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Implementing Azure Active Directory Connect and more


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Are you struggling to make heads or tails out of the identity options for Office 365, Azure and on-prem installations? Are you trying to figure out how in the world you get started implementing hybrid identity? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, you are not alone!

Part two of this IT Unity webinar series will feature Rackspace’s SharePoint MVPs, Todd Klindt and Jason Himmelstein, as they walk you through the prerequisites and implementation steps to get your hybrid identity implementation underway. At the end of this one-hour webinar, you will be able to get your on-prem identities synced to Azure and be on your way to enjoying all of the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud.
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Implementing Azure Active Directory Connect and more

  1. 1. Implementing Azure Active Directory Connect and More Jason Himmelstein, SharePoint MVP Office 365 Advisory Services Manager @sharepointlhorn Todd Klindt, SharePoint MVP SharePoint Principal Architect @toddklindt
  2. 2. Who is this Todd Klindt guy? • SharePoint MVP since 2006 • Speaker, writer, consultant, Aquarius, Iowa Native • Fan of all sorts of Microsoft technologies • Personal Blog • Twitter me! @toddklindt • If you’re not already sick of him •
  3. 3. That other guy… Jason something • SharePoint Server MVP • Office 365 Advisory Services Manager, Rackspace • ITPro enthusiast, Business Intelligence geek, & general technology fan boy • Writes good, Speaks ok, Smells delightful • Re-installed Texan, die-hard Spurs, Longhorns, & Jaguars fan • Geek Blog: • On the Twitters: @sharepointlhorn • GitHub:
  4. 4. Discount code: Klindt Shameless self promotion Discount code: RACKSPACE
  5. 5. • Quick review • Use cases • Review homework & pre-reqs for today • Demo • Q & A Agenda
  6. 6. • Bad news… we are ITPros! NO DEV TALK HERE  • Good news… The Microsoft Cloud Show covered the Azure AD dev topics recently! • improvements Were you hoping for a dev focused talk?
  7. 7. • Do as I say not as I do • Ask questions • Be patient! • Pray to the demo & Cloud gods Rules for today 
  8. 8. Azure AD Connect: Your Identity Bridge Azure AD Connect (sync + sign on) Active Directory LDAP
  9. 9. • Old environment moving to a new Hybrid Estate • New Farm Identities • Extranet situations Use Cases
  10. 10. • Office 365 tenant • 1 Registered Domain URL • 2 Machines – 1 AD Domain Controller (ADDC) – 1 Domain member server • Package downloads on member server – PowerShell installers • Azure AD Connect – • Windows PowerShell cmdlets for Office 365 management and deployment – • Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals RTW – • Azure AD Module for Windows PowerShell – Pre-requisites for today
  11. 11. • Already done: – Configure a new Active Directory – Create a server to the join to the domain • Prep the member server & join it to the domain • Install PowerShell management tools • Install Azure ADConnect • Configure Office 365 to use sync with the onPrem AD • Configure Azure ADConnect to sync accounts • Validate configuration • Create new account & perform a manual sync What are we going to do…
  12. 12. It’s demo time!!!!
  13. 13. • Do what we just did • Prep for Part 3 – 1 additional VMs • 1 ADFS Servers (in real world this would be 2 ADDCs & 2 ADFS with a load balancer) – SSL cert Homework
  14. 14. Q & A