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Endangered speciesoilpastel


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Endangered speciesoilpastel

  1. 1. Name: ________________________________________________ Block: _____________ Studio Art Dorofy/Duckworth/Gordon/Sanders Endangered Species Contour Lines & Oil Pastels TASK: You will continue to explore color schemes, and revisit contour line drawings for this next project. You will create a contour line drawing of an endangered animal, then add color with oil pastels, using a specific color scheme. WHAT YOU WILL DO: 1. Research and choose an endangered animal or species. 2. Find interesting reference images for your chosen animal. Things to think about as finding images: a) Choose photos that are high quality and detailed. b) Your drawing should be a detail of the animal, not necessarily it’s entire body or environment, so find images that are close-up. c) Be sure your picture will increase in size and/or crop to a square. 3. Format your photograph in Photoshop to become 8” square and then print it full size and in color. 4. Using a light box, or the window, trace around the essential contour lines and shapes of your animal. This should be done on newsprint. Go over your lines with sharpie. 5. Use the grid drawing system to transfer your drawing to final 8” x 8” drawing paper. 6. Participate in demonstration and experiment with oil pastels in your sketchbook and on art cards. 7. Choose a color scheme for your oil pastel drawing. Remember your options: Monochromatic, Complementary, Split Complementary, Analogous,and Triadic. 8. Fill in areas with pure color and blended color using oil pastels. 9. Mount your drawing on paper that compliments the color scheme chosen. 10. Finally, you will write a small blurb about the animal – including its common name, Latin name, location and habitat, general information about the animal, and ways we can help prevent its extinction. This will be attached to your final drawing and should be created with a high level of craftsmanship.