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20120221 inspired


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Published in: Business, Technology
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20120221 inspired

  1. 1. INSPIRED Mel Huang
  2. 2. OutlinePeople (Ch. 1~10)Process (Ch. 11~30)Product (Ch. 31~39)
  3. 3. OutlinePeople (Ch. 1~10)Process (Ch. 11~30)Product (Ch. 31~39)
  4. 4. People Product Management ProductMarketing Project Engineering Management Site Design Operations
  5. 5. People reference:
  6. 6. OutlinePeople (Ch. 1~10)Process (Ch. 11~30)Product (Ch. 31~39)
  7. 7. ProcessDefine Design Implement and Test After Launch
  8. 8. ProcessDefine Design Implement and Test After Launch
  9. 9. Process [Define]Accessing Product Opportunities Defining The Problem To Be SolvedProduct Discovery Defining The Right ProductProduct Principles Deciding What’s Important
  10. 10. Process [Define] The Product Council VP of Product VP of User CEO, COO Management Experience DesignVP of Engineering VP of Marketing VP of Site VP of Customer Operations Service
  11. 11. ProcessDefine Design Implement and Test After Launch
  12. 12. Process [Design]Market Research Understanding The Capabilities And LimitationsPersonas For Product Management Understanding The Target UserDesign vs. Implementation Define The User Experience Before Proceeding To Build
  13. 13. ProcessDefine Design Implement and Test After Launch
  14. 14. Process [Implement and Test]Minimal Product Cutting Features vs. Slipping DatesProduct Validation Evidence of Valuable, Usable and FeasiblePrototype Testing Putting Your Ideas In Front Of Real UsersCharter User Programs
  15. 15. ProcessDefine Design Implement and Test After Launch
  16. 16. Process [After Launch]Improving Existing Products Its’ Not About Adding FeaturesGentle Deployment Help Prevent User AbuseRapid Response Finish What You Start And Save Entire Release Cycles
  17. 17. Process [Further Discussions]Agile vs. WaterfallStartup Product Management It’s All About Product DiscoveryInnovating In Large Companies Difficult But Worth The Effort
  18. 18. OutlinePeople (Ch. 1~10)Process (Ch. 11~30)Product (Ch. 31~39)
  19. 19. ProductLessons From Apple The Hardware Serves the Software The Software Serves the User Experience The User Experience Serves the Emotion
  20. 20. ProductBeware Of Specials Don’t Fall Down This Slippery SlopeThe New Old Thing What Is Possible Is Constantly ChangingUsability vs. Aesthetics Both Are Important
  21. 21. Thank You