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Giacometti worksheet


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Giacometti worksheet

  1. 1. Name: ___________________________________ _________________ Mr. Dorofy Art 8: Giacometti Sculpture. Class: Sculpture Artist: Alberto Giacometti Directions: Please read the article and answer the questions below 1. After reading about Giacometti’s artwork and seeing some of his artwork, what were his main themes in his artwork? How does he show these themes in his work? 2. Many artists are inspired by other Non-western art that they encounter, and Giacometti was inspired by African artworks. Looking at his piece the spoon woman (see fig. 1) and a statue from the African culture Akua'ba (see fig. 2) what similarities do you see? (Think Elements and Principles) How do you think Giacometti was inspired? How do you know? 3. Looking at the sculpture, The Walking Man II, the article discusses the process and medium that Giacometti used. Why do you think he used that medium, and how, if at all, does this work with his concept?
  2. 2. (Fig. 1) The Spoon Woman, Alberto Giacometti, 1926 (Fig. 2)Akua'ba Fertility Statue, Artist Unknown