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Senior High Studio Art Syllabus 2012 13


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Senior High Studio Art Syllabus 2012 13

  1. 1. SENIOR HIGH ART DEPARTMENT: STUDIO ART SYLLABUS TEACHER: Mr. Dorofy1. MATERIALS AND ORGANIZATION REQUIRED MATERIALS: - Binder (1 ½”) with 3 prongs and 2 pockets - One package of divider sheets with 5 dividers - Sketchbook (preferably black hard bound as these are the highest quality for the price and will not fall apart), minimum 8” x 10” maximum 9” x 12” with at least 50 pages - 50 sheets of white lined notebook paper - Pencil Pack w/ sharpener, erasers (sold at stores like Michaels for a few dollars as a set) - Binder Pencil Case (optional but great for organization)You are responsible for keeping an Art Binder at all times. Each paper you receive will have anappropriate space in your Art Binder. This binder can be used as a tool in any subsequent artclasses you decide to take. Periodic checks of your binder’s organization will be given throughoutthe year – both announced and unannounced.You must bring your art binder, workbook, pencils and eraser to every class. If you forget yourmaterials you will lose points off your weekly process grade for each day you don’t bring them. 2. DEADLINES AND DUE DATESAll due dates, resources and relevant information may be found on my website. Resources not ableto be hosted on the website are available through my shared folder on the school’s database. Notethese documents are only accessible while at school! Refer to your reference sheets for moreinformation on accessing them. HOMEWORK, CLASSWORK, SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENTS: If your work is late, you will lose credit at a rate of 2 points per school day, NOT CLASS DAY. Work turned in after two weeks will earn no more than 65%. You may not turn in late homework, notes or handouts at the end of the quarter. PROJECTS: During each project you will be given a Guideline Due Date. This is the date that you should finish by providing you are on task and completing the project correctly. As we all work at different paces, you will also be provided with a Final Due Date for each project. This is the last day in which you may turn in a finished project for full credit. If your project is turned in after the Final Due Date you lose credit at a rate of 2 points per school day. Work turned in after two weeks will earn no more than a 65%. Only finished projects will be accepted for a grade. If you fall behind during any project, you must plan ahead and sign up to finish your project during Study Halls, Lunch or Activity Period. Please plan ahead because this room is not always open to use. Occasionally emergencies or illnesses may prevent a student from turning in a finished project at the Final Due Date. It is your responsibility to communicate with me IN ADVANCE of the Final Due Date with a valid explanation of why you need
  2. 2. more time to complete the project. If you have not worked to your full potential or made use of class time you will not allowed extra time. THE CLASS AFTER AN ABSENCE: Please wait until work time has begun and we have finished all instruction and demos to ask about what work was missed this way I can give you 100% of my attention to get you caught up.3. RESPONSIBILITY FOR WORK AND PROPERTY You are responsible for knowing where your art binder, workbook, materials, projects andany other personal property are at all times. You are assigned an art locker with a partner. Youmay keep your art projects, art binder and workbook in this locker. Periodic locker checks will takeplace. At times you may be asked to put your work in another area of the room or in the dryingrack. You are responsible for knowing where you put your work. The teacher is notresponsible for lost work that you did not directly hand to him/her. All completed worksheets and assignments will be turned in to the appropriately labeledINBOX in the class drawers when I ask for them. It is your responsibility to turn your work in ontime and in the appropriate bin. When your work has been assessed it will be returned in thecorresponding OUTBOX. It is your responsibility to gather your graded materials and put them inthe appropriate section of your binder.4. ASSESSMENTS AND EVALUATIONS QUIZZES AND TESTS – 20% Though there won’t be many of these, these will count as 20% of your overall grade. PRODUCTS – 50% All work will be graded objectively. It will not be graded on the skill level or artistic talent you possess. Grades are based on how fully you satisfied the expectations of the project, your level of effort, your innovation with developing a creative solution to the design problem and your use of all the time provided to you to complete the project. Projects, workbooks and classwork are a key component of every art course. Each will have a specific set of design tasks and directions. Projects will have rubrics for grading and critiquing that you will receive at the beginning of the assignments so expectations are known. Due dates will be clearly posted and reminders will be given but ultimately it is your responsibility to hand projects in on time. Rubrics for each assignment will be discussed along with the introduction to each project. After your work has been evaluated you will have an opportunity to improve it and receive a new grade. If you are not satisfied with the grade you may re-do or repair the assignment within 2 weeks after receiving the graded project back. You must approve the re-do or repair with me first before starting. If you did not devote the time and energy to the first assignment you will not be able to re-do or repair your project for a higher grade. When you hand in a redo assignment you must attach a new rubric with the original rubric and make notes as to where changes have been made. If you have any questions regarding re-doing or altering an assignment, feel free to discuss with me at an appropriate time in a respectful and appropriate manner. PROCESS GRADES - 30% Process Grades are given each week. These are determined based upon behavior, effort, participation, completion of clean up tasks and making excellent use of all your time in the art room to complete quality products. Students who disrupt others, are off task, sleep, turn in late work, fail to cleanup, rush through assignments and projects, etc. will receive extremely low process grades.
  3. 3. 5. SKETCHBOOKTo learn more in-depth about art techniques, concepts and to prepare for larger projects you willkeep a workbook. You will use this workbook for Homework/ Classwork assignments throughoutthe year, as well as planning for projects and experimentation with different media. It is importantto save and organize all classwork, homework and projects for use in the workbook. The book willserve as a record of what you’ve learned throughout the year and will be a reference tool for anysubsequent art class you may decide to take.6. EXTRA CREDITOpportunities for extra credit will be given throughout the year. Students in good standing (havecompleted all homework and projects on time, exhibit good behavior each class) may completeextra credit tasks for extra points on their homework average. Extra credit will range from helpingwith additional cleanup to researching an artist or technique to helping prepare for a project or artexhibition. Extra credit opportunities will be posted on the blog and at times announced in class.7. PORTFOLIO AND SKETCHBOOK REVIEWEverything completed in class will be saved in your Art Binder, Portfolio or Sketchbook we willconstruct throughout the year. At periodic times throughout the year and at the completion of thesemester you will hand in your materials in each of these for evaluation.8. CLEAN UP, MAINTAINENCE AND SAFETYEveryone is required to clean up his/her own workspace, at the end of the period when the teachercalls for it. There is NO CLEANING UP EARLY! Those that cleanup early will be asked to stayextra time after the bell to assist in additional cleanup tasks.Clean-up jobs are assigned throughout the year. Jobs will be rotated throughout the year. Everyonemust be complete their cleanup task after cleaning their own workspace. Failure to complete yourjob will affect your Weekly Process GradeNo food or drink is to be consumed in the art room at anytime during the day,including Study Halls or Activity period. The art room is intended as a place tocreate artwork and oftentimes food or drink substances can contaminate thematerials and vice versa.All purses, bags and other personal belongings are to be placed on the floor underneath your seatwhen you enter the classroom. This ensures the safety of those moving around the room as well asthe cleanliness of your personal property from the wide variety of dust, water and media being usedin the art room. Your daily supplies should be on your desk when the bell rings.9. TARDINESS, ABSENCES, SKIPPING AND LEAVING CLASS The first time and second time you are late to class without a pass you will receive a warning. Thethird time you will be assigned a clean-up detention to be served after school within two weeks ofyour third tardy. Failure to stay will result in a referral. A fourth unexcused lateness will result ina phone call or email home along with a referral.Absences must be excused and legitimate. It is your responsibility to gather your missed materials.You have one week from the date of your return to turn in your missed work. You must ask aclassmate for any notes you missed for the days you were out. Students with extended absencesmay call the school to request materials and directions to be sent home. If you know you will be
  4. 4. missing school for a valid reason, please pre-arrange at least 3 days before with me what work youwill need to complete while you are out.Attendance lists are checked at the end of every day to verify legal absences from class. Studentsfound skipping class are given an automatic referral, a 0 for a weekly process grade thus resultingin a failing average for that 10 week marking period.Everyone is expected to be in class the entire 60 minutes. There will be limited passes given forlockers, bathroom, the nurse’s office, phone calls, drinking fountain or for any other reason (barringan emergency.) All of these can easily be completed between classes and before or after the schoolday. Being out of the classroom interrupts your learning, takes time away from developing yourskill and disrupts the rest of the class. If you need to leave the classroom you must sign out. Thesign out sheet is checked every 5 weeks during grading to see who is regularly leaving the room sothat I may reflect this in his/her grade for that marking period.10. CELL PHONES, MP3 PLAYERS AND OTHER PERSONAL DEVICESFollowing the rules of the Victor Junior High School, cell phones, mp3 players and all otherspersonal electronic devices belong in your locker, out of site for the entirety of the school day.Failure to do so will result in the following consequences: 1st time: Item taken for the rest of theblock. 2nd time: Item given to the office for remainder of school day. 3rd time: Item taken anddiscussion with administration arranged.Dear Parents and Guardians,This Packet of information has been created so that you may be thoroughly familiar with theJunior High Art Room expectations and performance standards. Your child’s participation and effortalong with your support will be instrumental in helping them to reach their full potential.Please do not hesitate to leave a phone message or write me through e-mail. I am very quick torespond through e-mail. In addition, some information may be found at my website. Feel free to usethis as a resource.Sincerely,Jason Dorofy VOICE MAILBOX: 924.3252 ext.4137E-MAIL: WEBSITE:
  5. 5. PARENTS/GAURDIANS: PLEASE DETACH AND KEEP rqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqrqPARENTS/GAURDIANS: PLEASE DETACH & RETURN BY ______________________________Student Name: _________________________ Student Team Color: _________________________ CONTACT INFO – Feel free to email this info: IF EMAILING THIS INFO you can go straight to signing below.Name ____________________________________________________________Email____________________________________________________________Phone _____________________________ Preferred method? _________________Name ____________________________________________________________Email____________________________________________________________Phone _____________________________ Preferred method? _________________Parent/Guardian Sign: _____________________________________________________If there is anything that you would like to share with me please do!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________