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Stanford University Digital Media Entrepreneurship Class 4-30-09

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  • Social Media Monetization- Stanford University

    1. 1. Social Media Monetization: Now and in the Future Stanford University April 30, 2009 confidential
    2. 2. Agenda • MySpace: Current Snapshot • Monetization Examples – MySpace Local – MySpace Apps – MySpace Impact • Monetization Themes • Future Trends- Offsite APIs confidential 2
    3. 3. MySpace: Current Snapshot • In the U.S. over 70 million monthly unique visitors view over 34 billion pages • MySpace U.S. visitors spend over 16 billion minutes on the site each month, with an average of 230 minutes per visitor Monthly Unique Visitors (000) - U.S. Social Networks 70,000 Ave. Minutes per Visitor - U.S. Social Networks 60,000 250.0 50,000 200.0 40,000 150.0 30,000 100.0 20,000 50.0 10,000 0.0 0 Source: comScore, inc. February, 2009 Source: comScore, inc. February, 2009 confidential 3
    4. 4. Core Tenets of MySpace • Enabling user self expression • Facilitating the discovery of new media assets • Creating opportunities for users with like interests to come together confidential 4
    5. 5. MySpace Local confidential
    6. 6. MySpace Local confidential 6
    7. 7. MySpace Apps confidential 7
    8. 8. MySpace Apps confidential 8
    9. 9. MySpace Apps confidential 9
    10. 10. MySpace Impact confidential 10
    11. 11. Integrated Advertising confidential 11
    12. 12. Integrated Advertising confidential 12
    13. 13. Monetization Themes Across Media • High utility content sites deliver higher ad performance • Rich user-provided data is the basis for a superior monetization platform – A win for users, for advertisers and publishers • Well diversified revenue models are crucial – e.g. CPM and CPC – e.g. Affiliate offers and direct payment – e.g. Commerce and advertising confidential 13
    14. 14. confidential
    15. 15. About the Open Platform confidential 15
    16. 16. Goals of the MySpace Open Platform • Onsite APIs (Apps) – Simple objective: enable visionary partners with great ideas to launch new user experiences within MySpace • Offsite APIs (MySpaceID and Post To MySpace) – Enable MySpace users to bring their profile and friends into partner sites and share content from partner sites with friends on MySpace – Build a program that supports user interest in surfacing actions taken outside of MySpace as a means to enhance social interaction and self expression on site • Bottom Line Goals of the Platform – Create great user experiences on MySpace and across the web by working closely with best-in-class partners – Deliver clear business value to platform partners by providing strong opportunities for new user acquisition, new sources of revenue and increased user engagement confidential 16
    17. 17. confidential
    18. 18. MySpaceID: Product Overview • Co-Registration – Allows users to quickly register on partner sites using MySpace credentials – A true co-registration model, partners keep user data permanently if users opt in • MySpace User Profile Data for Partner Sites – Enables users to publish MySpace profile data on the partner site, allowing partners to more effectively target users with relevant content • Friend Discovery – Empowers MySpace users to easily discover friends on partner sites • MySpace Activity Streams for Partner Sites – Allows users to view and share their MySpace updates on partner sites • Publish Partner Site Activity into MySpace – Supports user interest in self expression while creating a powerful tool for the viral spread of partner content within MySpace confidential 18
    19. 19. MySpaceID: How is it Different? • Partners keep the Portable Profile information – Age – Current location – Gender – Nickname – Thumbnail URL – E-mail (requires opt-in) – First Name (requires opt-in) – Last Name (requires opt-in) • Dynamic Content Updates – Once a user links an account, updates to profile data on MySpace will be dynamically updated on the partner site even if the user isn’t logged in • Built on Open Standards – The use of common open standards like OAuth, OpenID, Portable Contacts and Activity Streams provides access to community innovation and creates efficiencies when integrating with other sites confidential 19
    20. 20. MySpaceID: Co-Registration Welcome back | | Sign In | Sign Up • Allows MySpace users to easily register and interact with partner sites with the click of a button • Increases user registration • The user and the data are the partners – Portable Profile information can be stored • No more profile fatigue for users – No need for users to create yet another username, password, and profile confidential 20
    21. 21. MySpaceID: Co-Registration (cont.) • The Portable Profile is passed to a partner if a user opts in when linking an account using MySpaceID - Age • Once an account is linked - Current location - Gender partners can retain the Portable - Nickname Portable Profile information - Thumbnail URL Profile - E-mail (requires opt-in) even if the link is later broken - First Name (requires opt-in) - Last Name (requires opt-in) • Cached content must be MySpace user profile page content including: refreshed every 24 hours and purged when a user decides to About me, Body type, Books, Children, Cached Drinker, Ethnicity, Has app, Heroes, ID, unlink their account Interests, Jobs, Looking for, Movies, Content Music, Name, Network presence, Profile song, Profile url, Relationship status, Religion, Sexual orientation, Smoker, Status, TV shows confidential 21
    22. 22. MySpaceID: Profile Data • Users can publish MySpace profile data on the partner site • Creates community engagement • Delivers Personalized Experiences – Rich user demographic and psychographic information from MySpace profile pages can be used to target visitors with more relevant site features and content—increasing user engagement and retention confidential 22
    23. 23. MySpaceID: Friend Discovery • With MySpaceID users can come to partner sites and easily find their friends • MySpaceID friend discovery accelerates social activity and user engagement within the partner site environment confidential 23
    24. 24. MySpaceID: Activity Streams On Partner Sites • With MySpaceID, users can access MySpace updates from within the partner site (increasing user engagement) • MySpace users can also share their activities with others on partner sites – This feature is particularly appealing to partners who are embracing an activity aggregation model • MySpaceID can also be used to build new applications on top of MySpace alerts, notifications and updates • Feed flexibility ensures relevant experiences – With MySpaceID, partners have flexibility to display only specific categories of updates like music, events, or photos to be more relevant confidential 24
    25. 25. MySpaceID: Activity Publishing into MySpace • MySpaceID enables users to share activity on the partner site with friends on MySpace – User actions taken on a partner site are surfaced in the MySpace Activity Stream and seen by a user’s MySpace friends – Leverages the viral nature of MySpace friend updates • Each activity shown on MySpace contains a link back to the original event, driving traffic back to the partner site confidential 25
    26. 26. MySpaceID: Yahoo! Example With MySpaceID, users can log into MySpace on Yahoo! Once logged in, users can see their MySpace updates and engage in MySpace features directly on the Yahoo! homepage confidential 26
    27. 27. MySpaceID: Example A MySpace user who wants to join a chat on clicks MySpace and is asked to login using the pop-out window in upper left confidential
    28. 28. MySpaceID: Example (cont.) After logging into MySpace via, the user is prompted to update their status on MySpace, which will appear on their MySpace Profile and friend’s home pages (see upper left) confidential
    29. 29. MySpaceID: Example (cont.) The MySpace user can chat with other MySpace users and users about the video confidential
    30. 30. MySpaceID: Based on Open Standards The Benefits of Open • Reusable code – Integration with MySpaceID will translate OpenID (sign-on) to others who are building on the Open Stack OAuth (security) • e.g. Google, Yahoo!, AOL, and more Portable Contacts (friends) • Collaborative development OpenSocial (profile) – Companies large and small will have access to community innovation Activity Streams (activities) • A non-proprietary foundation for how social data travels across the Web confidential 30
    31. 31. MySpaceID: Privacy and Security • The user has complete control of his identity • Login/Password info is never shared – Each site is given a secure token by the user to access her data • Users can unlink a site and disable access to their data at any time from inside of MySpace confidential 31
    32. 32. MySpaceID Monetization Models • Network ad model • Traffic and engagement driver • Freemium model for APIs confidential 32
    33. 33. MySpaceID Partners confidential 33
    34. 34. confidential
    35. 35. Post To MySpace: Product Overview Post To MySpace allows users to publish content directly into MySpace with a simple two-click process. confidential 35
    36. 36. Post To MySpace: Product Overview (cont.) Publisher content can appear directly in the MySpace user profile… confidential
    37. 37. Post To MySpace: Viral Exposure …and content can also be made viral and sent to all MySpace friends via a Blog or Bulletin confidential
    38. 38. Post To MySpace: Placement Prominent placement on user profiles is a key differentiator for Post To MySpace confidential
    39. 39. Post To MySpace: Product Benefits • Ease of Deployment – Implementation of Post To simply requires copying and pasting a few lines of HTML code and can be implemented in minutes – Publishers define the content users can post and share • Viral exposure for content and brands – Content from publisher sites is posted directly to users’ MySpace profiles (users choose to post the content on various modules of their profile) » When content is posted, a notification is added to each newsfeed of the user’s network – Fixed placement in About Me and Blogs on MySpace profiles means content will not get buried as it does with news feeds (activity streams) – Drives traffic back to publisher sites and improves SEO confidential 39
    40. 40. Post To MySpace: Implementation Copy the following code into a prominent location on your page where you want the Post To feature to appear <form id=quot;myspaceposttoquot; method=quot;postquot; action=quot;; target=quot;_blankquot;> <input type=quot;hiddenquot; name=quot;tquot; value=quot;TITLE_GOES_HEREquot; /> <input type=quot;hiddenquot; name=quot;cquot; value=quot;CONTENT_GOES_HEREquot; /> <input type=quot;hiddenquot; name=quot;uquot; value=quot;URL_GOES_HEREquot; /> <input type=quot;hiddenquot; name=quot;lquot; value=quot;LOCATION_GOES_HEREquot; /> <a href=quot;#quot; onclick=quot;document.getElementById('myspacepostto').submit();return false;quot;> <img src=quot;quot; border=quot;0quot; alt=quot;Post to MySpace!quot; /> Share on MySpace! </a> </form> confidential 40
    41. 41. Questions? confidential