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Cohort 2013-11-20


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Handout from the 11-20|21-2013 Regional Cohort Gatherings for church planters on the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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Cohort 2013-11-20

  1. 1. Regional Cohort Gatherings Wed Nov 20, 11:00am - 2:30pm | NY/NJ Cohort Thu Nov 21, 11:00am - 2:30pm | New England Cohort visiting the NY/NJ Metro Cohort | Mid-Atlantic Cohort Contact & Quick Info links are clickable in the blog post and downloadable pdf at Jason R. Condon Associate Superintendent & Director of Church Planting, East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • • (860) 479-2020 • (Cohort handouts and resources posted here) • • • Quick-Start Guide to ECConf Church Planting • "Understanding Church Planting on the East Coast Conference" (or handout-understanding-church-planting.html) seminar handout introducing concepts & strategy • "What Are We Looking For in A Church Planter?" (or ) - an overview of what we value in a church planter and his or her ministry • "Church Planter Identification Process" (or - an overview of how we assess church planters and pursue church planting within the East Coast Conference and the Covenant Main Topic | Debrief of Two Discipleship-Related Conferences Bonus Topics | “Blue Ocean Strategy” + Special Guest: Rob Hall Welcome! Our Purpose: “ ncourage, e equip, and multiply church planters for a sustaining church planting movement” • Open in Prayer • Super-Quick Intros: • your name • ministry setting • why you’re here today • Lunch: we’ll grab lunch whenever it’s ready or convenient Regional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic November 2013 | page 1 of 8
  2. 2. Gathered Resources & Experiences Debrief & Discuss | Sentralized & City Collective Conferences Gathered Resources | • this online shared folder is where we’ll host various resources and materials from this Cohort “Discipleship Series” and remain as a permanent link • we’ll add to the folder as the series continues, so continue sending stuff our way! • latest additions: Jason’s notes & audio from Sentralized Conference & City Collective Resources QR Code Presentations | Various ECConf Church Planters Debriefing Discipleship Conferences Notes: Regional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic November 2013 | page 2 of 8
  3. 3. Special Guest & Covenant Resource Person Rob Hall | Facilities as a Tool for Discipleship Contact Info • Rob Hall, National Covenant Properties, Vice President - Real Estate Services • 8303 W Higgins Rd, Chicago, IL 60631-2941 • Email: • Direct: 773-907-3341 • Cell: 773-655-6687 • Fax:773-409-9145 Role & Reason • “Every new generation of church planters has a fresh outlook on ministry and how to plant a healthy missional church congregation. Our role in the denomination is to coach on real estate matters and therefore, we'd like to enter into a discussion to see how best to aid you as church planters in the facility side of the ministry question.” Key Questions 1. What does your congregation need most from a facility? 2. What kind of facility are you in currently? What are the advantages and disadvantages? 3. What facility needs do you see in the next five years? 4. In five years, what kind of facility would be your ideal for your ministry vision?   Would it be better to be in a one day a week use, seven day a week leased, or owned facility?  Why? Additional Notes: Regional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic November 2013 | page 3 of 8
  4. 4. High-Level Leadership Skills Blue Ocean | Creating Uncontested Market Space short url to Jason’s book outline and notes: • related website: • this is a great companion to the Influencer materials from our last Cohort: • • Red Ocean/Blue Ocean | Conceptual Distinction RED OCEAN STRATEGY • Compete in existing market space • Beat the competition • Focus on existing customers • Exploit existing demand • Make the value-cost trade-off (create greater value to customers at a higher cost OR create reasonable value at a lower cost) • Align the whole system of a firm’s activities with its strategic choice of differentiation or low cost BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY • Create uncontested market space • Make the competition irrelevant • Focus on non-customers • Create and capture new demand • Break the value-cost trade-off (Seek greater value to customers and low cost simultaneously) • Align the whole system of a firm’s activities in pursuit of differentiation and low cost. Strategy Canvas | Framework • The strategy canvas is the central diagnostic and action framework for building a compelling blue ocean strategy. The horizontal axis captures the range of factors that the industry competes on and invests in, and the vertical axis captures the offering level that buyers receive across all these key competing factors The Strategy Canvas Serves Two Purposes: • captures the current state of play in the known market space. This allows you to understand where the competition is currently investing and the factors that the industry competes on • propels you to action by reorienting your focus from competitors to alternatives and from customers to non-customers of the industry • The value curve is the basic component of the strategy canvas. It is a graphic depiction of a company's relative performance across its industry's factors of competition • As you can see on the diagram, what makes a good value curve is focus, divergence (as well as a compelling tagline) Regional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic November 2013 | page 4 of 8
  5. 5. Four Actions Framework | Create a Blue Ocean Strategy in Four Steps 1. Eliminate factors that the industry takes for granted but adds no perceived value to customers 2. Reduce factors well below the industry’s standard to avoid the mistake of over delivering in order to beat the competition 3. Raise factors well above the industry’s standard so your customer won’t have to make compromises 4. Create new sources of value that the industry has never offered The Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid (ERRC) • Complementary with the four actions framework. It pushes Eliminate Raise companies not only to ask all four questions in the four actions framework Which factors can Which factors should but also to act on all four to create a new you eliminate that be raised well above value curve, essential for unlocking a new your industry has the industry’s blue ocean long competed on?` standard? • By driving companies to fill in the grid with the actions of eliminating and reducing as well as raising and creating, Reduce Create the grid gives companies four immediate benefits: Which factors should Which factors should • It pushes them to simultaneously be reduced well be created that the pursue differentiation and low cost to below the industry’s industry has never break the value-cost trade off standard? offered? • It immediately flags companies that are focused only on raising and creating and thereby lifting the cost structure and often over-engineering products and services - a common plight in many companies • It is easily understood by managers at any level, creating a high level of engagement in its application. • Because completing the grid is a challenging task, it drives companies to robustly scrutinize every factor the industry competes on, making them discover the range of implicit assumptions the make unconsciously in competing Blue Ocean Tools & Resources | foundational frameworks of blue ocean strategy: • iPad App: • Value Innovation • Six Paths • Strategy Canvas • 4 Actions Framework • Sequence of BOS • Tipping Point Leadership • ERRC Grid • PMS Map • BEC/BUM • 3 Tiers of Non-customers • 4 Hurdles to Execution • Fair Process Regional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic November 2013 | page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Exercises | Application to Your Current Discipleship Strategy Scripture Exercise | Discipleship-Related Concepts & Passages • Early Church Shifts: What shifts happened in the communities of Jesus-followers and birth of the Early Church that might map onto the Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid (ERRC)? • Issues: circumcision, baptism, dietary laws, worship services, communion, people groups, gender other examples you can think of ?: • Scriptures: “You have heard it said”, Great Commission, Great Commandment, Luke 9, Luke 10, Acts 6, Acts 15 other examples you can think of ?: Strategy Canvas & ERRC | Refining Your Discipleship “Normal & Natural Pathways” Open Discussion & Conversation: • What applications and adjustments do you already imaging? • • On Your Own • Run current discipleship approach through ERRC (use other tools as helpful: Strategic Canvas, etc.) • Also see Regional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic November 2013 | page 6 of 8
  7. 7. Additional Notes: House-Keeping Church Plant “Leadership Team” Contacts • Thanks everyone for getting these in! These are very helpful for higher-level communications with your church • You can update at anytime using the original email that was sent (or request link again, since it’s not public) Schedule Dec Coaching Calls (if you haven’t already) • use link in emails (not a public link) • respond quickly when you receive the emails Monthly Church Planter Reports | Update for • Coming: Individual Church Accounts with Full Admin control • we’ll export from current “campuses” to upload to your new church account • include an ECConf “admin login” for shared access during Covenant Agreement • SAMPLE (actual Report Database is private and confidential) • Example Report Form: • Example Database Created (Google Spreadsheet): Regional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic November 2013 | page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Mark Your Calendar Coming Events | subscribe now at DEC APRIL NO Cohort Gatherings NO Regular Cohort Gatherings Schedule Coaching Calls (instructions in emails) MAY JAN NO Regular Cohort Gatherings NO Cohort Gatherings ECConf Annual Meeting Assessment Center (Long Beach, CA) • Thu Jan 9, 12pm – Sat Jan 11, 12pm • Pray for the process and candidates for the ECConf ! Covenant Midwinter • Chicago, Jan 27-31, Mon-Fri • FEB SPECIAL: “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings, 10a-4p: • NY/NJ Metro Cohort Wed Feb 19, 10:00am-4:00pm Location: Promised Land Church 673 E. 137th Street, Bronx, NY 10460 • Greater Boston/New England Cohort Thu Feb 20, 11:00am-2:30pm Location: Cambridge Community Fellowship 234 Franklin Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 • Mid-Atlantic: Joining in-person both days! MARCH NO Cohort Gatherings March 1 Deadline: Spring COMS Paperwork • Contact Alicia: • Committee on Ministerial Standing (COMS) is necessary for entering credentialing process, 3 year check-ins, and final-prep for ordination Church Planter Training Intensive • Tue March 11, 6:00pm – Sun March 16, 12:00pm • Location: TBD • for new Covenant Church Planters (“Recommended”, still pre-Launch Stage) COMS Interviews • Tue March 18 – Wed Mar 19, 2 hours in Berlin CT (only attend for small time block on 1 day) • Committee on Ministerial Standing (COMS) is necessary for entering credentialing process, 3 year check-ins, final-prep for ordination • Thu-Sat, May 1-3: ECConf Annual Mtg • Trinity Covenant Church, Manchester CT • All Church Planters expected to attend Assessment Center (Hartford, CT) • Thu May 15, 12pm – Sat May 17, 12pm • Invitation Only: for church planter candidates sufficiently advancing in assessment process 2014 All-Church Planter Retreat [Finalize!]: • “Programmed” Retreat Time (flexible): • Tue Lunch, May 20 – Fri Lunch, May 23 • this is the priority time to be fully present (covers originally reserved Cohort Dates) • Location: Wyndham Bentley Brook Resort, a “Gold Crown” Resort in the Berkshire Mountains • Cost: approx. $300-400 per pastor • Covers lodging, on-site meals, snacks, materials • Spouses: free option, likely at end of the week • Sabbath & Recreation Options (Highly Rec’d): • Come early, Stay Late! We'll have all the units Sun May 18, 4:00pm – Sun May 25, 10:30am (Memorial Day Weekend) • as in the past, highly recommend coming early and staying late for sabbath and recreation JUNE NO Cohort Gatherings Covenant Annual Meeting (Chicago) • Thu June 26 – Sun June 29 Full Calendar for East Coast Conference • Visit, subscribe through Google Cal, iCal, or other app • Entries labeled “Church Planting” are specifically for church planters, rest for Covenant pastors in general Regional Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic November 2013 | page 8 of 8