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Office Web Applications have always been a feature that only Microsoft's EA customers could enjoy and existed in a SharePoint resident only way. With the 2013 wave of products, OWA moves out of the shadows and into the spotlight! Come join us and hear about the reimagined Office Web Applications and how they can change the way that your company collaborates. We will dive into the topology, design, new use cases, scalability concerns, management strategies, and interplay across the Microsoft stack that the new version brings to the table.

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New Office Web Apps story

  1. 1. The New Office Web Apps StoryJason
  2. 2. Extend Productivity High Fidelity Fearless CollaborationFamiliar Office tools and UI Documents look the same, no When writing & editing with others,brings power of Office to more matter where you view them – file integrity is maintained with nopeople in more places across various browsers, data or formatting loss platforms and devices
  3. 3. 365Consumer Cloud Public Cloud On PremisesPublicly available to any Live ID user An option within the service Run on Office Web Apps ServerFree via SkyDrive Monthly per user subscription
  4. 4. Mobile Workers Deskless Workers Students & HomeAnywhere access to files and Provide cost effective access Shared access and editing tocommon productivity tools to productivity tools to regularly updated groupwhen Office isnt available. remote or branch information. employees.
  5. 5. 3rd party apps
  6. 6. Document Review Multi-user Authoring Meetings Editing OneNote Web App Presentation BroadcastChange tracking Excel Web App Lync Integration Commenting PowerPoint Web App Async Navigation Word Web App Media Playback With anyone with a browser
  7. 7. Office 15 Client Office Web Apps Wave 15 Office Web Apps Wave 2010 Modify a Author a Best-in-classOpen a document document document authoring
  8. 8. Office Web Apps 15 – Productivity improvementsOneNote Word Excel PowerPoint• Ink • Print Layout • Print • Animations• Search • Smart Art • Sheet • Shapes• Image paste Rendering operations • Inserting • Line and • Auto-fit text box Paragraph • Styles spacing • Page setup • Word Count
  9. 9. SharePoint Farm 1 Office Web Apps 32 Farm
  10. 10. Never be withoutthe tools you need.Access, work together& share from anywherewith anyone
  11. 11. Scenario Internal User Read Office documents via Office Web Free, no Office client required Apps Edit Office documents via Office Web Apps Requires Office 2013 Standard or Professional Plus• Our company users (who are licensed for Office Client) are working with external users on projects, what licensing do those external users need to access Office documents via Office Web Apps? Scenario External User* Read Office documents via Office Web Free, no Office client required Apps Edit Office documents via Office Web Apps Free, no Office client required *External Users: defined as users that are not either your or your affiliates’ employees, or your or your affiliates’ onsite contractors or onsite agents.