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Polio power point


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Polio power point

  1. 1. PolioBy: Jason Oliai
  2. 2. Polio isan acute viral disease, usually affectingchildren and young adults, caused byany of three polioviruses.
  3. 3. Causes:• Direct person-to-person contact• Contact with infected mucus or phlegm from the nose or mouth• Contact with infected feces
  4. 4. Subclinical Infection Symptoms• General discomfort• Headache• Red throat and sore throat• Slight fever• Vomiting• Back pain and neck pain• Leg and muscle pain/ tenderness
  5. 5. Paralytics Poliomyelitis• Fever 5 - 7 days before other symptoms• Breathing difficulty• Headache• Muscle pain and muscle weakness• Stiff neck and back
  6. 6. Nonparalytic Poliomyelitis• Back pain or backache• Headache• Leg pain• Moderate fever• Muscle stiffness• Muscle tenderness
  7. 7. Prevention
  8. 8. Treatment• Antibiotics for urinary track infections• Moist heat (heating pads, warm towels) to reduce muscle pain
  9. 9. Bibliography••• PMH0002375/