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Bodybuilding and Fat Loss


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Bodybuilding and Fat Loss

  1. 1. ==== ====For Incredible Fat Loss Tips and Products Check This Out! ====Bodybuilding and Fat Loss begins with your diet. The food you consume will govern the size ofyour muscles and the level of fat on your body. But, how can you build muscle and loss fat whenyou need a caloric surplus to add muscle mass and a caloric deficit to burn fat? Well, it isnt goingto happen with the old saying, "calories in - calories out". It will have to be more about the qualityof your food then the quantity of your food if you want to succeed in bodybuilding and fat loss.For example, if you eat cookies and chips all day while keeping the calorie intake less than whatyour body needs, you will still be gaining fat because of the quality of food you are consuming.These types of foods are high in sugar and fat which will raise your insulin levels. They will causeyour body to store incoming calories as fat instead of being used as energy.On the other hand, if you were to eat high protein foods with vegetables all day and you were toeat more calories than your body requires, your body would still burn fat because of the qualitysource of your food.Some foods that are good quality for bodybuilding and fat loss are...FishChickenTurkeyEgg WhitesAny VegetableThese foods are high in fiber and slow digesting. They have a nutritional purpose and the body willuse them as fuel instead of being stored as fat. Only a very high intake of these foods will causeyour body to store them as fat. And, since these types of foods are high in fiber and protein, yourstomach will feel fuller and you will automatically eat less.Your diet is only the first part for the success of bodybuilding and fat loss. In order for you to trulybenefit, you need to incorporate cardiovascular exercise and weight training into your lifestyle aswell.Cardiovascular ExerciseBodybuilding and fat loss has a lot to do with how to perform your cardiovascular exercise. Youcan not do hours of cardiovascular exercise and think you will be able to loss body fat andmaintain your muscle mass.
  2. 2. Your cardiovascular exercise has to be high intensity with interval training for a short period oftime. Bodybuilding and fat loss can best be accomplished by incorporating high intensity intervaltraining (HIIT) as its primary cardiovascular exercise.You can either perform your HIIT on the same day as your weight training or you can weight trainon certain days and perform your HIIT on separate days. If you do decide to perform your HIIT onthe same day as your weight training, make sure to give yourself at least 6 hours between yourHIIT and your weight training. This way you will be able to have enough energy to fully accomplishyour weight training without being fatigued.The reason youll want to perform high intensity interval training instead of long steady pacecardiovascular exercise is, you will be able to maintain your muscle mass and burn more fat withthe HIIT. Bodybuilding and fat loss has everything to do with maintaining your muscle mass whileyou loss body fat. Long steady pass cardiovascular exercise burns muscles as a fuel source. Theless muscle mass you have, the lower your metabolism will be.Weight TrainingThere are two different ways you can weight train for bodybuilding and fat loss. One way willincrease your muscle mass and the other will maintain your muscle mass while you burn more fat.Lifting weights for muscle mass is a lot different then lifting weights for fat loss. Yet bodybuildingand fat loss are accomplished by both methods.For Gaining Muscle MassFat loss takes a back seat while the emphasis is more on growth. You will see fat loss in thismethod but, it will not be as apparent as the circuit training routine of the fat loss method.In the gaining muscle method, you will focus more on one muscle group at a time and break downthe muscle fibers for each muscle group. For the best results of this gaining muscle mass method,you should be consuming a lot of your calories before and immediately after the workout.Carbohydrates are important during this workout. Consuming carbohydrates before working outwill give your muscles the necessary energy it needs during the workout to break down musclefibers effectively. Eating carbohydrates immediately after your workout will help shuttle protein tothe damaged muscle for quicker repair. So in other words, bodybuilding and fat loss have a lot todo with how and when you consume your carbohydrates.For Fat LossYou need to lift with lighter weights and use more reps in a circuit routine. This will get yourmuscles toned and ripped. Reducing the rest between sets will increase your metabolism andforce you to use more calories in your workout. You also should use super-sets with in yourcircuits to really see the benefits of weight training for fat loss.Unlike weight training for muscle mass, weight training for fat loss has a little different approach tocarbohydrate intake. You will not be taking any carbohydrates before your workout. Carbohydrates
  3. 3. causes your body to have an insulin spike which shuts down your bodys ability to burn fat as fuelduring your workout. So, you will be only consuming protein before your workout. After yourworkout, it is okay to consume carbohydrates but not as much as you would after a workout.Bodybuilding and fat loss is a very tricky thing to accomplish yet it can be done. This article wasmeant to help guide you in the right direction. Our body is made up differently so you will have todo some experimenting to see what will work best for you in your own bodybuilding and fat lossgoals.To learn more about Interval Training For Fat Loss, go to Source: ====For Incredible Fat Loss Tips and Products Check This Out! ====