Taskless workflow presentation outline spsbend 2011


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Taskless workflow presentation outline spsbend 2011

  1. 1. Taskless Workflow Presentation Outline Agenda What are SharePoint workflows? What are SharePoint workflows good for? Why create Taskless workflows in SharePoint? Demonstrate a Task based workflow – Approval. What tools are required to build workflows? How do we create Taskless workflows? Demo: How to Build a Taskless Workflow What workflows have we created like this? How much time does it cut from the process? Why do users like task less workflows? What are the constraints for task less workflows? Conclusion and Questions/Answers
  2. 2. Create Workflow 1. Create a 4 State State Machine (add Records too) 2. Add Enum File (1. BSPUGStatesEnum.vb.txt): Public Enum BSPUGStateEnum InitialSetup = 0 HR = 1 Payroll = 2 Completed = 3 Cancelled = 4 Unlisted = 5 End Enum 3. Add Email Activity to Initial State and set the workflow state in code.
  3. 3. 4. Set the State to HR Review (& Email To Submitter: 4. Get Author Email.txt).5. Switch to HR Review State and add State Initialization and Event Driven activity.6. In the state init activity, add code to set the workflow state and to notify HR (2. Set Workflow State to in HR.txt & 3. Public Property WorkflowState.txt & 9. HR Email Body.txt)7. In event Driven Activity add On Document Changed and then an If Then
  4. 4. 8. Add Code Conditions to check what the action is for each branch (6. Private ReadOnly Property WorkflowAction.txt & 5. Code Condition HR Send to Payroll.txt & 7. Code Condition Cancel.txt)9. Add state Init to Payroll review and a code activity:
  5. 5. 10. Add event driven to Payroll state and a workflow item changed and an if else activity (8. Code Condition Send Back to HR.txt):
  6. 6. 11. Add State Init to Cancelled State and set the code to cancelled state. Send a mail back to the manager too:12. Add a Send to Records State to complete the process.13. Press Play and then start the workflow on the form library.14.