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Competitor Keyword Research for SEO [Melbourne #seomeetup]


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Competitor Keyword Research for SEO [Melbourne #seomeetup]

  1. 1. 5th June 2013Competitor Keyword Research for SEOby Jason Mun1
  2. 2. JasonMun.comIntroduction2200520082009201120122013Systems AnalystWeb AnalystSenior SEO SpecialistSenior Search SpecialistSEO ManagerIndependent SEO Consultant Brands I’ve worked on…
  3. 3. JasonMun.comSpy on Competitors…31. Data Gathering – Tools of the Trade2. Analyse Data & Metrics3. Filter & Categorise4. Adapt & Execute
  4. 4. JasonMun.comData Gathering – Tools of the Trade4
  5. 5. JasonMun.comSEMrush – Paid Tool5Enter URLSelect Organic > PositionsNumber of keywordsranking in Top 20Export data in toCSVOUCH!Link:
  6. 6. JasonMun.comSEMrush – Data Export6Keep these Don’t need theseUse these URLs withGoogle Keyword ToolContent Ideas!
  7. 7. JasonMun.comGoogle Keyword Tool7Link: sure you arelogged inEnter URL hereSet targetingoptionsUse exactmatchSort by localmonthly searchesDownload data into CSVRepeat process with other URLs (deep pages)
  8. 8. JasonMun.comGoogle Keyword Tool – Data Export8Use Find & Replace toremove squarebracketsDon’t need these
  9. 9. JasonMun.comScreaming Frog – Free & Paid9Enter URLScreaming Frog scrapes thefollowing informationLink:
  10. 10. JasonMun.comMeta Keywords a Dead Giveaway10Select metakeywordsKeywords that competitorsare targetingPro Tip: Remove the meta keywords tag if you are still using themExport data in toCSV
  11. 11. JasonMun.comTitles, Descriptions & Headings11Repeat process with page titles, metadescriptions & header tags
  12. 12. JasonMun.comScreaming Frog – Data Export12Use some Excel wizardy and clean up the data!
  13. 13. JasonMun.comOpen Site Explorer - Paid13Link: http://www.opensiteexplorer.orgEnter URLSelect thistabChoose this optionExport data in toCSVThis will tell you what keywords competitors arefocussing on for link building
  14. 14. JasonMun.comOpen Site Explorer – Data Export14Use Excel filteringoptions to removebrand, URL, img & noiseWhat’s left are commercial anchor text links
  15. 15. JasonMun.comAnalyse Data & Gather Metrics15Merge all CSV exports into a Master spreadsheetDe-dupe thekeyword listMissing data fromScreaming Frog & OSE
  16. 16. JasonMun.comGather Missing Search Volume16Filter list by“Blank” searchvolumePaste keywordshere in 2.5kbatchesPRO Tip:If you have access to the Google Adwords API, use SEOgadget’s Excel Plugin
  17. 17. JasonMun.comCategorise & Filter Keyword List17Categorise keywords(product type, location,brand, etc)Determine keywordrelevancy to your brand
  18. 18. JasonMun.comFilter, Cull & ShortlistHere are some pointers to help with the filtering process:• Is the keyword relevant to my brand?• Do we have the product/service/content to supportthat keyword?• Can we create content around that keyword?• Do not ignore low volume keywords, they could becontent ideas18
  19. 19. JasonMun.comTaking It Further19Add the shortlist of keywords in to your favourite keyword ranking tool – Checkhow your competitors are ranking
  20. 20. JasonMun.comUse Excel to Visualise & Analyse20Excel pivot tables and charts are your best friends!Ranking well on lowvolume & longer tailkeywordsRanking well on highsearch volume keywords
  21. 21. JasonMun.comApply Findings to Your Own Website21Reprioritise yourSEO effortsOptimise on-site &off-site based onfindingsAdd to existingcontentplan/calendarPlan for growth
  22. 22. JasonMun.comThank You!
  23. 23. JasonMun.comCredits & LinksThanks to:Slide 1 – 3 - 4 - 21 - 22 - Links:http://www.semrush.com