Lyons Second Workshop Results


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Lyons Second Workshop Results

  1. 1. You know you’re from Lyons when… 31% 1. …you have more bluegrass music than 1 everyone you know. 9% 2 2. …both your neighbors are sculptors. 3. …you’ve spent a total of one fifth of your 9% 3 life at the light crossing Main. 4. …you have at least as many educational 25% 4 degrees as you do dogs. 5. …you show up for a public meeting even 25% 5 when your taxes are due tomorrow!
  2. 2. Transportation 1. How does our traffic compare? 2. Peer community stories 3. Survey results and policy ideas
  3. 3. How many cars per day do you think pass down Main/Broadway? 1. 2,000 13% 1 9% 2. 10,000 2 32% 3 3. 15,000 28% 4 4. 22,000 13% 5 5. 50,000 4% 6 6. 100,000
  4. 4. How much traffic do we have downtown? “Main Street” Traffic Volumes 35000 30000 25000 Average Annual Daily Traffic 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 Lyons Nederland Loveland Longmont Jackson, WY (GTNP) Springdale, UT (Zion) Panguitch, UT (Bryce)
  5. 5. Why does it “feel like” there is so much traffic? “Main Street” Vehicle Trips per Capita 8 7 6 Vehicle trips per capita 5 4 3 2 1 0 Lyons Nederland Loveland Longmont Jackson, WY Springdale, UT Panguitch, UT (GTNP) (Zion) (Bryce)
  6. 6. Is the road design compatible with volumes? Peak Hour Roadway Capacity Analysis 100% 90% 80% Percent of Roadway Capacity Used 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Lyons Nederland Loveland Longmont Jackson, WY (GTNP) Springdale, UT Panguitch, UT (Zion) (Bryce)
  7. 7. What is an effective way to increase visitors’ stopping to spend money at local businesses? 22% 1. Make car traffic two way 1 24% 2 2. Slow car traffic down 41% 3 3. Provide on street parking 13% 4 4. Big signs
  8. 8. Loveland, CO – one way main street “Town as Heart”
  9. 9. Longmont, CO – two way main street “Walkable Capacity”
  10. 10. Peer community stories 1. We do not want “urban solutions” • Trinidad, CO • Crested Butte, CO 2. We want control of our pedestrian environment • Breckenridge, CO 3. Parking in this town is terrible during events • Telluride, CO 4. Would a bypass help us? • Glenwood Springs, CO
  11. 11. Elk Avenue - CB, Colorado 5,000 AADT “NOT Urban”
  12. 12. US 160 - Trinidad, Colorado 3,000 AADT “NOT Urban”
  13. 13. SH 9 - Breckenridge, Colorado 20,000 AADT “Take back the street”
  14. 14. Telluride, Colorado“manage parking”
  15. 15. SH 82 – Glenwood Springs, Colorado 30,000 AADT “Traffic as Commerce”
  16. 16. Overall, traffic volumes in town are: 20% 1. Unacceptably high 1 71% 2 2. Just right 9% 3 3. Too low
  17. 17. Traffic volumes on Main/Broadway Streets are: 18% 1. Unacceptably high 1 73% 2 2. Just right 9% 3 3. Too low
  18. 18. “overall traffic volumes are OK” Policy #1: Manage and evaluate motor vehicle traffic Continue to monitor traffic growth rates and the design of roadways. Calm traffic on specific streets and provide a well-connected street network. Use traffic signals, roundabouts, stop signs, when appropriate. Manage traffic during events to prevent accidents and major delays. Citizen survey summary
  19. 19. Do you want a walkable community? 92% 1. Absolutely, at all costs 1 8% 2. Maybe 2 0% 3 3. No
  20. 20. “we want a walkable community” Policy #2: Improve pedestrian facilities town-wide All street right-of-way will have context sensitive pedestrian improvements. Streets near schools should have highly visible design treatments and connect to adjacent neighborhoods. State highways should use at-grade and grade separated facilities as warranted Citizen survey summary
  21. 21. Do you want a bicycle friendly community? 87% 1. Absolutely, at all costs 1 12% 2. Maybe 2 2% 3 3. No
  22. 22. “we want a bikeable community” Policy #3: Continue to implement the Trails Plan Continue to implement the Trails Plan to create a integrated network of off and on-street trails. Crossings will be clearly marked or improved to underpasses to promote trail connectivity across US 36/SH 66. Citizen survey summary
  23. 23. Do you want specific transit service? 53% 1. Absolutely, at all costs 1 46% 2. Maybe 2 2% 3 3. No
  24. 24. Are there specific transit routes you’d like? 19% 1 1. Service to Boulder 26% 2 2. Service to Longmont 5% 3 3. Service to Estes Park 5% 4 4. Local service 40% 5 5. All of the above 4% 6 6. None
  25. 25. “we want specific transit routes” Policy #4: Plan for specialized transit service Transit service will be expand to serve a wider range of users and focus on specific travel markets. Key employment and service destinations will be connected with efficient service. Citizen survey summary
  26. 26. Automobile Circulation Ideas User Groups Who is driving and Minimum Infrastructure Current Level of Supporting Plans where are they Required Service (LOS) and Policies going? Commuters Workers who are Arterial roadways and Arterial roadways Boulder County originating in Lyons leaving homes in State highways that operate at 35% of their Comprehensive Plan Lyons and traveling to connect to adjacent maximum daily other communities for communities capacity during non- CDOT State Highways Plan employment event days Commuters and Workers who are Arterial roadways and Boulder County visitors originating in traveling to Lyons for State highways that Comprehensive Plan employment other communities connect to adjacent communities CDOT State Highways Plan Workers who are traveling through Parking Ordinances Lyons for employment Visitors and tourists Public parking & event coming to Lyons for management recreation, shopping, dining, concerts, etc. Local travelers All trips that begin and Local roadway networks Transportation Chapter end in Lyons for all that are well connected Lyons Comprehensive Plan purposes
  27. 27. Pedestrian Mobility Ideas Where are people Minimum Condition of Current Supporting Plans and User Groups walking? Infrastructure Required Infrastructure Policies Schools Colorado Safe Routes to Children Parks Schools Program Bus Stops Schools Major roadways have Parks/Rec. missing or inadequate Sidewalks on both sides Shopping Dining sidewalks Teenagers of street Neighbors Work Basic pedestrian Intersection controls and Bus Stops controls at major striping roadway intersections Parks/Rec. Shopping Dining Young Adults Buffer between sidewalk Narrow (4’) or missing Neighbors Parks, Open Space & and travel lanes when sidewalks in Work Trails Master Plan speeds exceed 25 M.P.H residential Parks/Rec. neighborhoods Shopping Dining ADA accessible curb Adults cuts for sidewalks Neighbors Minimal compliance Work with ADA Parks/Rec. Shopping Dining Seniors Neighbors Bus Stops
  28. 28. Bicycle Transportation Ideas Minimum Condition of Current Supporting Plans and User Groups Who is in this group? Infrastructure Infrastructure Policies Required Type A Experienced bicyclists Bicycle route signage Bicycle routes have been that are comfortable in a implemented variety of settings Type B Intermediate bicyclists 5’ wide on-street Some on-street bicycle that are comfortable in bicycle lanes lanes have been slow speed settings with constructed Parks, Open Space & Trails Off-street multi-use minimal motor vehicle Master Plan 12’ wide trails traffic Some off-street multi-use trails have been constructed Type C Beginning bicyclists and Off-street multi-use Some off-street multi-use Parks, Open Space & Trails Master Plan children that do not 12’ wide trails trails have been travel aside motor constructed 6’ wide sidewalks vehicles. Colorado Safe Routes to (children only) Sidewalks are incomplete Schools Program
  29. 29. Transit System Ideas User Groups Who uses the Minimum Service Status of Service Supporting Plans service and where Requirements Planning and Policies do they go? Call & Ride Bus Lyons residents Shuttle bus with ADA Service is currently Boulder County traveling to any accessibility, a hotline provided by Special Transit Services destination within to schedule trips, and Transit in Lyons Action Plan Lyons or to a bus dispatcher 10:30 and 1:00 Longmont (T&F) Wed to Longmont (min 3 people) Regional Bus Lyons & Boulder Regional bus with Service is currently Boulder County Service (Y) residents traveling ADA accessibility and provided 4 times Transit Services between the two fixed route schedule daily by RTD Action Plan communities RTD Operations Plan What are the potential transit markets in Lyon’s? Based on year 2000 U.S. Census journey to work travel data 6% of residents are beyond 65 years of age, 13% have a disability that may not allow them to drive, 7% of families live below the poverty line, approximately 4% of all dwelling units do not have a personal automobile, and 13% of commuters carpool for work. Each group represents a segment of the Lyons community that would benefit financially and physically from the introduction and improvement of local and regional transit service.
  30. 30. Other Transportation Ideas User Groups What is the Minimum Infrastructure Current Accommodation of Supporting purpose and who Required Transportation Mode Plans and does it serve? Policies Commercial Transports Design routes to facilitate Truck routes and maintenance Boulder County plans have not been designated Trucks commercial commercial trucks travel Comprehensive through Lyons materials to and Plan through Lyons Arterial street standards Tractor trailers, that accommodate turning movements delivery trucks, USPS, Fed Ex, DHL, UPS, etc. Designated loading zones in commercial areas Life Safety Fire, Ambulance, Roadway and intersections Roadway design standards have Boulder County Operations and Police access designed to reasonably appropriate turning radius to Road Standards accommodate life safety vehicles to emergency accommodate access in and the event of an emergency situations Specifications An emergency evacuation plan is not in place Secondary access to developments. Signal preemption for emergency responding vehicles is used in limited applications
  31. 31. Next Steps 1. Workshop 1 Results Posted 2. Workshop 2 Results Will be Up Soon 3. Youth Input
  32. 32. Youth Workshop: What do you like? 1. Parks 2. Open space 3. Festivals and music 4. The butie (sic) of the Town 5. Good Old Days
  33. 33. Youth Workshop: What would you like to add? 1. Teen Town 2. Make Skate Park Better 3. Pool/Rec Center 4. More buses to Boulder 5. Water Park 6. Zoo 7. Better sidewalks on Apple Valley Road 8. “Crazier 4th of July”
  34. 34. Next Steps 1. Workshop 1 Results Posted 2. Workshop 2 Results Will be Up Soon 3. Youth Input 4. Share Your Stories!
  35. 35. Next Steps 1. Workshop 1 Results Posted 2. Workshop 2 Results Will be Up Soon 3. Youth Input 4. Share Your Stories! 5. Workshop 3: Alternative Scenarios and Policies