The Clark\'s 2008


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A review of the clarks in 2008

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The Clark\'s 2008

  1. 1. The Clarks in 2008
  2. 2. Thanks to some friends, we started the new year in New York!
  3. 3. Easter we explored London with a speed boat trip on the Thames
  4. 4. July we went to New Wine. Great week, and it poured with rain!
  5. 5. Bev Bev turned 40 in May, celebrated with a big party and decided her birthday should last all year
  6. 7. Anna Anna started her GCSE's this Autumn, is beautiful, extrovert and mad. She has mastered 'sleeping-in' as an olympic sport
  7. 8. Cameron Cameron is still sport mad, took up cricket, grew 6 inches and is currently eating us out of house and home
  8. 9. Leah Leah had a tough year, as we battled our local education authority for her special education needs. She starts her new school January 2009. Beautiful, super helpful, with a photographic memory and a wiz on the computer
  9. 10. Charlie Charlie got older, had a major operation, and still wants to eat everything in the house. A true Clark
  10. 11. Jason Jason ran a 1/2 marathon, and plans to complete his mid life crises with a full marathon in May 2009 just after his 40th birthday. He got to travel to the US, Europe and Africa with work, teaching, and his Phd research.
  11. 12. Church We had the most amazing year of growth, ministry and fun with our church community so far. We love it!
  12. 13. We hope 2009 is a great year for you. Love you dearly, Jason & Bev 20 years since we hooked up, and still making an effort for each other ;-)