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SEO Migration to Maintain Visibility and Boost Growth - Online Retailer '13


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This is the slide deck that we presented in partnership with Nathan Huppatz from at the 2013 Online Retailer conference in Sydney.

Planning, creating and implementing a new website design can be very exciting but many companies do not consider how this change can affect their search engine visibility. This deck runs through the steps and methodology taken to migrate the website to an entirely new domain and new platform.

SEO Migration to Maintain Visibility and Boost Growth - Online Retailer '13

  1. 1. Planning a Website Upgrade/Migration to Maintain (Boost) Growth Nathan Huppatz & Jason Mun / Bespoke
  2. 2. Who is Nathan? • Started in eCommerce back in 1998 • Experienced online retailer • Author of 'Making Money on eBay for Dummies„ • Launched, sold, run online businesses for 10 years. • Founder of @huppy
  3. 3. Who is Jason? • Been in online marketing for 8 years • Specialist in SEO • Worked with websites large and small • 7 years agency-side experience • Co-founded Bespoke @jasonmun
  4. 4. What We‟re Covering Today New Branding & Migration to New Domain How to Plan for Migration Tips, Tools & Gotchas Impact & Results
  5. 5. Background of • Started in 2009 as '' – mostly lingerie and sexy costumes • In 2010, changed focus to costumes. Added suppliers, 4,000 products • 2011 we decided to really focus on the business. • 2012 bought '' domain, and began work on complete site rebuild to help with growth • Re-brand in May 2013, business investment for growth • So why change?
  6. 6. Establish a Framework 1. Determine Objectives 2. Data Discovery & Collection 3. Planning & Implementation 4. Launch & Go-Live 5. Measure Impact/Success
  7. 7. 1. DETERMINE OBJECTIVES What are you looking to achieve with a migration strategy? What’s changing with the new website?
  8. 8. These were our objectives… Traffic Conversions Revenue • Minimise traffic loss • Minimise decline in rankings • Minimise website errors • Ensure new website is search friendly Traffic Conversions Revenue We do not want this to happen
  9. 9. Scope of the migration  Changing domain names  New Design & UX  Product categorisation  URL structures  Information architecture  New plugins & functionality Helps identify common situations, pitfalls and solutions
  10. 10. 2. DATA DISCOVERY & COLLECTION Gather metrics to help with planning & prioritisation
  11. 11. Start with Keyword Research 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 adultcostume fairycostumesforadults fairycostumesforkids princesscostumesforadults kidsfiremancostume monsterhighcostumesfor… adultdressupcostumes adultmermaidcostume adultshopcostumes kidsmermaidcostume cinderellacostumesfor… cheapplussizecostumes… batmancostumeforkids disneycostumeideasfor… madelineadultcostume arieladultcostume kidsbookcharacter… minniemouseadultcostume costumekids plussizedressupcostumes angelcostumesforkids superherocostumesfor… kidsclowncostumes adultminniemousecostume adultcupcakecostume sexyadultcostumesaustralia mensadultcostumes plussizesnowwhite… peterpanadultcostume shepherdscostumeforkids devilcostumesforkids tinkerbellcostumeadults adultsnowwhitecostume fairytalecostumesforadults adultcostumeshops fairycostumesadults adultclowncostume snowwhiteadultcostumes adultarielcostume SearchVolume Use this data to: • Determine ideal product categorisation • Determine keyword targets • Meta-data optimisation • Content optimisation • More...
  12. 12. Keyword Research Tools Google Keyword Tool Great for mining keyword ideas and search volume data. TIP: Use [exact] match Google Analytics Export a list of keywords that drove traffic to the website TIP: Traffic sources > Sources > Search > Overview > Keyword Great for mining Google Suggest data Pulls keyword suggestion from up to 15 search engines (eBay & Amazon as well)
  13. 13. Identify Top Performing Pages  Scrape & crawl current website  Gather website metrics  Gather SEO metrics If you can’t implement 1-to-1 redirects, ensure that the top 100 most valuable pages are catered for
  14. 14. Tools to Gather Metrics Screaming Frog or Xenu Link Sleuth Great for website crawling and scraping Google Analytics Export data: visits, pageviews, conversions, revenue, etc. Moz’s Open Site Explorer Gather link data and other SEO metrics Go to “Top Pages” report > Export CSV Google Webmaster Tools Export link data from Search Traffic > Links to Your Site
  15. 15. Don‟t Forget to Benchmark Before Migration After Migration Keep track of these vital stats: • Traffic Sources (Direct, Referral, Social, etc.) • Organic Traffic • Conversions • 404 errors • Keyword rankings
  16. 16. 3. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION Allocating tasks, new website setup & redirects
  17. 17. Get Your Team Together The Boss SEODevelopers Web Designer • Brief everyone & allocate tasks • Share data & information • Use Google Docs for collaboration • Keep an open communication
  18. 18. Lock Down Test/Staging Website  Robots.txt disallow  Apply meta robots tags (noindex,nofollow)  Password protect Avoid duplicate content issues & competitor snooping
  19. 19. Work On New Site Architecture Homepage Categories Sub-categories Products • Use keyword research • Name categories accordingly • Create a flat and intuitive architecture • Map relevant keywords • Avoid keyword cannibilisation
  20. 20. Optimise On-Site Elements  Title tags  Meta descriptions  URL structure  H1 headings Source: TIP: Create recipes for developers {Category Name} | Fast Delivery – Buy {Product Name} Online | Fast Delivery – Shop online for {ProductName} from Australia‟s leading costumes store. Great prices & Fast delivery!
  21. 21. 301-redirects  Create 1-to-1 redirects for top priority pages  Misc pages can be redirected to key pages  Create automation rules (if possible)  Avoid multiple redirect hops  Fix any existing 404 errors Map it all in excel and let the developers do their magic!
  22. 22. 4. LAUNCH & GO-LIVE Checklist and things to look out for
  23. 23. Go-Live Checklist  Crawl website – check SEO elements  DNS update (keep both servers running..)  Remove blocks (robots.txt, meta tags, etc)  Add & verify new domain with GWT  Fill out “Change of Address” in GWT  Check HTTP header response  Verify 301-redirects  Check Google Analytics code (Use the same code to keep historical data)  Monitor errors
  24. 24. “Change of Address” in GWT Access from here Do this on the old website’s GWT account! TIP: Make sure you verify both www and non-www subdomains
  25. 25. Check 301-redirects Upload old URL list in to Screaming Frog Use list feature Check these for spot checking
  26. 26. Monitor 404 Errors Monitor and fix errors in Google Webmaster Tools (errors are inevitable)
  27. 27. 5. MEASURE IMPACT/SUCCESS Let’s look at some results
  28. 28. Impact on SEO Visibility 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3-Jan 10-Jan 17-Jan 24-Jan 31-Jan 7-Feb 14-Feb 21-Feb 28-Feb 7-Mar 14-Mar 21-Mar 28-Mar 4-Apr 11-Apr 18-Apr 25-Apr 2-May 9-May 16-May 23-May 30-May 6-Jun 13-Jun 20-Jun 27-Jun 4-Jul 11-Jul 18-Jul 25-Jul VisibilityScore Migration happened here We tracked rankings of 100 keywords (before & after migration)
  29. 29. Tools to Track Rankings Advanced Web Ranking Rankerizer Rank Checker
  30. 30. Organic traffic after migration Steady traffic for 4 weeks, then strong uplift in SEO rankings
  31. 31. Key take-aways  Spend time looking at site structure for users  Control Google indexing (no duplicate content)  Take the opportunity to implement best practice 'on site' SEO  Implement 1-to-1 301 redirects  Test and Prepare  Follow Migration steps!  Check post launch. Stamp out 404s etc Good Luck!
  32. 32. Thank you! Nathan Huppatz @huppy Jason Mun @jasonmun