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Social Media Marketing Mistakes


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Social Media Marketing Mistakes

  1. 1. ==== ====Become part of the naxt big thing for free and get paid forever. Its called wazzub! ====Here we go again! Another year and another great possibility! With the election of Obama to thepresidency, there is Hope and all are looking for a great future.But I am sitting here thinking of all the folks in social Media that are going to be frustrated again intheir social Media marketing efforts. wondering why they are not getting the traction or friends thatthey thought they should. And the main reason is that they continue to make the same mistakes inSocial Media as last year.Are YOU going to do that- I sure hope not. You may not have the power of a Robert Scoble, or thepersonality of a Gary Vanyerchuck, or the mind of a Chris Brogan, or the networking focus of aMari Smith or Coach Deb Micek. Or even the amazing writing talent of a Scott Monty.At least not yet.But you CAN accelerate your Social Media Success this year by avoiding these top 10 mistakesmade by people in Social media in 2009.Ok...what are they?1) Lack of Consistent Visibility.You cannot make a path and create a presence in Social Media, without CONSISTENTLY beingSEEN and HEARD with your message. Ask Carrie Wilkerson. Or Timothy Carter. NOT going tohappen. That is why that you MUST create a Presence on the web DAILY- and be seen and heardas part of the community. A tree does not grow part time. It must be consistent in its efforts. It isthe same with your Social Media marketing.2) Focusing too much on being heard.LISTEN first- THEN talk. Social Media is about Listening to what is being said- by your prospectsand customers- and social media in general. You would never enter a party or social event andimmediately start yelling out what you wanted to talk about.Neither should you in Social Media. LISTEN and then LEARN- and then Let your voice be heard-ONLY as a part of the existing conversation. Your time to start the conversation will come.3) Taking, instead of GIVING to the Social Media Community.Ahhhhh- lots of takers out in the Web 2,0 world. But NOT YOU. GIVE first. Give Value. Give
  2. 2. Suggestions. Give Advice. Give ideas. Give Encouragement. Give News. Give New Possibilities.Give Words of Gratitude. But do NOT take relentlessly. You will be shunned and labeled as such.If you REALLY want to create powerful influence- GIVE. How does that work?GIVE = Gain Influence Very Easily. Give FIRST - and you will never come in Second.4) Not Joining groups.Groups are where you can have some of the greatest growth and learning. I belong to a ton ofgroups. Why? Because of 2 reasons: 1) I learn a lot from other people. 2) I CONNECT with thefolks in the group.Groups are a "secret weapon" that you should use on as many social sites as you can. They willnot only Enlarge you- but also the possibilities that the group can bring to your life.5) Not attending Events.Events ROCK. And you should be attending at least 1 event a week to do 2 things: 1) Becomemore Visible. 2) To learn from people that know things you do not.Events are what i call the "Hidden University" of social Media. You can learn a LOT and grow a lotfrom events.Look at the events that interest you. And pick on event that mildly interests you. And see if you canlearn something even from that event. I have an event journal. and every event that i attend- ikeep a log of what was said so i can review it later. You may want to do the same.6) Not enough VALUE in what they are doing.Value RULES in Social Media. And we train on what we call "Surprising Value." This is the type ofValue that is so great and unexpected that it surprises the person that discovers it. Put More Valuein your POSTS. Put more Value in your PODCASTS. Put more Value in your Conversations. Putmore Value in your Articles. Put More Value in your Recommendations. Put More Value in YOUand what you bring to the Social Media table.Value RULES. And the one with the MOST value at the end of the day- reigns.7) Joining Too Many Social Media sites.There are about 3,600 Social Media sites. You need maybe 5-7. You read that right. You need 5-7PRIMARY Social Sites. Then you need maybe 25-30, or even 50 Secondary sites for Link Buildingand traffic purposes. The main sites that you should be a part of- is up to you. My Big 73 areFacebook, Twitter, youTube, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Plaxo, and WordPress - along withmashable. These are the CORE of my Social Media Marketing.Do I belong to more? Heavens yes- a LOT more but have automated those through andother social software.
  3. 3. Do NOT try and be seen on a hundred sites. Facebook alone can keep you busy with over 200million people. The same with MySpace, or Friendster. Master ONE site while mastering socialmedia and then another, and then another, until you have YOUR "Big 7." And then automate therest.8) Focusing too much on Monetizing Social Media.Nothing wrong with monetization on the internet. We do it a LOT- and daily. But focusing too muchon that in social media- is , well...not cool. People do not mind knowing about an offer, or new infoproduct. But how about giving some VALUE first with it- then invite them to an event- and then atthe end of the conference call or webinar-give them a chance to purchase your product.What do I see daily? URLs and messages SELLING SELLING SELLING! Whew- wish that wouldnot happen so blatantly. It has gotten better, but if you have a great content rich info product- hereis a novel idea: GIVE part of the info away FIRST and let the person ASK you for the product ifthey like it.Hmmm....that just might be an idea worth considering.9) Thinking that You are Nobody and Social Media Success is for other people.Ask Chris Brogan. Ask Scott Monty. Ask Alejandro Reyes. Ask Brian Solis. Ask Dave Taylor. AskShama Hyder. EVRYONE has a great possibility to becoming SOMEBODY in Social Media. THATis the beauty of the culture. Everyone who contributes Value and Connection- is more thanwelcome to achieve whatever they want. Chris Brogan once had 10 readers of his blog. Now hehas almost 40,000 people following him on twitter alone. Brian Clark of copyblogger fame oncehad 10 readers. So did Scoble. So did Monty. So did Shama. And the list is endless.There is GREATNESS inside of you-and there is NO BETTER place than Social Media to unleashit upon the world. You ARE Somebody- and always have been. YOU are a Social Media Rockstar-in training!10) Not Branding Yourself Strong Enough.Branding is a tool that we all use in Social Media. It is WHO YOU ARE- and what peopleremember about you. It could be a phrase-"Just Do It (TM)"- or a slogan- ""Weve Got YouCovered." Or even a questions- "Can You Hear me Now?" or just a Name-"Trump."You need to get a slogan or phrase that you can start wrapping in your messages. You need toget an image that speaks what you want the public to see and know. And you need to decide -what is the ONE THING I want people to think of FIRST- when they think of me and my company?THAT is the start of a good brand build. Do not be just another face in the web 2.0 world. Setyourself apart and above the fray with a brand that rocks. We teach what is called "ConnectionBranding" and we have saying:"Do NOT just be known or remembered- become UNFORGETTABLE." "
  4. 4. THAT is what you need to do!These are the top 10 mistakes people will make in Social Media in 2009. Yes, i Know there areothers- but these are the ones that i see as the most prevalent in Social Media marketing.blessings..doug firebaughDoug Firebaugh is one of the Top Social Media strategists, MLM, Network Marketing HomeBusiness Trainers, Speakers and Authors in the world. Over a Million people a month read histraining letter.He has helped over 10,000 people worldwide earn in excess of 50,000 a year. Hewants to help you do the same. You can subscribe to his FR-ee training letter -which includes 3FR-ee gifts just for subscribing at http://www.passionfire.comArticle Source: ====Become part of the naxt big thing for free and get paid forever. Its called wazzub! ====