Brands, Ebooks, and Upcoming Boom


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Brands, corporations, and organizations will leverage the ebook revolution to connect their audiences around books and other content. This presentation just scratches the surface of how brands can connect users around books, how they can build or reward an audience, and how publishers and readers can all benefit from this new distributed sales channel.

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Brands, Ebooks, and Upcoming Boom

  1. 1. Brands & Special sales
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • BookShout! provides white-labeled redemption and corporate pages • Can provide emailable codes, links, or gift cards for clients • Partners and fulfills eBook sales orders for many publishers • Creative corporate, custom, bulk, or special sales options for brands • Works on web, Apple, Android, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD/HD+ Goal: Empower publishers with digital tools for bulk, corporate, special, and promotional sales
  3. 3. Examples* *These companies are examples only and may or may not be part of the current BookShout! ecosystem. Exact services, specifications, and amounts for actual clients are not disclosed.
  4. 4. ParentsMagazine Goal: Retain and reward current Parents clients by letting each person choose 1 of 10 books • Reward current subscribers with gift of 1 of 10 eBooks of their choice • Parents has white-labeled redemption and corporate pages for clients • BookShout! provides over 50,000+ codes to Parents subscribers • Parents receives reports on active clients, books redeemed, etc
  5. 5. careerbuilder Goal: Provide 1000s of gift cards for CareerBuilder employees and clients for event • CareerBuilder orders more than 1000 promo cards for corporate event • Receives white-labeled cards with author’s book and corporate logo • Creates personalized message and redemption page for client
  6. 6. NIke Goal: From homepage, readers can join the Nike community and connect with prospective or current customers • Nike desires homepage banner with link to white-labeled group • No codes are necessary--links are embedded for ease of use • Use for client acquisition and rewards
  7. 7. ibm Goal: Create internal IBM eBook library for employees to share and discuss • IBM desires white-labeled internal library of books for employees • White-labeled corporate library can hold any number of books • Corporate library can be private and notes can be shared • Works for worldwide IBM network
  8. 8. Fidelity Goal: Distribute custom books and documents to Fidelity employees and/or clients • Publish custom books into white- labeled corporate Fidelity page • Produce over 200,000 cards and/or codes for client • Allow for custom covers, codes, etc to be included
  9. 9. bookshout • BookShout supports publisher’s internal sales teams • Can fulfill needed orders and/or provide custom presentations • Usually ready to launch within 2 or 3 days of finalized details • Special requests can be handled Increase Sales Increase Contacts Increase Community