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SharePoint 2013 Administration in the Hybrid world


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Microsoft's massive investment into Cloud technologies are enough to make anyone stop and wonder if the Cloud is something they should be focusing on for SharePoint. During this full day workshop we will examine Microsoft's Cloud Strategy from an ITPro's perspective and understand how a hybrid scenario can be structured to maximize the On Premises, Infrastructure as a Service, & Cloud capabilities. We will deep dive into deployment planning and implementation across the hybrid stack. We will also discuss and demonstrate the management of the SharePoint platform across all tiers. Join us on this journey from the ground to the cloud and back again!

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SharePoint 2013 Administration in the Hybrid world

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Jason’s @sharepointlhorn
  3. 3. Hybrid On Premises OnlineBest experience across Cloud on your terms devices Voice Content Enterprise DataMessaging & Video Management Social & Analytics Integrated best-of-breed solutions
  4. 4. Fast and fluid experience with Office - on Newsfeeds & microblogging, DLP, data retention & unifiedtouch, pen, mouse & keyboard demand, roaming & up-to- extend with Yammer eDiscovery dateImmersive touch-optimized Pervasive social capabilities Reimagined deploymentWindows 8 apps New cloud app across Office model for Office apps development modelSupport for Windows phone, Multiparty HD video & Skype Common managementiOS & Android phones Enterprise-grade reliability federation experience across Office 365 and standards
  5. 5. Office 365 | What is it? Latest productivity services running in Microsoft’s cloud
  6. 6. Cloud identity with Cloud identity Federated identity directory synchronizationSingle identity in the cloud Suitable Single identity Single federated identityfor small organizations with no suitable for medium and credentials suitableintegration to on-premises and large organizations without for medium and largedirectories federation* organizations
  7. 7. Federation options ShibbolethWorks with AD Works with AD & Non-AD Works with AD & Non-ADSuitable for medium, large enterprises Suitable for medium, large enterprises Suitable for educational organizations jincluding educational organizations including educational organizations Recommended where customers may useRecommended option for Active Directory (AD) Recommended where customers may use existing non-ADFS Identity systemsbased customers existing non-ADFS Identity systems with AD or Non-AD Single sign-onSingle sign-on Single sign-on Secure token based authenticationSecure token based authentication Secure token based authentication Support for web clients and outlook onlySupport for web and rich clients Support for web and rich clients Microsoft supported for integration only, noMicrosoft supported shibboleth deployment support Third-party supportedWorks for Office 365 Hybrid Scenarios Requires on-premises servers & support Requires on-premises servers, licenses & supportRequires on-premises servers, licenses & support Works with AD and other directories on-premises Verified through ‘works with Office 365’ program Works for Office 365 Hybrid Scenarios
  8. 8. Office 365 | Offerings 1-10 11 - 250 251 – 500,000+
  9. 9. Intranet UserWeb Front EndsApplication Servers SQL Server
  10. 10. Load Balancer Intranet User Search Topology Web Front Ends Web Front EndsWeb Front Ends Application Servers Application Servers Heartbeat Remote BLOB Store SQL Server SQL Server SQL Cluster
  11. 11. Server configuration – Large Farm Farm 1 SQL Servers Cross Farm Services Web Servers Central Admin Query Server Query Server SharePoint Search Web Servers SQL Servers Farm 1 Cluster Farm 3 Cluster 1 SQL DataMart MySites SSAS Query Cluster SSRS Cluster App Server - OWA/XLS 2 App Servers Index Server Index Server SSAS Processing SQL Cluster Farm 3 Cluster 2 SQL Cluster Search SQL Cluster 1 Search SQL Cluster 2 Farm 2 Cluster 1TFS MySites SQL Cluster Search SQL Cluster 1 Search SQL Cluster 2 TFS Proxy Server TFS Proxy Server TFS App Server TFS App Server Farm 2 Cluster 2 OLTP SQL Cluster Farm 2 Farm 3 Full Trust Solution Farm Web Servers Web Servers Web Servers Patch Web Server/ Web Servers Web Servers Web Servers Web Servers Patch Web Server/ No-Code Solution Farm Central Admin/Crawl Central Admin/Crawl Target Target App Server - OWA/XLS App Server - OWA/XLS App Server - OWA/XLS App Server - PP/PPS App Server - PP/PPS App Server - PP/PPS App Server - OWA/XLS App Server - OWA/XLS App Server - OWA/XLS App Server - PP/PPS App Server - PP/PPS App Server - PP/PPS Farm 2 Cluster 1 Farm 2 Cluster 2 Farm 3 Cluster 1 Farm 3 Cluster 2
  12. 12. User Profile ApplicationRequest Management Routing and CachingMetadata ServicesDistributed Cache Very low latencyBusiness Data ConnectivitySecure StoreStateSession State Front EndAccess Low latencyUser CodeSearch QueryPerformancePointUser Profile Sync Back EndVisioCrawl Target More tolerant latencyExcel ServicesContent DB JobsPowerPivotWorkflowProjectWMAMachine Translation Database tierSearch CrawlDocument Conversion
  13. 13. For all but the Routing and Cachingsmallest enterprise Very low latencydeployments, you willwant to split SearchQuery functionality to Front Enda separate tier Low latency Search (Query, Index, Admin) Low latency Back End More tolerant latency Database tier
  14. 14. IIS Web Site—“SharePoint Web Services” Application pool Access Excel Managed User Profile Services Calculation Metadata Services Business Data Secure Store Search Connectivity ServiceApplication pool Application pool Web application—Published Intranet Content Web application—My Sites Web application—Team Sites http://team Http://woodgrove/ http://my http://my/personal/<user> HR Facilities Purchasing Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
  15. 15. IIS Web Site – ”SharePoint” Application Pool ”SharePoint” Logical functionality ”Intranet” Logical functionality ”My Sites” Logical functionality ”Projects” Logical functionality ”Communities” Logical functionality ”Teams”
  16. 16. SharePoint Services SQL Servicessp_install sql_serversp_farm sql_serverAgentsp_webapp sql_olapservicesp_serviceapps sql_reportserversp_search sql_dtsserversp_userprofilesp_superusersp_superreader
  17. 17. Memory Processor Disk Single Server(Integrated or Standalone 8 GB x64 1x4 80 GB (OS) Database) Single Server(Integrated or Standalone Database) 24 GB x64 1x4 80 GB (OS) *Development Environment/EvaluationWeb / Application Servers 12 GB x64 1x4 80 GB (OS)*Pilot, Production, Servers in a FarmHardware and software requirements for SharePoint Server 2013
  18. 18. Hardware and software requirements for SharePoint Server 2013
  19. 19. Hardware and software requirements for SharePoint Server 2013
  20. 20. SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2010 Workgroup Unsupported Supported Domain Controller Developer Installation Supported for SBS Client OS Unsupported Developer InstallationDynamic Memory in VMs Unsupported Unsupported Windows Web Server Unsupported Supported
  21. 21.
  22. 22. On-premises adminServer AdministrationManages servers, capacity,deployment, updates,troubleshooting, recovering fromfailuresSharePoint AdministrationCustomize SharePoint forbusiness needs. Governance,compliance, apps.
  23. 23. SharePointAdministrationCustomize SharePointfor business needs.Governance,compliance, apps.
  24. 24. Federation Server Farm Using SQL Server and Proxies:
  25. 25. SP ServicesSP Profile AD Import SPO Organizational Account SP Web SPO-DS App Sync Daemon SPO-DS MSO Portal Directory Sync ADFS Federated Users Active Directory
  26. 26. Jason’s @sharepointlhorn