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POSSCON - Enterprise Open Source

An overview of the technologies that I use on a daily basis creating dynamic websites.

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POSSCON - Enterprise Open Source

  1. 1. Enterprise Open Source Jason Dew Budget and Control Board Office of Research and Statistics Health and Demographics
  2. 2. Situation ORS is a service agency -- mostly we serve other state agencies very limited in our web development staff resources fortunate enough to have management that allows us some freedom in selecting our tools
  3. 3. The Solution Ruby on Rails - web framework mySQL - database server Nginx - web server Thin - application server Git - source control Capistrano - automated deployment
  4. 4. Free and Open Source also known as F/OSS
  5. 5. Rails
  6. 6. Rapid prototyping
  7. 7. MVC architecture
  8. 8. Easy code reuse
  9. 9. Contains an ORM ActiveRecord