Innovation and Culture: The Inconvenient Truth


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Talent Anarchy co-founders Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt share in 15 minutes why many companies are struggling to drive innovation. And they reveal the inconvenient truth that the practice of modern management is actually anti-innovation.

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  • Housekeeping – white paper coming later in the day. Recording coming later in the week if you are on our email list.
  • Joe
  • We are here today to talk about innovation. It seems like everyone is talking about it these days. How many of your organizations are currently working on some kind of innovation effort today? But, despite all of this focus, true innovation has proven to be elusive. That’s because much of what we have come to believe about innovation is false.
  • Survey Questions: Is your organization talking about, focusing on and investing in innovation today? (We are all in, Doing some, Lots of talk about it, A little talk but nothing serious, Not on the radar) How successful has your organization been at achieving it’s goals relative to innovation? (1-5)
  • We come to believe that innovation happens in flashes of brilliant insight that strike like lightning bolts and change everything in a moment.
  • Innovation doesn’t happen in that way, at least not a vast majority of the time. Instead, significant innovation happens more like building a pyramid. One block at a time. The reality of innovation is that it happens in one small change at a time. A small tweak here inspires another there. These small changes build one upon the other over time until one day, it appears as if a major innovation has occurred. Organizations great at innovation have a small army of employees in all positions and all levels across the organizations contributing small changes on a continuous basis.
  • As you may remember from high school biology class, evolution is the natural selection of genetic variations that occur in a species. Those variations that improve the species ability to survive are naturally chosen and evolution occurs. Innovation happens in the same way within our organizations. Variation represents the different and novel ideas or concepts that bubble up within the organization. Sometimes, they happen by design but most of the time they happen in random and unexpected ways. Selection is the process that organizations use to determine which of these variations represents value and which will become a part of the organizations plans going forward. In nature, this is evolution. In business, we call this innovation.
  • But, here’s the problem for most of us. We are in a century long love affair with management. And we’ve gotten really good at it.
  • We have mastered the tools of management in our quest for efficiency and productivity .
  • The better we get at management, and the more productive we get, the less able to adapt we become to our environment. As we’ve become great at exploitation, we have corroded our long term viability. This is why most of our organizations today are turning their focus to innovation. It seems that innovation isn’t a business strategy, but it’s increasing critical to our orgnazations survival.
  • Variation depends upon a culture rich in three key elements: connection, inclusion and liberation.
  • Connection is… Employees who are connected…
  • Connection is… Employees who are connected…
  • If you want to really want to ignite innovation at your company, focus
  • If you want to really want to ignite innovation at your company, focus
  • If you want to really want to ignite innovation at your company, focus
  • If you want to really want to ignite innovation at your company, focus
  • If you want to really want to ignite innovation at your company, focus
  • Innovation and Culture: The Inconvenient Truth

    1. 1. Innovation and Culture The Inconvenient Truth @TalentAnarchy @JasonLauritsen @JoeGerstandt A 15 Minute Webinar
    2. 2. Pulse CheckPulse Check
    3. 3. Innovation is significant positive change. Scott Berkun
    4. 4. variation selection innovation
    6. 6. VARIATION SELECTION Management
    7. 7. VARIATION SELECTION ManagementCulture
    8. 8. MANAGEMENT The most efficient use of available resources towards achievement of a goal.
    9. 9. ManagementManagement ToolboxToolbox PlanningPlanning OrganizingOrganizing PrioritizingPrioritizing StaffingStaffing ControllingControlling MeasuringMeasuring
    10. 10. EmployeeEmployee ProductivityProductivity OrganizationalOrganizational LifespanLifespan
    11. 11. INNOVATE
    12. 12. INNOVATE or
    13. 13. INNOVATE or DIE
    14. 14. Modern management is anti-innovation. THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH Photo credit toJohn VanderHaagen via flickr
    15. 15. You can’t manage your way to greater innovation.
    16. 16. But, you just might “un-manage” your way there. You can’t manage your way to greater innovation.
    17. 17. Create a culture where variation can flourish.
    18. 18. Cultivating aCultivating a robustrobust andand diversediverse networknetwork ofof relationshipsrelationships inside andinside and outside the organization.outside the organization.
    19. 19. Make room forMake room for socializingsocializing at andat and through work.through work. do this
    20. 20. CourageouslyCourageously bringingbringing youryour authentic selfauthentic self toto youryour workwork and expectingand expecting the same from others.the same from others.
    21. 21. EmbraceEmbrace dissentdissent.. do this
    22. 22. TakingTaking ownershipownership of theof the opportunity to shapeopportunity to shape your work foryour work for meaningmeaning andand impactimpact..
    23. 23. Teach employees howTeach employees how toto hack their workhack their work.. do this
    24. 24. Recap
    25. 25. Recap Innovation is survival.
    26. 26. Innovation is survival. Innovation requires variation. Recap
    27. 27. Innovation is survival. Innovation requires variation. Management hates variation. Recap
    28. 28. Innovation is survival. Innovation requires variation. Management hates variation. Innovation requires you to “un-manage” your culture for connection, inclusion and liberation. Recap