Associate Superintendent 03-30-2011 Annual Report


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My first Annual Report as Associate Superintendent and Director of Church Planting for the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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Associate Superintendent 03-30-2011 Annual Report

  1. 1. April 30, 2011 2011 Assoc. Superintendent REPORT Finding a Rhythm Planting a Movement Vital Congregations Closing Thoughts Family move, ministry From “just” planting churches Purposefully pursuing God’s Great challenges, greater dynamics, making this “home” to a church planting movement Healthy Missional calling opportunities. God is at work! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 FINDING A RHYTHM, PUTTING DOWN ROOTS It’s hard to believe my family moved to the East Coast Conference this past September. What an incredible adventure so far! It was barely one year ago when I stood before the congregation I loved, pastored, and had planted over the previous six years and announced, “my ministry at Artisan Church is coming to a close.” While they were sad to hear A Family Adventure the news (thankfully!), they knew God was calling us to a wonderful new work. Lisa, Jaron (13), & Bryn (10) These brief months I’ve served as your Associate Superintendent have been are thoroughly enjoying our move fast-paced, fruitful, and deeply rewarding. What other job can include everything to Connecticut. We’ve been from hip-hop worship to hand-bells, “harvesting” chickens, hearing four blessed with fast friendships different languages, and collaborating with colleagues across the country? with Howard, Anne, & Terra Working with Howard has been a joy as well. I couldn’t ask for a better blend (12) (and Taylor when he’s of collaboration, mentoring, creative freedom and friendship from a around), a wonderful new Superintendent. I’m grateful for the privilege to serve and lead in this ministry church family and pastor (that’s role for the starting and strengthening of our churches across the ECConf. not me), and opportunities to Now that we’ve begun to settle into the rhythms of family life, friendships, occasionally travel together. Thank you for the and the dynamics of a new ministry we’re looking forward to putting down welcome, prayers, and roots. Following our Annual Meeting we’ll close on a beautiful home in support we’ve received! Columbia, CT. We’re thrilled that this is where God has graciously brought us. 2011 Assoc. Superintendent Report • Rev. Jason R. Condon • April 30, 2011 • pg. 1 of 4
  2. 2. April 30, 2011 P LA N TIN G A M O V EM EN TEquip, Encourage, Multiply Regional Coaches & CohortsA Sustaining Church Planting Movement Because of the blessings and We’re blessed to have incredibly gifted church planters challenges of our anticipated growth,who take calculated risks at significant personal sacrifice we’re enlisting seasoned churchto see the Gospel break through in new contexts among planters as Regional Coaches andunreached people. I can confidently say that each church organizing our planting efforts intoplant has some level of growth in their reach and impact Regional Cohorts:over this past year. The struggles and joys are just as • NY/NJ Metro: Peter Ahn will continue as our Sr. Regionalpresent as with any established church, though sometimes Coach here. Michael Carrionfelt more intensely in these young congregations. joins Peter with this Regional So far, I’ve been able to visit all our church plants still Cohort, focusing on the Bronxin the 5-year coaching cycle and have nearly completed • Greater Boston/Newthe first round with those who’ve transitioned out of full England: Josh Throneburg will“church plant” status but are still in the 5-10 year range. serve in this Regional CohortBuilding rapport and relationships, and early strategic • D.C./Baltimore: developingcoaching have been the main focus thus far. We’ll meet in May for our first Along with the rewards of coaching individual church strategy retreat outlining plans for ourplanters, there’s a growing sense that God is birthing a monthly Regional Cohort gatherings where everymovement here on the East Coast Conference. Much is in church planter is encouraged, equipped, and multipliedmotion and taking shape. We’re entering an exciting for a sustaining church planting movement!season of church planting throughout the ECConf ! Many Seeds, Good Soil, Great Harvest Blessed with an Abundance of High-Caliber Candidates God continues to bring a huge influx of high caliber candidates for potential church planting on the East Coast Conference. We just held a very successful regional Assessment Center where four candidates received a “Recommended” or “Recommended with Conditions.” Another regional Assessment Center is coming in July where we’ll see four or five candidates. Elements, a hip-hop church plant As church planter agreements are signed and projects become official, we’ll in the Bronx, will have a fall share more details through the website and Covenanter. High-potential areas “Grand Opening” now that include Providence RI, Bronx, Queens, So. Maine, Northern VA, D.C. and Pastor Efrain Alicea received a Greater Boston. I believe we’re on target to sign over a half-dozen church strong “Recommended” at our Regional Assessment Center! planter agreements in 2011, with as many again on the radar for 2012. 2011 Assoc. Superintendent Report • Rev. Jason R. Condon • April 30, 2011 • pg. 2 of 4
  3. 3. April 30, 2011 VITAL CONGREGATIONS Our “Navigate” Churches Pilot Program for Churches Intent on Healthy Missional Ministry I get to share with Howard in the significant work of Congregational Vitality. One of the newest developments in the Covenant and across the various Conferences is the launch of “Navigate.” This 12-14 month framework guides Critical Moment or Stable churches God’s Words of Vitality toward Healthy Missional. Features include a One of the great privileges of this large national gathering, regional cohorts, part of the role are opportunities monthly pastor “triads,” and two retreats. to preach God’s Word. The challenge and encouragement I’ve Our Three Pilot Churches shared with each “vitality” church I’ve enjoyed coming alongside our three pilot is to enter these new waters churches and their pastors, with preaching, together as pastors, leaders, and consulting, and collaborating together. Pray congregations, following the for much fruit and that other pastors and congregations would follow the great leading of God, “so that you may know the way you example of these churches: 1) Haddam Neck Covenant Church, Rev. Shelly should go, for you have Timber, 2) Hilltop Covenant Church, Rev. Scott Jones, 3) Orchard Covenant not passed this way Church, Rev. Nancy Ebner. Though still early in the process, the pastors and before.” (Joshua 3:4) vitality teams report great encouragement from being in it together! Veritas & EPIC at Trinity Manchester A “Stable” Church Pursuing the Vitality Pathway Another encouraging development across the Covenant and here on the East Coast Conference is the willingness of pastors and leaders of “Stable” congregations to boldly engage the Vitality Pathway. Rev. Phil Hakanson and Trinity Church (Manchester, CT) are seeking to be more Healthy and Missional even though by some measures of success things may appear “fine.” The largest Veritas & EPIC I believe that the earlier a church examines its own healthy missional gatherings from any single markers, the greater its chances for even greater faithfulness and fruitfulness. If Covenant congregation you’re part of a Stable church, now is the time to address missional change. happened right here on the Please don’t wait until you’ve reached Critical Moment when the challenges ECConf at Trinity Manchester with Rev. Phil Hakanson! are far more daunting, or At-Risk when the issues are often insurmountable. 2011 Assoc. Superintendent Report • Rev. Jason R. Condon • April 30, 2011 • pg. 3 of 4
  4. 4. April 30, 2011 C L O S I N G TH O U G H TS Living Into Our Calling Though these are often A Panoramic View turbulent times we find ourselves What God Sees (and We Get a Glimpse of) in as pastors, leaders, and congregations, we know who Captains the ship. Ours is to faithfully ride out the storms, hold fast to Jesus and one Sudanese ECC (Manchester, NH) block party for friends & neighbors another, and offer rescue to all we’re called to reach. I bring with me a seed verse that profoundly shaped my last ministry; it continues to serve well: Metro Hope ECC (Harlem, NY) worship gathering “For we are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good St. Paul’s Wolf’s ECC (York, PA), oldest church in the Covenant, est. 1763 works, which God prepared in advance to be our way of life.” – The Apostle Paul (Eph. 2:10) Worship Frontier ECC (Brookline, MA) Korean congregation Let us live into that calling, though we may never live up to it. Much grace, Jason R. Condon Associate Superintendent Twice-monthly community lunch at New Sweden ECC in Northern Maine Feel free to connect with me and follow along as You can also find hi-res images from church visits I post highlights from church visits and events. and events at our ECConf Flickr photo sets. 2011 Assoc. Superintendent Report • Rev. Jason R. Condon • April 30, 2011 • pg. 4 of 4