The Brand of You


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Whether you are an entrepreneur, salesperson, or corporate marketer, you know that you need to use social media. But how? This quick presentation offers an overview from social media experts on the necessary steps to success.

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  • We lived in a time of unmatched opportunity…
  • It’s as simple as being passionate about something. “Social media tools – Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and all the rest – are modern-day galleons that will carry you to the new world, allowing you to share your passion, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and deliver your brand to the broadest possible audience.”
  • Be yourself. Create your own personal brand.“There no longer has to be a difference between who you are and what you do.”
  • Internet talk.“It makes total sense that if this is where the eyeballs are going, this is where the business has to go.”“The greatest paradox surrounding the Internet is that as much as it allows us to isolate and limit ourselves only to what we believe is immediately relevant to our specific needs, so does it allow us to connect at unprecedented levels…”
  • “Legacy always wins.” If something will make you money but you’re not proud of it don’t do it. Everything we do online is being recorded for eternity, the public can be forgiving when it wants to be but don’t test its generosity.
  • A step by step guideUsing various social media platforms According to Gary, “Social media gives entrepreneurs and businesses an unprecedented chance to engage with their customers and communicate their message. Those who can harness their passion to the unbelievable reach and power of these tools are in a position to crush it on a level the world has never seen.”
  • Read Jeff Gitomer’s book if…you’re interested in learning how you can turn yourself into a personal brand using social media tools. If you want to turn something your passionate about into your career.If you’re tired of working for someone else.If you still don’t think it’s possible.
  • The Brand of You

    1. 1. The Brand of YouUsing Social Media to Create a Powerful Professional Brand presented by Jason Mesiarik
    2. 2. What’s Changed?“Any business which doesn’t embrace social media will be dead on their feet over the next few years.”
    3. 3. 20 steps towards buildingyour professional brand...
    4. 4. 1. Identify your core passion
    5. 5. 2.Make sure you can come up with a list of at least fifty excellent blog topics on the subject.
    6. 6. 3. You must be able to answer Yes to the following two questions:1) Am I sure my passion is what I think it is?2) Can I talk about it in a more authoritative and compelling way than anyone else?
    7. 7. 4.Name your personal brand.
    8. 8. 5.Buy your own name as a domain
    9. 9. 6.Choose a format that suits your personal style. (audio, video or written).
    10. 10. 7. Start a WordPress account
    11. 11. 8. Hire a great designer
    12. 12. 9. Include Share functions with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others and engage your readers
    13. 13. 10. Create a facebook page
    14. 14. 11. Use HootSuite or TweetDeck for easy posting & distribution
    15. 15. 12. Post your content
    16. 16. 13.Start creating a community
    17. 17. 14.Search to find people talking about yourtopic & communicate with them.
    18. 18. 15.Use Google’s blogsearch to find more blogs that are relevant to your subject
    19. 19. 16.Join Facebook fan pages and groups relating to your topic
    20. 20. 17.Repeat steps 12 through 16 over and over and over again!
    21. 21. 18. Do it again…
    22. 22. 19. And again…
    23. 23. 20. And again.
    24. 24. Create a LegacyLive a Richer, Fuller,more Meaningful Life
    25. 25. About the Presenter: Jason MesiarikJason Mesiarik is a sales 2.0 and social enterprise guru leader in Verizon’s global sales training. His focus is management consulting for coaching and leadership development in strategy, agility and sales performance.Jason is a recognized expert in social media for sales, enterprise 2.0 and social learning.Jason is an avid social user on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Pinterest, SlideShare, and he the author of the Smarter Selling blog on WordPress.