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Ethnic groups of africa ppt


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7th grade social studies

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Ethnic groups of africa ppt

  1. 1. Ethnic Groups of Africa
  2. 2. Arabs • Any member of the Arabic-speaking peoples native to the Middle East and North Africa. Many Arabs are Muslims (followers of Islam), but some are also followers of Christianity.
  3. 3. • First arrived in Egypt in the late 600 AD and spread across northern Africa all the way to Morocco. • They later spread to the Sahel region and along the eastern coast (Kenya, Mozambique Tanzania and Zanzibar). • They make up the majority of the people along the Mediterranean Sea and the East coast. • The majority are Muslim however a few are Christians.
  4. 4. Ashanti • People of West Africa near Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Togo. • Ashanti ethnic group mostly have traditional beliefs. An Asante chief wearing silk cloth and gold jewelry.
  5. 5. • The symbol of Ashanti unity is the Golden Stool which was produced from the heavens and given to the first King. It is so sacred that not even kings were allowed to sit on it. • The traditional religion is centered on a belief in a supreme god (Nayme) • His many children represent all the natural powers and forces of the world. • They believe in supernatural powers, ancestors are given great respect, and they have many family rituals.
  6. 6. • There are also many Christians in this ethnic group, which was introduced by the European and American missionaries. • There is also a growing number of Muslims. Ashanti Men Golden Stool
  7. 7. BANTU One of the original ethnic groups in Africa that was part of the largest migration of people on the continent thousands of years ago. An
  8. 8. • Bantu were farmers and animal herders and iron making crafts. • They spread south and east following the rivers and streams. • There is over 60 million people in central and southern Africa who speak Bantu based language and share some of the culture. • There is a strong Muslim presence and some Christian. • There is still followers of the Traditional belief (animist) believing spirits are found in natural objects and surroundings. (rocks, trees, waterfalls etc.)
  9. 9. SWAHILI •The Swahili people live on the east coast of Africa from Somalia to Mozambique.
  10. 10. • Many Swahili people are Muslims (believe in Islam) after Arabs brought the religion from Arabia when trading. • However, they also mix in some traditional beliefs with their Islamic beliefs. • They believe that there are spirits that can possess a person. • Herbal medicines are often given along with prescribed prayers and ritual for a cure. • The Swahili language is a mixture between Bantu and Arabic. • Most live in cities today and many make a living through fishing and trading.