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Toysand treatsproject

  1. 1. Name: _____________________________ Class: _______________ Dorofy/Duckworth/Gordon/Sanders Toys and Treats STEPS: 1. For homework: Bring in any candy or sweets that are non-perishable along with any toy items that you feel comfortable using in a still life “sculpture” 2. Watch the demo on colored pencil techniques and then complete the colored pencil technique art card. 3. Each student will get a 6” square cardboard card, and on that card you will experiment with the various arrangements of your toys and candy/treats to create an interesting composition 4. As you are experimenting with different arrangements, you must do 5 thumbnail sketches of possible compositions in your sketchbook 5. When you are creating a composition, you need to consider the principles of design! Remember back to the Principles of Pasta project and what we discussed makes a good composition! a. Refer to your Art Cards if you need a refresher! b. When you are planning, consider multiple solutions and arrangements, your first idea is VERY Rarely the best one. 6. Once you have your 5 Thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook, you must conference with your teacher to discuss which composition is the most successful 7. After your conference, you will glue your toys and treats into a permanent sculpture using a hot glue gun. 8. You will then make a gridded viewfinder by cutting a small square out of the paper provided and then crossing thread across your viewfinder to create 4 quadrants. You will use the viewfinder to find a composition that you will then lightly sketch on your drawing paper (your paper should have the same 4 quadrants as your viewfinder!) 9. Once you have your entire composition sketched out, check for proportions and placement of your toys and treats. Use the gridding to help to check this 10. Begin to add color to your composition making use of the colored pencil techniques demonstrated as well as referencing the technique guide for reminders. For this next project you will be working with familiar concepts and media, but will have to further display your skills of observational drawing as well as technique with colored pencil. As always you should be using the art elements and principles of design in the creation of your artwork. TASK: -You will be creating a colored pencil still life composition made with Toys and Treats!