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  1. 1. Name ________________ ClassColor___________ DOROFY / GORDON BLIND CONTOUR DIRECTIONS (1) CREATE: 5 blind contour portrait drawings of peers in your class (2) Using these guidelines, select the 2 most successful portrait drawings SUCCESSFUL DRAWINGS MUST HAVE: a. As much detail as possible = CLOSED IN SHAPES. b. Filled the page. “WHAT IF YOUR DRAWINGS DON’T MEET THESE GUIDELINES?” YOU ASK: c. Quickly complete another blind contour drawing of a peer or an object and this time fill the space. (3) PARTICIPATE: Watch a watercolor/inking demonstration given by Mr. Dorofy (4) PRACTICE: On the test paper, practice making at least:  10 tints of one color  10 tones of one color  10 Shades (5) APPLY: Using the techniques demonstrated apply your knowledge of tints, tones, and shades into your blind contour drawings. a. PREPARE YOUR SURFACE: Tape down your drawing to the provided cardboard to prevent wrinkling of your paper b. PAY ATTENTION: to the colors you are applying. You MUST have TWO faces that have DIFFERENT color applications on them More… PAINTING # 1: Portrait will be filled with Tints and Shades of ONE color only: a. Choose one color: ____________________ b. Fill artwork 75% - do not add color to the entire image.
  2. 2. c. Use at least 5 tints of your color. d. Use at least 5 shades of your color. e. Remember Craftsmanship!! PAINTING # 2: Portrait will be filled with as many different Tones as possible: f. Choose one color: ________________ g. Color’s Complement ___________________ h. Fill artwork 75% - do not add color to the entire image. i. Tones only. j. Use at least 10 tones of your color. k. Remember Craftsmanship!! (6) INKING:Carefully Ink over all of your pencil lines with a FINE point sharpie a. Paint must be 100% dry before you ink. b. Remember Craftsmanship! (7) CROP 7 MAT: a. Carefully trim your composition using a paper cutter as shown in the demo. b. Mat your work on the black railroad board provided. c. MAKE SURE YOUR PUT YOUR NAME ON BOTH ARTWORKS