financial and multi- No. 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue media sectors in the United States and China, having worked with American Electric Power, Ernst & Beijing 100004 PR China Young LLP, and Jack Pan’s Studio of Phoenix Satellite TV (HK), now Pan Media Tel. +86 10 6512 8811 Corporation. Fax +86 10 6512 4381 Her extensive work as Director and Advisor of AIESEC in the Mainland of China also broadens her capacity with educational and not-for-profit social organizations in China. OTHER INFORMATION Tzyy is the consummate professional on and off the job. She currently serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Advisors for a not-for-profit social organization. She also counsels and mentors associates in the firm’s PR Associate program, an accelerated management trainee program within H&K China. For her efforts, she was recognized with a Certificate of Excellence from Asia Pacific Media Magazine as Young PR Professional of the Year in 2007. Tzyy graduated with honors from The Ohio State University in Accounting and International Business. In addition to English as her native tongue, she has an excellent command of Mandarin and Spanish.
  25. 25. Simon Vericel Consultant, Beijing CURRENT POSITION Simon Vericel is an Senior Account Executive at Hill & Knowlton Beijing. He joined H&K in November 2005, Simon has developed an extensive knowledge of international media while working for clients such as EADS, TopHuman, PyeongChang 2014 Winter Olympic Games Bid Committee and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad and the XIII Paralympic Games (BOCOG). He currently leads the team servicing Haier’s international communication campaign. PRIOR HISTORY As internships during his studies, Simon worked for Eurocopter, an EADS Company, in Hill & Knowlton China Beijing and for Alstom in Paris, France. Suite 1901, SciTech Tower No. 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue Beijing 100004 PR China Tel. +86 10 6512 8811 OTHER INFORMATION Fax +86 10 6512 4381 Simon Graduated in June 2005 from Beijing University of International Business and Economics as well as from Reims Management school in France. He holds two bachelors degrees in business administration and international business. Speaking French as a native language, Simon also speaks English, Mandarin and German.
  26. 26. Helena Schalenbourg Consultant, Beijing CURRENT POSITION Helena joined Hill & Knowlton China in 2007 and is part of the Crisis Communications team. Her client portfolio includes the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the . XXIX Olympiad and the XIII Paralympic Games (BOCOG). Her main task is to help build & implement BOCOG’s international media relations strategy and provide strategic counsel. Previously, Helena worked for Hill & Knowlton International Belgium as off 2003 as part of the Corporate Communications Department. She was in charge of coordinating and implementing pan-European communications campaigns for a number of corporate and Hill & Knowlton China public clients, including HP, DSM and Boeing. Suite 1901, SciTech Tower No. 22 Jianguomenwai Avenue In 2006, Helena was seconded for seven months as an in-house consultant to Qtel, Qatar’s Beijing 100004 PR China only telecommunications provider. Her main tasks were to manage the PR and media Tel. +86 10 6512 8811 relations side of international sponsorship projects during the 15th Asian Games Doha Fax +86 10 6512 4381 2006, the 2nd biggest sports event in the world. Helena was also in charge of internal communications support. PRIOR HISTORY Prior to joining Hill & Knowlton, Helena worked as a trainee reporter for The Scotsman (daily newspaper - Scotland), Het Belang van Limburg (daily newspaper - Belgium); Radio Forth (Scotland) and Das Goldene Blatt (women’s magazine – Germany). OTHER INFORMATION Helena has obtained a bachelor degree in Press and Communications in Belgium and a Master of Arts in Media and Cultural Studies in Scotland. Helena is fluent in English, French and German. Her mother tongue is Dutch