Pinterest and Facebook Timelines for Your Business


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Pinterest is taking social media world by storm.

Learn how you can use this powerful tool to market your business.

Also, find out what new Facebook Timelines mean to your brand page.

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  • 3 Promises and a Guarantee Time will fly You ’ll have fun You ’ll learn something you don’t know Guarantee – You will walk out of here with tangible ideas to market your business
  • Pinterest and Facebook Timelines for Your Business

    1. 1. Pinterest and Facebook Timelines• Meet the Players• Pinterest Primer• Facebook Timeline Tips• Practical Application• Questions & Answers
    2. 2. Your Takeaways• What do you want to get out of today?
    3. 3. Meet the Players
    4. 4. The Conversation
    5. 5. The Fab 5
    6. 6. Two for Today
    7. 7. Engagement vs. Marketing• Social media engagement creates strong customer relationships, greater advocacy and deeper loyalty, as customers engage your brand.
    8. 8. The Conversation
    9. 9. Barriers to Effective Listening• Interrupting• Faking attention and tuning out• Becoming emotional• Jumping to conclusions• Getting distracted• Losing focus
    10. 10. Strategies for Better Listening• Focus on content, not delivery• Avoid emotional involvement• Avoid distractions• Refrain from formulating an immediate response• Ask questions• Choose the right environment
    11. 11. Facebook
    12. 12. Facebook Facts• Founded in 2004• Over 900 million users• Half a billion people sign in every day• There are 2 billion "likes" each day• One billion comments are posted daily• Facebook is the most-downloaded mobile app in the world
    13. 13. What’s in a Name?• Create a Username• Go to• Choose wisely• You can only change your username once• Use your name for marketing
    14. 14. Introducing Timelines
    15. 15. Facebook TimelinesOUT:Large, image-based “landing pages” are gone.IN:Page-top “cover images” are the new landingpages
    16. 16. Facebook TimelinesOUT:Navigable tabs are replacedIN:Thumbnails now take the place of tabs/apps
    17. 17. Facebook TimelinesOUT:“Like This” or “Buy Now” type calls to action inyour cover imageIN:The ability to “Pin” a certain update - including apromotion or big announcement” to the top ofyour page for up to 7 days
    18. 18. Right Time, Right Size
    19. 19. Cover Image 851 px X 315 px
    20. 20. Profile Picture 180 px X 180 px
    21. 21. Family Farm & Home
    22. 22. Cover Resources• Pic Scatter –• Timeline Cover Banner –• FaceItPages –• CoverCanvas –• J4 Timeline Covers – Source: WhizBang! Training
    23. 23. Pic Scatter
    24. 24. Do• Check Your Profile Picture• Upload a Cover Image• Choose Your Top 3 Apps• Update Your Business Information• Add Some Company History• Think Carefully About “Pinning” Posts• Take a Look at the New Admin Panel Source: WhizBang! Training
    25. 25. Don’t• Promote offers (40% off)• Don’t list product prices• Give your contact information, including your web address,• Give a call to action, like "Get it now" or "Tell your friends”• Encourage visitors to interact with your page, ie “Like Us!” or “Share This”
    26. 26. White Lake Chamber
    27. 27. Country Dairy
    28. 28. Country Dairy
    29. 29. In-n-Out
    30. 30. Sharpie
    31. 31. Smirnoff
    32. 32. Fanta
    33. 33. Jessica Barnard
    34. 34. Aly Moffatt
    35. 35. Pinterest says…Pinterest lets you organize and share all thebeautiful things you find on the web. People usepinboards to plan their weddings, decorate theirhomes, and organize their favorite recipes.
    36. 36. Pinterest is…Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharingwebsite that allows users to create and managetheme-based image collections such as events,interests, hobbies and more.
    37. 37. Pinterest
    38. 38. Pinterest Facts• Launched 2010• Fastest site ever to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark• 17 million users• Invite only• Redefining web design• Girls night out
    39. 39. Do You Pinterest?• 81% women and most of them are between 25-44 years old• Some college education• Average time per visit 1 hour and 17 minutes!• Audience frequents,,• Celebrity Pinners include Yoko Ono, Alyssa Milano, Michael Kohrs, Ryan Seacrest
    40. 40. Alyssa Milano
    41. 41. Tale of the Tape• Facebook is a text-based gateway to social information on the web.• Twitter is a gateway tool - Twitter is its own destination, however it links you to the rest of the web, 140 characters at a time.• Pinterest borrows the "gateway" idea from Twitter, but its content is visual, not text like FB/Twitter. Think of it as a visual catalog of the web.
    42. 42. Pinterest is about classification• Facebook allows for some compartmentalization, but generally the single- stream “Wall” dominates.• Twitter is one stream of messages from a user, minimally classified by #hashtags• Pinterest allows one user to classify images: boards with different topics help you subdivide your thoughts and content.
    43. 43. Pinterest is also about collaboration • Facebook and Twitter’s framing of collaboration is “many people share responsibility of maintaining a page or feed.” • Pinterest’s framing allows collaborators to contribute ideas, with a central account there manage. • Think news editor (main account) vs. freelance reporter (collaborator) • If a board is being used to concept ideas, collaboration allows many to take part.
    44. 44. Pin Etiquette• Be Respectful• Be Authentic• Credit Your Sources• Report Objectionable Content• Make Pinterest Better
    45. 45. Pin Etiquette• Sell your products• Hold a contest• Get personal• Inspire your customers• Offer exclusive discounts• Raise awareness• Invite customers to your events• Follow other brands
    46. 46. How to Pin• Chrome - Drag the “Pin It” button to your Bookmarks bar• Firefox - Pinterest Right-Click Extension• Internet Explorer - Installing Pinterest Bookmarklet• Pinterest for iPhone App• More info at
    47. 47. Pin to Win1. 2. 3.
    48. 48. Revel
    49. 49. Revel
    50. 50. Revel
    51. 51. Tips and Tricks• Just "Nifty" aint nifty• Users classify to your benefit!• Pin in 10-minute sessions• Use “Like” as a bookmark or holding area• Prepopulate your description to save time• Instead of simply parroting, produce!• Don’t forget, it’s social media!
    52. 52. Lionel Richie
    53. 53. Better Pinning• Good: “Cup with Lionel Richie on it”• Better: “White mugs with Lionel Richie design.”• Even Better: “Two white mug set with Lionel Richie design text: ‘Hello, is it tea you’re looking for?’ “
    54. 54. Pinterest for Business• Brand accounts are the same as a regular users account and have all the same features• Request an invite using a generic company e-mail address (i.e. –• Setup a username -• Fill out the information about your business (i.e. - location, web site, etc.)• Upload an profile image
    55. 55. Strength in Numbers• Have co-workers on Pinterest contribute to your company boards• Go to a board• Click the Edit button in the top-right corner• Change the setting from “Just Me” to “Me + Contributors.”• Click Add• Save
    56. 56. Double JJ
    57. 57. Double JJ
    58. 58. Time Magazine
    59. 59. Cabot Cheese
    60. 60. Cabot Cheese
    61. 61. Practical Application
    62. 62. Example Social Media Schedule• Monday – Update Facebook Page status (0:05), Suggest page to friends (0:05), Post tweet to Twitter (0:05)• Tuesday – Start or comment on a Group Discussion on LinkedIn (0:15)• Wednesday – Post photo/link to Facebook/Twitter (0:05), Post to Pinterest (0:20)• Thursday – Monitor brand using HootSuite (0:15)• Friday – Update Facebook status (0:05), Schedule updates for next week using HootSuite (0:15)• Total = 1 hour, 30 minutes or make it part of someone’s job
    63. 63. Pinterest and Facebook Timelines• Meet the Players• Pinterest Primer• Facebook Timeline Tips• Practical Application• Questions & Answers
    64. 64. Thank YouJason Piasecki, Partner(231) 727-9778