Strategic Sales Research


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Selling strategically requires a deep understanding of clients' business environments and priorities. In order to align appropriately, one must do thorough research. This presentation demonstrates what is important, where to find it and how to use it to build effective business plans.

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  • Once you have your research, you can now do your analysis to categorize your findings:Industry driversFinancialOperationalSuppliersPartnersCustomersCompetitorsBusiness InitiativesHighest prioritiesForm KPIs and performance pbjectivesOperational IssuesReasons for & Impacts ofCapabilities needed to solve…
  • Strategic Sales Research

    1. 1. Strategic Sales ResearchPrioritizing Resources and Generating Opportunities Presented by Jason Mesiarik Powerpoint Templates
    2. 2. ObjectivesIdentify and navigate research toolsLocate key account informationCategorize & analyze the company – External industry drivers – Business initiatives – Operational issues Primary & support business activities Powerpoint Templates
    3. 3. Selling in Today’s MarketSavvy, educated buyersNo budgetsMore process and governanceNon-traditional competitorsHow do we change their opinion? Sales professionals must change Powerpoint Templates
    4. 4. Benefits of Effective PreparationConversations versus Presentations – Industry analysis – Business discussions – Consultative interviews – Executive engagements – Operational planningBuilds Confidence & Credibility Powerpoint Templates
    5. 5. Basic Principle of Selling Find the Need Powerpoint Templates
    6. 6. If Research is So Important, Why Don’t We Do It?Many say it’s because…… – No time – Don’t know where to look for Information – Don’t know what’s important to know and what’s not Powerpoint Templates
    7. 7. Territory & Account PlanningSegment by industry verticalsKnow each company Industry drivers & pressures Business objectives & initiatives Internal challenges & operational issues Core business operations & support activitiesKnow that geography Socioeconomic & political conditions Powerpoint Templates
    8. 8. Where to Research IndustriesIndustry Associations & Publications Fuld & CompanyManagement Consultancy Industry Practices Deloitte, McKinsey, PWC et al.Top B-Schools Harvard Business, Wharton, MIT-Sloan, et al. Powerpoint Templates
    9. 9. Where to Research CompaniesClient Organization’s Investor Relations Site Presentations Annual EDGAR database filings 10-K Items1. Business, 7. MD&A, 11. Executive Compensation DEF 14A (Proxy) Transcripts + Q&ALinkedIn Powerpoint Templates
    10. 10. Industry Associations Powerpoint Templates10
    11. 11. Consultancy PublicationsMcKinsey QuarterlyStrategy+BusinessDeloitteErnst & Youngand others… Powerpoint Templates
    12. 12. Top Business SchoolsHarvard Business ReviewKnowledge@WhartonMIT Sloan Management ReviewKnowledgebase Stanford GSBand others… Powerpoint Templates
    13. 13. Client’s Investor Relations Site Powerpoint Templates
    14. 14. Investor Presentations Investor Presentations Powerpoint Templates
    15. 15. Annual Report Annual Reports Powerpoint Templates
    16. 16. AnnualLetters to the Shareholders Report Powerpoint Templates
    17. 17. Annual Report Filings: 10-K Regulatory Powerpoint Templates
    18. 18. SEC EDGAR Database Powerpoint Templates
    19. 19. Form 10-KPowerpoint Templates
    20. 20. Form 10-KPowerpoint Templates
    21. 21. 1. Business Powerpoint Templates
    22. 22. 1. Business Powerpoint Templates
    23. 23. 6. Select Financial Data Powerpoint Templates
    24. 24. 7. M D & APowerpoint Templates
    25. 25. 7. M D & APowerpoint Templates
    26. 26. Form DEF 14A - Proxy Powerpoint Templates
    27. 27. Board of Directors Powerpoint Templates
    28. 28. Executive Compensation Powerpoint Templates
    29. 29. Basic Principle of Selling Follow the Money Powerpoint Templates
    30. 30. Executive Compensation Powerpoint Templates
    31. 31. Executive Compensation Powerpoint Templates
    32. 32. Basic Principle of Selling The best relationships are based on value Powerpoint Templates
    33. 33. LinkedInPowerpoint Templates
    34. 34. Google & Yahoo! Finance Powerpoint Templates
    35. 35. Basic Principle of Selling Diagnose before you prescribe Powerpoint Templates
    36. 36. Company AnalysisIndustry Drivers Financial, Operational, Suppliers Partners, Customers, CompetitorsBusiness InitiativesOperational Issues Primary & Support Acitivities Organizational interdependenceCapabilities Needed Powerpoint Templates
    37. 37. SummaryIdentify and navigate research toolsLocate key account information Investor Presentations Annual Report SEC Filings Industry DynamicsAnalyze the company to create your plans Powerpoint Templates